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Hey guys

i've decided that because i don't update as much as i would like to, i am no longer carrying on with this version of the story.

but i am going to re-write it with shorter chapters so i can update more often. please don't kill me. i thought that this story was a bit too cliche and i want to make it better.

im going to delete this story soon but i am already writing the plan for all of the chapters im going to do in the re-write, what happens in this story is probably going to happen word for word in the re-write, even though im changing the plot and things. When i said that i lost the USB stick with chapter 4 on (i haven't found it yet)i found pictures i sent to my friend with snippets of the 4th chapter on.

Whoever read the 3 chapters of this story and liked them, if you read the re-write i hope you enjoy it and i wont keep you waiting for long.

CyanideC xø
P.s... And i'm sorry for being such a bitch with this story ill try to be better with the re-write promise
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