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Chapter 3: Going through it/getting through it

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Same as previous chpater

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A/n: I wrote this Denny’s. lol. Things about to get a little crazy.

Chapter 3: Going through it/getting through it

Audrey’s p.o.v.

We arrive at taco bell and order our food. I get two soft tacos and Ben gets a steak quesadilla. . I fill my cup with Sprite and he fills his cup with Pepsi. We sit at a table near the window and begin to eat. I broke the silence of us drinking soda and chewing our food, by asking him a question. And I had yo ask him because it’s something that’s been bothering me for a while.

“Can I ask you something?”.

“You can ask me anything”. Says Ben.

“Actually….Make that two questions”.

“Don’t be shy. I don’t bite”.

“How long have you been dating, Beck”.

“Since mid July. About four months”.

“Are you, um….Are you happy with him?”.

I see that Ben is getting irritated.

Oh crap. I knew I shouldn’t of asked him that. Nice going, Aubrey.

“Do I have to do this?”.

“I-I shouldn’t have asked you that. You don’t have to answer that if don’t want to. I’m sorry if I made you angry by asking. Just….never mind”.

Beck sighs and says” No, no. I…I think you should know. Beck, didn’t used to be like this”.

“What do you mean?”. I ask curiously.

“Well”…Ben pauses. he takes a sip of his Pepsi and breathes lightly. “He used to be a sweet guy, you know? He used to be passionate and charismatic about if something good happened to me. Or even about us. Beck was never this controlling. Whenever I would go for a walk or ride my bike, he’d call to ask where I’m at or what I’m doing. Maybe it was to be safe. I never thought much of it but as time moved on….He….He got worse. When he was drunk or when we would argue it was like he turned into someone I had never seen before. Beck would throw things at me. Things like glass cups. Basically anything he could get his hands on. The only time he’s clam, is when he’s around his siblings or when he’s high”.

I tried to keep my emotions in check, hearing about what that coward does to my best friend. What kind of man would do that to somebody? Ben shouldn’t have to go through anything like this. Does Beck know what kind of boyfriend who is willing to put up with how he acts? I don’t know if I should tell Ben this but just the other day I saw Beck locking lips with Andre. Beck thinks he can get aggressive with Ben. If I see him, I’m going to kick his ass. Someone as polite and caring like Ben should NEVER be in this predicament.

“Has he ever done anything else to you?”. I have to know what else has Beck done. I just have to.

“Yeah. I’m starting to think he is ignoring me on purpose. We used to hangout a lot and spend a lot of time together, but for the past three months I’m lucky if he texts me back telling me he misses me or he loves me or something. He only works in the summer with his dad, working with computers”. I see small tears forming around Ben’s eyes. He wipes them away. “I’m really trying. I’m trying to make this work but Beck is not making it easy. I don’t want to think about who or what he is doing”.

I can see Ben doing fighting the urge not to cry fully. I look at him and say”It’s going to be alright. Beck is stuck n stupid for whichever reason and has his head up his bottom. As long as I’m around he won’t do anything to you. I promise. And one more thing”.


“Can you smile at me?”.


“Just one smile. Please?”.

“I’m not smiling”.

I start pouting. This is how I got him to smile when we first met. It was during recess in second grade. These kids were calling him names and picking on him. I stood up for him and I saw that smile that lights up any room or city. Since that day-we became best friends..





He gives me a smile that’s a mixture of sadness and happiness. I wanted to hold him and kiss him SO bad. We left taco bell and we went to go workout.

I was thinking about making a move on him in the parking lot. I was contemplating on hugging him behind his waist and possibly kissing him on the cheek. We go in the car and go to my house then his house to change into clothes. I go to the gym and he went to do his own thing. an hour later we meet up at Ben’s house I see him open the door as I knock. I look at him and say”Eww. You’re all sweaty!”.

He says” You know you like it when I’m sweaty” then he winks at me. I couldn’t help but smile. I take a shower first then head downstairs. to wait for him. I hear the shower running. About 20 minutes later, Ben comes downstairs in a red polo shirt, blue jeans, white socks with a pair of Grey and red sneakers in his hands.

He looked cute. Scratch cute. The word handsome couldn’t cover it, either. He looked hot.

Ben was putting on his sneakers and I walk slowly to stand behind him. In a sexy voice I say” You smell good”.

“Ben’s P.o.v.

I smile and say” Thanks! You smell good too!”.

I turn around and and my height (sort of) matches with Aubrey’s height as I’m standing on the stairs. I’m more scared than nervous. “What if we fight and he…you know…”

“If he tries to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, I want you to text me and I’ll come get you”.

Aubrey’s p.o.v.

Within a minute, I hug him tightly and he hugs me back. I kiss him on his forehead, a phone starts ringing. I let go and Ben answers his phone. “Are you ready, yet? Or are you jerking around?”.

“Yes, Beck, I’m ready!”.

“Okay! See you later. I love you”.

“Yeah. Bye”.

Ben hangs up and puts his phone in his pocket. “It was Beck. He’s excited that I’m going to have dinner with parents”.

“I bet he is”.

We flipped back and fourth between sports center and two movies called ‘Are you scared?’ and ‘Pathology’. It was already 6:00.

Ben’s P.o.v.

Before Aubrey left my house, he said” if anything, you know where to reach me”. He kissed me on my forehead again then on my cheek. I wish he would just kiss me already.

I said” Okay”.

He left and Ten minutes later, Beck showed up.

There goes my good mood.

He honked his horn loudly and I locked my door to my house. I go into Beck’s car and he drives me to his house. I asked” How come I couldn’t drive my car to your house? I would’ve driven”. He said” To make sure you stay the night with me and not try to sneak out on me”. When we got to his house he said”let’s go. Move it”. I get out of the car and slammed the door. He shrugs it off and we go to see his parents.

He opens the door. Beck’s mom is pouring the drinks and Beck’s dad is sitting at the table. “Hey, Ben! Please, sit”.

“Thanks”. I say.

The dinner felt like it dragged on forever.I ate what I could and I tried my best to be alert and act like I’m interested. I say” Can I be excused? I had a long day and I’m tired. I’m sorry”. Beck’s mom says” Don’t be sorry. the guest room is back there, two doors to the right”.

“Thank you”.

“Where are you going?”. Asks Beck.

“Let Ben get some sleep. Spend some time with us, we hardly see you”. Says his dad. Beck nods and starts to talk to his parents.

I lay down and text Aubrey.

To Aubrey: Are you in the area? Can you pick me up, like right now?. :/

From Aubrey: I’m right near you. I’ll be there in a few minutes, I promise. Is everything okay? :p

A couple minutes later, Beck walks into the guest room.I put my phone next to me. “Heeeeey, Baby!” He walks towards where I’m laying and he begins to hover over me. “Let’s do it”. He says.


“Let’s elope. Let’s have sex”. He begins to kiss his neck. His breath smells like tequila.

My phone vibrates.

Beck starts kissing my neck.

“Wait…Wait”. I say.

“Sorry. No waiting lines here”.

“We should wait for something, don’t you think?.”.

“Like what?”. Beck says as he tries to take off my shirt.

“This!”. I punch him on the throat and quickly unlock the door and run. I read Aubrey’s text message.

From Aubrey: I’m here.

I quickly say” Thank you for Dinner Mr. and Mrs. Oliver!”. I ran out the door and went into Aubrey’s car.

I put on my seat belt and he drives away.

“Where do you want to go?”.


Aubrey takes me to my house and I see my parents are home. “I’ll walk you in”. Says Aubrey.

As soon as we get to my door step I hug him. he wraps his arms around me and asks”What happened? You look shaken up. did Beck do something to you?”.

“Can we talk about it later on?”.


“I know I sound needy, but can you stay at my house?”.

“Of course. I’m going to go to my house quickly and grab my clothes. I’ll meet you where?”.

“In my room”.

“Okay. Wait for me there”.

I go into my house and I see my parents and Robbie sitting on the couch watching something on TV. I wave at them. They look at me with concern in there eyes and a worried look on there faces. “Is everything okay?”.. My dad asks.

I nod and go to my room.

Aubrey’s p.o.v.

About Twenty minutes later, I knock on the door at Ben’s house. I see his dad smiling. “Hey, Aubrey!”.

“Hey Mr.Augustine. Where’s Ben?”.

“Upstairs. Are you sleeping over?”.


“Come on in”.

“Thank you”.

I walk upstairs and knock on Ben’s door.

“It’s me”.

“It’s open”.

I put my bag down and sit next to Ben on the bed. I put my around him. “I’m ready to talk”. Says Ben.

“Beck, Beck almost…He was about to do something that I was not ready for”.

“Shit”. I mutter.

I hold him and Ben starts crying. Ben fell asleep and I lay him down and pull the covers over him. I lay down next to him and he puts his arm around my waist with his head on my chest. I hold him close to me.

A couple hours later, we both woke up. I saw that same smile I saw at earlier today. We watch a few movies and played connect four. We went back to sleep and I was the big spoon.
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