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chapter 2.

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naruto discovers a secret of sakura's.

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Standing around in his room after the second part of the chunin exams Naruto Uzumaki was getting ready to go see Sakura so that they could talk about what happened in the forest of death. Shaking his head to rid himself of those thoughts Naruto ran out of his house and down the street until he reached the apartment complex where Sakura said she lived. Walking up to the door Naruto knocked on it and waited for Sakura to answer. When the door opened Naruto was greeted with the sight of Sakura wearing a skirt with leg stockings and a white shirt that was almost see through.
Looking at the sight of Naruto with his mouth open and drooling Sakura asked him, “Well are you just going to stay out there drooling or are you coming in.”
Snapping his mouth shut Naruto followed Sakura inside and sat down next to her on a couch.
“So what did you want to talk about Sakura?” asked Naruto while he moved so that he was face to face with her.
“Well I wanted to know if you were ok with me being a boy, also if you would like to go out with me?” Sakura asked with nervousness.
“I will admit that I was surprised when I found out that you were a boy but I stand by what I said I still like you.” Naruto told her. “And as for dating you I would love to.”
“Really,” Sakura squealed out in excitement before she jumped on top of Naruto and kissed him. “Oh Naruto you won’t regret this.”
“Of course I won’t I finally have a date with my crush,” Naruto said with excitement in his voice as if he could hardly believe what was happening.
Getting off of Naruto, Sakura grabbed his hand and said, “Come on.”
“Wait where are we going?” Naruto asked as he was dragged by Sakura.
“In here.” Sakura said pointing to a room as she opened the door.
“Where are we?” Naruto asked as he tried to see what was going on in the room he was just brought in.
“My bedroom,” Sakura said to him as she flipped a switch and turned the lights on.
Looking around the room the first thing Naruto noticed was the pink walls with posters of famous actors or people throughout the land. Looking back to Sakura, Naruto asked. “Why did you bring me to your room?”
“You’ll see just sit on the bed and wait for me to come back.” Sakura said as she left the room.
Moving over to the bed Naruto sat down and waited on Sakura. After a couple of minutes of waiting Naruto heard the bedroom door open. Looking up Naruto’s jaw dropped open at the sight of Sakura standing in the door way wearing a lacey lingerie corset that covered her a-cup breasts and stomach. Moving down Naruto saw that the top was connected to a lacey set of stockings. What made the sight even better was that Sakura was not wearing any panties showing off her rock hard six and a half inch cock.
“How do I look?” Sakura asked.
Mouthwatering at the sight Naruto swallowed and said, “You look fantastic Sakura.”
“Really because this is the first time I wore this.”
“You look great, now come over here and sit down on the bed.” Naruto told her.
Sitting down on the bed Sakura spread her legs open and laid back as Naruto kneeled down in front of her.
Grabbing Sakura’s cock Naruto started to stroke her as his other hand played with her balls. Moving the tip of her cock into his mouth Naruto suckled on it while he jerked Sakura off. Moving his head down her cock he began to bob his head up and down Sakura’s cock sucking her off.
Running her fingers and hands through Naruto’s hair Sakura moan out, “Oh god Naruto you’re so good at this.”
Humming in response to this Naruto moved his mouth down as far as he could go deep throating Sakura. Holding her cock at the back of his throat Naruto began to hum a little tune which caused his throat to vibrate around Sakura’s cock and made her cum.
“Oh god I’m cumming,” Sakura yelled out as she shot her seed down Naruto’s throat forcing him to swallow it all. Pulling her cock out of Naruto’s mouth Sakura watched as he coughed and asked, “Are you alright?”
“Yeah I’m fine I was just surprised is all,” Naruto said before standing up.
“Now get on your hands and knees Sakura. I want a go at your ass, when I’m done you can do me.” Naruto told her.
Doing as Naruto told her to Sakura crawled onto the middle of her bed and got onto her hands and knees with her ass in the air. Climbing onto the bed after her Naruto positioned himself so that his cock was right at her ass hole.
Sliding the tip of his cock into her ass Naruto asked before entering her, “Are you ready?”
“Yes I am just get it over with.” She told him.
Deciding not to waste any more time Naruto slide his cock all the way into her. Moving slowly Naruto moved in and out of her while listening to the moans of pleasure Sakura was making.
“Oh god! Faster Naruto,” Sakura moaned out. “Fuck me harder.”
Speeding up his thrusts Naruto slamed his thighs into her and fucked her as hard as he could. All to soon Naruto felt his orgasm approaching, slowing down in order to prolong from cumming Naruto is shocked when Sakura yelled out that she was cumming. Feeling Sakura’s ass tighten up around him Naruto moaned out and came inside of Sakura. Pulling out of Sakura, Naruto fell down next to her on the bed in order to catch his breath.
Moving over to Naruto Sakura kissed him on the cheek and said, “That was brilliant Naruto.”
“Yeah it was,” he replied while laying down on his back.
“So can I have a go now?” Sakura asked.
“Sure but I’ll just lay here while you fuck me.” Naruto replied.
“Whatever,” Sakura said as she got up and kneeled down between his legs. Using some of her semen Sakura lubed up her cock and slowly entered Naruto’s ass. Once inside of Naruto completely Sakura moaned, “My god Naruto your ass is so tight. Are you a virgin back here?”
“Yeah I am so go a little slow,” Naruto said to her as he grunted in pain.
“I will,” Sakura said as she slowly pulled her cock in and out of him.
“You can start going faster now,” Naruto told her as the pain started to turn into pleasure.
“Alright here I go,” Sakura said as she started to thrust into him faster. Thrusting in and out of Naruto, Sakura made sure to hit his prostate as many times as she could. After ten minutes of fucking Naruto’s ass Sakura heard Naruto moan out in pleasure and watched as his cock released a spray of cum all over the place. With his ass tightening around her cock Sakura could no longer hold out. Pulling her cock out of Naruto’s ass Sakura jerked herself off and came all over Naruto’s chest and stomach.
“Oh god that was great,” Sakura said as she laid down next to Naruto.
“Yeah it was but did you really have to cum all over me?” Naruto asked.
“No I didn’t,” she replied. “But I just couldn’t help myself.”
“Whatever,” Naruto said before asking, “Hey do you live alone or do you share this place with someone?”
“I share with Ino and Tenten why?” she asked.
“No reason,” he said. “Anyway let’s get some rest and then shower tomorrow.”
“Sure,” Sakura replied as she went to sleep.
Moving away from Sakura’s bedroom door Ino and Tenten looked at each other and said, “That was hot.”
“We have got to get us some of Naruto’s ass.” Tenten told Ino.
“I know let’s talk to Sakura about it tomorrow after Naruto leaves.” Ino said.
“Alright tomorrow,” replied Tenten to Ino as they both left the apartment.
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