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Naruto and the shemale three.

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naruto discovers a secret about a couple of girls.

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Waking up Naruto rubbed his eyes and looked around trying to remember what happened. Looking around Naruto sees that he’s inside of a hallowed out tree moving his head to his left he spots his teammate Sasuke Uchiha passed out on the floor. Walking over to Sasuke Naruto checks to see if he’s alright, Once done he is satisfied to find that Sasuke is just exhausted from the fight with that Orochimaru guy/girl. Turning his head around to find his other teammate Naruto begins to panic when he can’t find her. Running outside the tree cave Naruto looks around for his teammate Sakura not seeing her anywhere he starts to shout for her only to stop when a thought that an enemy might hear him passes through his mind. Straining his ears Naruto listens to all of the sounds of the forest and notices that there is someone splashing in the nearby river. Walking over to the river Naruto hid behind a bush in order to see who was in the water. Parting the bush apart Naruto is surprised to see Sakura sitting at the edge of the river with her legs inside the water. Deciding to go and talk to Sakura so that he could find out what he missed while he was knocked out Naruto gets up and walks over to where she was sitting.
Deciding to announce his presence Naruto clears his throat and asks, “Hey Sakura-chan what’s going on?”
Jumping at Naruto’s voice Sakura stands up and spins around startled and put’s her hands on her hips to berate him completely forgetting that she was bare buck naked. Walking over to stand directly in front of Sakura looks him in the eye and says, “Naruto what do you think you’re doing scaring me like that?”
Looking at Sakura’s naked body Naruto notices with shock that her breasts are only a-cups but what shocks him the most is that in between her legs is a four inch soft cock and balls with a patch of pink hair above her cock. Looking at Sakura’s dick Naruto is also shocked to find his own cock was now rock hard. Trailing his eyes away from her cock he looks into her eyes and asks “Sakura why do you have a penis?”
Hearing what Naruto said she looks down and notices that she was completely naked and her secret which she tried to hide was now out in the open. Screaming in shock she covers her private parts with her hands and yells at Naruto, “You better not tell anyone about this or I will kill you!”
“Sure Sakura I promise,” Naruto said to her. “But how come you have a cock?”
Relaxing when she heard Naruto promise that he wouldn’t tell anyone about her and knowing that he would never break a promise Sakura decided to tell him the truth. “I was born a boy Naruto but my mother wanted a girl so she used medical ninjutsu to turn my body more female, I’ve always been like this. ”Sakura said as she broke down crying after telling him.
Pulling Sakura onto his lap Naruto hugged her and whispered into her ear, “You’re still beautiful to me Sakura-chan it doesn’t matter to me if you are a boy or a girl I will always love you.”
Looking up at Naruto with tears in her eyes she asked him, “you really mean that?”
“Of course I do here I’ll prove it to you,” Naruto said before grabbing her cock with his right hand and started to jerk Sakura off.
“What are you doing Naru…mph?” Sakura said as she was cut off from speaking as Naruto kissed her on the lips and stuck his tongue down her throat.
Moving Sakura around so that she was on her back and Naruto was on top of her he pulled back and trailed kisses down her neck until he reached her breasts. Sucking on Sakura’s nipples Naruto bite down on them softly causing her to moan out in pleasure. Moving down Sakura’s belly until he reached her cock which was now six in a half inches hard and dripping with pre-cum. Slowly reaching out with his tongue Naruto licked the tip of her cock and tasted her pre-cum. Sliding the head of her cock into his mouth Naruto sucks on the head while he licks her pee hole. Slowly Naruto brought her cock into his mouth until he was at the base of her shaft. Pulling back up Naruto began to bob his head up and down Sakura’s cock. While sucking on her cock Naruto takes his right hand and slides his middle finger into her ass so that he was finger fucking her.
Moaning out in pleasure Sakura says between breaths, “Oh god you’re so good at this keep going.”
Bobbing hos head up and down her cock Naruto hums in response sending Sakura over the edge making her cum into his mouth. Feeling his mouth fill up with her cum Naruto swallows as much as he could only for some to spill out of the side of his mouth and down his chin. Pulling his fingers out of her ass and his mouth off of her cock Naruto wipes the rest of Sakura’s cum off of his mouth and chin collecting it all on his fingers. Licking all of the cum off of his fingers Naruto looks up at Sakura only to see her looking at him with a weird look. Seeing that he asked her, “What’s with the look?”
“That was fucking hot Naruto thank you for that I never thought anyone would ever touch me because I was a freak.” Sakura said with tears of happiness in her eyes.
“You’re welcome and Sakura you are not a freak.” Naruto told her. “Now can you return the favor and suck me off?”
“Sure,” Sakura said as she dropped down on her knees and pulled down Naruto’s pants and boxers. Grasping Naruto’s half hard cock Sakura jerked him off until he was completely hard. Standing out at ten inches hard Sakura licked the tip of Naruto’s dick. Moving his cock into her mouth Sakura began to bob her head up and down his cock sucking him off. While sucking Naruto off Sakura slide a finger into his ass and began to finger fuck him.
Prodding at Naruto’s prostate while fingering him and making Naruto moan out he looked down at Sakura and said, “This feels so good Sakura keep going I’m going to cum soon.”
Speeding up her sucking Sakura bobbed her head up and down Naruto’s cock as fast as she could. Sliding a second finger into his ass Sakura felt his cock begin to twitch and throb as well as his ass tighten around her fingers. Hearing Naruto moan out that he was cumming Sakura pulled her fingers out of his ass and licked the underside of his cock while bobbing her head up and down, Feeling Naruto’s cock twitch one final time before exploding in her mouth. Swallowing all of his cum Sakura pulled her mouth off of his cock and stood up.
“Dam Naruto you came a lot,” Sakura said as she licked the rest of his cum off of her lips.
“Yeah sorry about that let’s get dressed and go back to Sasuke,” said Naruto.
“Sure Naruto but after the chunnin exams we will need to talk about what happened here.” Sakura said to him.

I was thinking about writing a whole story with a plot but I decided against it. I think I’ll just write some chapters with Naruto having sex with the three she males which are Sakura, Ino, and Tenten.
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