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Sorry guys

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I am sooooooo sorry guys

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Hey guys
i am soo sorry for not updating i have so many oneshots that i have to finish so i can focus just on this fic for once.

But i have an even bigger problem gasp

what has happened is that my laptop will not come on at all it freezes on the start screen every single time i turn it on. So what i did beforhand was get a USB stick and download all of the chapters i have done so far onto it so when my laptop does crap out i have all my fics on the USB stick.

Which worked for the main part. The thing is i also had my school homework on there aswell. So last tuesday i took the USB stick to school because i had some ICT work to do and my teacher did his stuff and give me back the USB. The end of the day came and i get home look in my bag and find that i cannot find the USB anywhere. I looked everywhere for it.

Thats the reason why i havent updated HSD. I had chapter 4 nearly finished on it. And i really want it back or i am going to CRY literally. I actually dont give a shit about the homework all i want is chapter 4 of this story.

Also my USB was in the shape of a skull and cross bones so it was really cool aswell. :(

So this story will be put on hold until further notice. I will try to find my USB or if i can somehow get my laptop working to retrieve the files so i can get this story up and running again. If not ill just have to write it again which i really do NOT want to do.

Sorry again guys
Jade xø
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