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Kitten is Back

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Kitten sneaks into the tower, and forces her love on Robin.

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One day, at titans tower. Robin, was taking a nap in his room. He woke up, getting out of bed. And said. "Alright. A good rest, and time to get to work on stopping bad guys." Robin just then was about to leave the room, and go visit with the other titans. Just then his door opens by itself. "What the hell?" Robin said scratching his head. He then saw come right through the door. It was kitten! "Oh my god. What are you doing hear? Is that you Kitten?"

Kitten, then jumped into his arms, and said. "Of course it's me Robbie poo! An you know you want me! So I'm here to give you the experience of a lifetime." Robin, put Kitten down, and told her, trying hard to stay calm. "Look Kitten. This is crazy. I told you I'm not interested In you."

"Oh, you will be Robin, after we're done here. And you be over that heated tramp Starfire." Kitten said. While wrapping her arm's around Robin. "This has got to be a nightmare!" Said Robin.

"It's a dream come true!" Said Kitten. She then holds him more closely to her trying to make out with him. "I'm getting out of here!" Screamed Robin. As he then made a run for the bathroom. "Oh Robbie poo. Stop playing hard to get." Kitten said. " can smell your love from here. You can't hide!"

Robin then was sitting on the toilet. Thinking to himself. "Oh god. How am I gonna get out of this. And why do I feel somewhat attracted to her? Damn hormones." Kitten then busted down the door. As Robin looked horrified. " Robbie Poo. Stop sitting on the John. Your future wife misses you!" Kitten said. Robin then ran out of the bathroom. And went out the the main area of titans tower. "Where is everyone?" Robin said. "I tied them up on the roof top, so they can get in the way of our romance." Kitten said.

"Kitten this is madness!" Robin yelled. Kitten the walked over to him, rubbed his head, and said. "If you, want to see your friends again. Robin darling. Just do as I say." Robin knew now there was no way out of this. "What do you want me to do my dear Kitten?" He said miserable. Kitten giggled, and said. "How about we sit down. And play kissy face?" They then sit on the long sitting spot by the table. And make out. As Robin, somewhat likes it. But hates it so much.

Kitten then put her hand to Robin's face, and said. "Robin, don't you like my hands? Please kiss them!" Robin then while kissing her hand said. "Oh good Lord." She then took her shoe off. And lifted her foot and said. "How about a foot rub Robbie Poo?" Robin then fainted. He then woke up in bed. And thought to himself. "Ha, I knew it was a dream. He then realized he was n Kitten's bed and Kitten, was next to him! Kitten smiled at him, and said. "Oh Robbie Poo. I told you, I would give you the experience of a lifetime." Robin then said. "Oh great. Can I just go home now?"

The End.

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