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Children of Hecate

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Harry Potter arrives much earlier at the train station and meets Hermione, they become friends. However, they find out they have been blessed by a special lady, who is this lady and what does 'bein...

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Harry Potter arrived at the train station early, not just a little early, hours early. His cousin, Dudley, had to remove the pig tail that Hagrid had given to him, he needed to be there early so they could administer him anaesthetic to safely remove it. So here Harry was, at 8:00am, waiting three hours until the train arrived, he didn’t even know how to get onto the platform. Although, he did have three hours with which he could figure it out. It must be something similar to what Hagrid did to open the entrance to Diagon Alley. Except, they were meant to keep it all a secret and he knew that most of the people here did not know about magic, so he couldn’t draw his wand out.
One hour had gone past and he still had not figured it out, although, even if he had, no one else was around platform nine and ten. Until a girl with bushy brown hair came out and almost dragged her parents to the wall between the platforms. She was jumping up and down and then her chocolate brown eyes caught his and she rushed over to him.
“Hi, I’m Hermione. I’m new to Hogwarts. Who are you?” the girl said.
“Um, I’m Harry, also new, never knew anything about it.” He said uncertainly and the girl continued jumping.
“Do you know how to get onto the train?” she asked. “It seemed the person who told me about this world didn’t mention that part.”
“I’m sorry, I don’t know either. I was trying to find the entrance, I tried for an hour but couldn’t find it.” Harry said disappointed.
“Oh no. Now I’ll never get to Hogwarts.” She said as her body slumped. “Wait a minute.” She said and turned to face him. “You’ve already tried for an hour? Where were your parents?”
“My parents died when I was young, I don’t even remember them.” Harry said in a defeating tone and then Hermione surprised him by hugging him.
“Can we be friends?” she asked him.
“I’ve never had friends before.” Harry said.
“Neither have I, but I think I want you as my friend.” Hermione almost yelled as her jumping started again.
“Okay. I’ll be your friend. Do you want to sit with me when we get on the train?” Harry asked.
“I would love to, Harry. Would you like to meet my parents?” Hermione asked and Harry nodded.
“Mama and papa, this is my new friend, Harry, um, I don’t know his last name.” Hermione said and then turned to Harry, “What is your last name?”
“Potter, my name is Harry Potter.” Harry said.
“Harry Potter.” Hermione introduced to her parents.
“It is a pleasure to meet you, Harry. My name is Rose Granger.” Mrs Granger said nicely.
“And my name is Jack Granger, young Harry.” Mr Granger said as well. “I cannot believe that that school did not tell us how to enter the platform.” He continued.
“It is nice to meet you Mr and Mrs Granger.” Harry said timidly and Mrs Granger smiled at the young boy.
It was now 10:00 another hour before the train was scheduled to leave and people started showing up. Harry and Hermione asked an older person how to get onto the platform. She had bright pink hair and a large grin.
“Didn’t anyone tell you how to get onto the platform?” she asked and they both shook their heads. “Well, okay, I will show you, but you have to introduce yourselves first.” She said and smile reassuringly at the two shy first years.
“Ok, I’m Hermione Granger, I am a muggle-born.” Hermione said, her eyes looking down at her feet.
“And you?” Tonks asked Harry.
“Harry Potter.” He said shyly.
“Wait, Harry Potter? We used to know each other. I knew your parents, I used to hold you when you were a baby. It’s good to meet you again, Harry. I am Nymphadora Tonks, most either call me Tonks or Dora. All you have to do to get through the wall is to run straight at the wall and you will magically appear on the other side.” She said, “Unfortunately, it only takes people across with a magical signature, so your parents can’t come through, Hermione, I’m really sorry.”
Hermione looked sad, so did her parents. “It is okay, sweetie, make sure you write to us, and often, alright, we will miss you and see you at Christmas.” Mrs Granger said and then she and Mr Granger hugged Hermione.
“Good luck, my princess.” Mr Granger whispered into her ear.
“Goodbye Harry, it was nice meeting you.” Mrs Granger told Harry and then hugged him also.
They both stayed and watched Harry and Hermione going through the wall. As Harry was chivalrous, he went through first, just to make sure it wasn’t a solid wall. He passed through easily and a few seconds later, Hermione also appeared and smiled at him. “Shall we find a compartment?” she asked loudly over the noise and he nodded at her.
They both boarded the train and had trouble with their trunks until Dora appeared again and charmed them to make them feather-light and helped them find an empty compartment and loaded their trunks for them. They thanked her and she mock bowed and left to find her own friends. They sat down and began to talk about how they found out that they were really magical, their expectations and what they did to prepare for their classes. They found out that they had both read the entire set of books and started to experiment with some spells in their first year book.
They were chatting away, becoming fast friends when a young girl interrupted, she had long white blonde hair and startling blue eyes. “Um, excuse me, do you mind if I sat with you. It isn’t that everywhere else is full, it’s just, you seem to be my age and I would love to finally make friends.” The blonde said.
“Sure, that’s fine.” Harry said. “I’m Harry Potter and this is Hermione Granger.”
“I’m Luna Lovegood, I only just made it to Hogwarts this year. For I was born at 11:43pm August the 31st. Any later and I would have had to wait another year. “
“We share a birthday.” Hermione said excitedly. “I was also born August the 31st and was nearly too late as well.”
“I am very glad we met then. Sharing a birthday is very special.” Luna said.
“Well then, happy birthday to the both of you. Sorry I missed it, but I didn’t know you then.” Harry said and both the girls erupted into the laughter and Harry looked smug until once more the door opened again and revealed a young boy, their age with flaming red hair and brown eyes.
“Hi, do you mind if I sit here?” He asked, “Everywhere else is full.” Then before any of them could answer he sat down. This made all three of them angry, it wasn’t that he chose to sit here, it was the way he did it. He lied to them about there being no empty compartments, when a minute ago Luna said there were empty carriages and then before waiting for their reply, he just sat down. What really did it, were the insults.
“Ew, does Looney have to be here?” he asked, giving Luna a funny look.
“Her name is Luna, not Looney and she was here before you were.” Hermione said which made Luna look surprised and thankful.
“And who are you?” the boy asked, “Why are you here?”
“Again, she was here before you were, in fact, I met her early this morning.” Harry said, unaware why this boy was picking on his only two friends.
“What is even your name? You never introduced yourself.” Hermione added.
“I am Ronald Weasley, youngest son of seven.” He aid smugly.
“I am Hermione Granger.” Hermione said with dislike.
“And I am Harry Potter.” Harry said and Ron rolled his eyes.
“Yes, Everyone knows who you are, Harry, you are pretty famous.” Ron said, “Do you remember what happened at all? Any memories?”
“Any memories of what?” Harry asked.
“You know, the night he did it?” Ron said.
“No, I was only a child at the time, only fifteen months old, I have no memories what-so-ever.” Harry said and wanted to stop talking about it at once but Ron continued.
“Can I see your scar?” Ron asked and Harry covered his fringe to cover the scar, he was very self-conscious about that scar, he hated it ever since he learnt what caused it.
“No.” Harry said firmly and started paying attention to Hermione and Luna.
After 10 minutes another boy entered the carriage. “Um, hi, my name is Neville Longbottom…” He started to say before he was interrupted very rudely by Ron.
“Pfft, Bottom.” He said before giggling like a school girl.
“You probably don’t remember me, Harry, after all, I don’t remember you, but I have pictures. You see, we should have been raised as brothers. My mum and your mum were best friends, your mum was my godmother and my mum was your godmother. I am sorry because of the war that this did not happen, but, today, I would like to ask you if we can be friends.” Neville said.
Harry did not know how to reply. “Neville, I never knew this, but I can see from your eyes that this is the truth. Would you like to sit with us? We could get to know one another again and, someday, be brothers like we were meant to be.”
“I would very much like that, Harry. Can I give you this picture? It is of our mothers and us.” Neville said and handed Harry the picture of the two mums sitting happily on the couch, each holding their own child. And for the first time, Harry was looking at a picture of his mum.
“Thank you Neville, this means so much to me.” Harry said, trying to wipe some escapee tears.
The train journey continued and the group chatted away, learning more and more about each other. Around lunch time the Trolley Lady came to visit their compartment.
“Anything from the trolley, dears?” she asked sweetly. Harry and Hermione had never tried Wizarding sweets before, but were reluctant to buy something and Ron was complaining about his sandwich which was lovingly packed by his mother. Hermione also had a packed lunch which she decided she would eat, but Harry had nothing and bought himself a pumpkin pasty, and some chocolate frogs to discreetly share.
Ron started moaning that Harry didn’t buy anything to share but stopped when Harry snapped back. “I am not your mother, Ron, why should I spend my money for something to share, when everyone else already brought something to eat. And I did buy chocolate frogs to share.”
Ron looked at the twenty-or-so frogs. “That’s for sharing, I thought you were going to eat them all yourself.”
“Yes, they are for sharing. Every person gets four frogs each, and I think that is plenty.” Harry said and Ron regretfully bit into his sandwich and by the time all the frogs were gone, Ron still wasn’t full, but regretfully there was no other food that he could eat, he had tried to get extra, he asked if anyone wanted to eat all of their frogs, normally people just give him something to make him stop talking, but in this case they wouldn’t. They wouldn’t give him their frogs, they wouldn’t give him their meals their parents had packed, and all in all, Ron was feeling miserable.
The rest of the train journey passed by without anything special. Harry was getting to know his new friends, Ron was being annoying and complaining about everything, when the sun started to go down, they decided they should change into their school robes. They each turned their back to one another and started stripping down to underclothes. Ron was complaining that he had to strip in front of two females, they told him to go somewhere else. Within five minutes, they were all changed and presentable for Hogwarts.
Suddenly, the train arrived in Hogsmeade station and all the first years were very excited, they quickly got off the train and were told to leave their luggage behind. Suddenly, they were nervous, they didn’t know where to go until a large man started yelling, “Firs’ years, firs’ years, common now, follow me.” It was Hagrid, the giant of a man was walking through the platform yelling and was accumulating quite a number of first years running behind him to catch up. When he counted them all and determined that they were all there, he headed for the giant lake. “No more’n four to a boat.” He yelled loud enough for everyone to hear him. Harry, Hermione, Neville and Luna scrambled to fill a boat so Ron couldn’t get in. So he reluctantly had to share with a sandy-haired boy, a dark-haired boy and a boy with hair the colour of lemons.
They sailed across the lake and came around a bend and everyone oo-ed and aa-ed as they saw Hogwarts for the very first time. A very large castle glistening in the dark, its lights flickering like candle-light. It was the largest castle Harry had ever seen. Hagrid got out of the boats and ushered for the students to do the same, he then walked towards the large doors and banged. The doors opened and revealed a very strict-looking witch.
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