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chapter 2: Troublesome

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Same as first chapter

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Continuing from Ben's P.o.v.

Just waking up, I hear my phone ringing. I groggily pick up and say" Hello?".

"Good morning sleepy head!". Aubrey says as he laughs. You gotta be kidding me. He's one of those .Aubrey is a morning person. Luckily I like him or I would have ripped his head off. "Aubrey, why are you....Never mind? Whassup?".

"Do you know what time it is?". He asks.

"Yeah. It's 8:40pm".

"It's actually 9:40am".


I'm SO late to school!

I slap my hand against my forehead. "Dammit!".

"Not to worry I woke up late too. Do you need a ride to school?".


"You sure? it's no problem, I can pick you up".

"Holding my phone I say "Hold on a minute". I look outside my window to see my brother, Robbie took my care. Fucking Robbie. It's nice to know that geek asked for my permission.

"Can you give me a ride?". Somehow I can see him and his goofy smile on the other side of the phone. "How long do you need?".

"Twenty minutes".

"Okay, I'll be there soon".

"Okay, bye". I hang up and go splash my face with cold water. I brush my teeth and change my clothes. It's about time it's Friday. I put on a wrestling T-shirt that says 'Best In The World". (Which is wrestler's CM punk's shirt). And I put on jean shorts. I go downstairs to with my book bag and eat a pear also drinking chocolate milk. After throwing away my garbage Aubrey texts me.

To Ben: Hey dork. lol. i'm here. :D

To Aubrey: I'll be right out. :)

I grab my book bag and walk out my house locking the door. He greets me with a smile and I smirk at him, winking at him.

The car ride to Hollywood Arts was silent. I can feels his eyes glance at me, and the nervousness turns into feelings I'm slowly starting to lose for Beck and developing for Aubrey.

It's not just a simple look or a stare either.

It's....It's more than that.

I get out of the car and say "Thanks". He says" Anytime". He locks the car and we talk about sports til we get Sikowitz class. We see Beck and even though he is smiling at me, he doesn't look happy at all.

I sit next to Beck in the back row and Aubrey sits in the row in front of me.

Checking my phone, I got 10 missed class from Beck. Minute after minute. I also got a text message from him about five minutes ago. I see it and it reads:

From beck: Where in the hell are you? Get here, now! I HATE waiting for you!

I give him a look and Robbie texts me.

From Robbie: I took your car today. I'm sorry. :(

Beck leans over to me and whispers: Who is that person that's texting you? I want to know right now".

I glare at him and say" It's Robbie. He's harmless. You don't have to know what I'm doing all the time, do you?".

"Actually, yeah. If I catch you doing something that your not telling me about, it's your ass. You hear me?".

Aubrey takes a short glance at him and turns his attention to Sikowitz talking about how much he loves coconut milk and vanilla ice cream.


I get a text from Aubrey. 'Thank you, Aubrey'. I think to myself as I smile on the inside.

Beck's eyebrow raises and he asks" Why are you getting all these text messages? Who is it now?".

I give him a stern look. "Baby, for real, you need to calm yourself. Nothing is going on. Let me breathe. Okay?".

He sighs and puts his hand through his hair. "Fine Your right, I'm sorry. I'm man enough to admit it that I'm wrong".

"Don't worry about it".

"But don't hangout at Aubrey's house. We're having dinner tonight at my parents house, Remember?". Says Beck.

"Your telling me this now?". I say as raise my voice a bit.

"Yeah. Don't get so worked up. I already told them this morning".

"But I'm suppose to-"

"Don't give me any lip. It's not optional". He turns his attention to Sikowitz as well.

I slowly breathe in and out trying not to punch him in the face or cause a scene in front of everyone. My plan for tonight was to help Aubrey with his song. Beck decides to tell me something entirely different....And something last minute too. Why did he do that? He does things like that?.

From Aubrey: Are you okay?.

To Aubrey: Yeah. :/ Beck says I'm going to have dinner with his parents and I can't help you with your song tonight. :(

From Aubrey: I heard him whisper it. That sucks man. :( He shouldn't boss you around like that. He thinks he has big balls but his bark is worse than his bite. If he tries anything let me know okay? I know you've been getting training with wrestling but I don't want him to hurt you. I'll have him tap dancing. Send him right to the moon. lol. :)

To Aubrey: Lol! Thanks man. :)

To Robbie: It's fine. Just let me know next time.

From Robbie: I will. Are you hanging out with Aubrey tonight? ;)

To Robbie: Haha. Is that you or Cat asking?

From Robbie: Both of us...maybe. ;) hehe.

To Robbie: You both are perverts! lol. I have to spend my Friday night with Beck. :/

The rest of the day was boring. Boring teachers. Boring quizzes. One boring test corrections homework assignment. One boring reading comprehension assignment. And bring lunch food.

I text Beck.

To beck: What time is the dinner? :p

From Beck: It's at 7pm. I'm going to pick you up so you won't be late.

I wasn't sure where Beck went which was a good thing. I text Aubrey.

To Aubrey: Do you want to grab some taco bell right now, since school is done for the day?.

From Aubrey: Yeah! Meet me outside my car. I'm standing near it. :D

I walk out the school to see him waving at me. I give him a small wave. Beck walks up to me and says" Be dressed and ready to go by 6:15 pm. I mean it don't keep my waiting like you did this morning".

I look at the ground and nod. Aubrey looks at Beck with a cold and angry look as Beck walks away grinning at Aubrey.

Me and Aubrey go in the car and get something to eat.

I had some sense that Aubrey was somehow protecting me. Thank god for Aubrey. But something tells me Beck and Aubrey will collide soon and not just with words.
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