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Unfortunate Happenings

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'come to think of it ray and I's idea of locking them two in a cupboard backfired on us and escalated pretty quickly'

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This chapter is dedicated to my bezzie mate who goes by the name of xoMCRxoD as she is known on ficwad. so go check her out if you wanna,..........her stories are amazing

A couple of months passed and Gerard settled in well. I mean there were a few fights including me but i dealt with it like i normally do. But my love and lust for Gerard rocketed i couldn't take my eyes off him for a minute i had Ray shaking me in most lessons telling me to stop staring but of course i couldn't he was like a drug to me, his beautiful eyes that glimmered in the sunlight his scruffy hair that pointed in all different directions, and all his sassiness

We were in maths and i sat by ray and Gee and Mikes sat together in front of us, Mr. Wickers was mostly talking to himself all of the class were doing something else like kissing their boyfriends (ewww), drawing on the tables or playing on their phones. When he set us work to do the class put their heads down and started working but i couldn't i was staring at Gerard again he had his back towards me so i couldn't see his beautiful eyes or his tongue when he sticks it out when he is concentrating, ray was next to me with his head down but he was looking at me

"you do know your staring frank"

"i am not staring what made you think of that?"

"oh...i don't know..the fact that you have been staring at Gee and licking your lips for the past 10 minutes"

"i have not been staring at him i have been looking at the poster on the wall there"i pointed out the poster i was talking about then..he replied
"and can you explain the lip licking"

"yes i am hungry"

"whatever Iero you were defiantly staring its obvious you like him more than a friend"

"no i do not and leave it there or i will 'trim' your 'fro with a razor"

"no you won't"

"fuck off" just then the bell went and i waited outside for the other 3


That lesson was terrible the urge not to turn around and stare at frank for the whole lesson was unbearable Mikes kept on whispering to me saying that frank had been looking at me for a while. I didn't believe him because no-one ever stares at me for long but even if he did i wouldn't mind because its frank and i love him. Then out of the blue Mikey turned round and said "you love him don't you" i was about to answer him with a 'No of course not' but i was saved by the bell. I walked out the room to find that Frankie was waiting for me Mikes and Ray. When we were all together we walked to a deserted corridor that is rearly used we sat down there and Frankie listened to music while i drew some superheros. Mikey got up and asked ray if he would come with him for a minute. Ray got up and went with him, me and Frankie looked at them leave, then looked at each other and went back to what we were doing.


I took ray away from the two love birds to ask him what to do about Frank and Gee, once we were out of the way we both said to each other at the same time "we need to get frank and Gerard together" we both laughed at our great minds and carried on
"what are we going to do about them?"

"i don't know Mikey they are clearly in love with each other but they are afraid to show it"

"i know ray but we need a way to get them together when there is no-one there and see if that works, any ideas?"

"well...theres a store room that they used to use for art supplies it isn't used any more but we could try and do something with it"


"I know aren't i just wait what did you say"

"nothing--anyway we will lock the two of them in the store cupboard until they have sorted everything out then we will let them out"

"Ok then shall we do it at dinner or tomorrow"

"i say we lock 'em at dinner to get it over and done with"

"Ok we'll meet them in the corridor but we have to get there before them so as soon as they come we can push them into the cupboard"

"Ok then sounds fun"

So we walked back round the corner to frank and gee, me and ray sat next to each other and started talking about different games we liked playing
We were all sitting in geography and me and ray sat next to each other so we planed what we were going to do at dinner. When we stopped and looked at frank and Gerard they were both gazing into each others eyes again then i actually took the time to think that they would look cute together then i turned back to my work just awaiting dinnertime for the fun to begin.


When the lesson ended Mikey and ray sped out of the room like a cheetah on crack i just looked at Gerard and we started walking to the deserted corridor when we turned the corner we saw Ray and Mikes standing with their backs either side of a store room door we thought nothing of it until Mikey had opened the door and pushed Gerard back first into the dark confines of the cupboard not caring where he landed, before Gee could do anything ray grabbed me by the shoulders spun me round so i was facing the opening of the cupboard and he shoved me into it as well making sure i fell on top of Gerard before closing the door and locking it behind them.

Inside the room we couldn't see anything except the light from under the door we tried moving but every time we did we just collapsed on one another again i felt Gerard lift his body up, mine lifting as well as he found the light switch he switched it on then we found ourselves in a really awkward position. What had happened was gee had been push into the room and he had landed on his elbows with his knees bent and spread out. Ray had pushed me so that when i fell i landed in between Gerard's legs with my arms under his elbows and my crotch on top of his. I thought to myself that this is an amazing position to be in and i was all up for staying in this position but this was not the time or place to get hard because that would just be embarrassing and as much as i thought of the most odd mental images it was not working at all. We both blushed at the sight of our intwined bodies and giggled as we looked around at the inside of the strange cupboard, the room was only small because 3 of the walls were just covered by shelves so when we moved we would hit our arms and legs on the bottom of a shelf causing us to fall on each other i also could have sworn i felt a bulge in his pants but i swiftly shoved that thought aside and changed the subject.

I looked at him and said "what. the. Fuck" i exclaimed blushing even more "how the hell are we going to get out of this"

Gerard looked at me with amused eyes he shrugged and said "i don't know but we'll try if not we will just have to stay here until they let us out"

We were there for about 5 minutes trying to untangle our bodies from one another once we did we stood up on either side of the room i had my back to a shelf and Gerard had his back against the door he turned around and started banging on the door saying "guys this isn't funny let us out please guys.........GUYS!" he turned towards me and looked at his shoes i replied to him with "they're not going to let us out lets face it"

"i know then what are we going to do?"

"there is only 3 ways i can come up with"

"what are those 3 things then"

"well we could wait for them to face facts that it isn't working and let us out, we could bang the door down or we could.....--" i hesitated saying the third point in case he thought i was being a dickhead but eventually i said "or we could give them the answer they're probably looking for?" as soon as i said that Gerard had snapped his head up and lunged forward capturing me in a lip lock making me walk backwards into a shelf and that caused a load of paint pots to fall to the ground making a terrible crashing sound. I re-positioned myself so i was in the corner leaning against 2 shelves keeping mine and Gerard's lips together. I lifted my hands up and grabbed my bag and lifted it over my head before doing the same to his, before the bags had even hit the floor i was in a tongue tangle with him again with my hands weaved through his black disheveled hair keeping it from tickling my face. My brain had turned to mush causing my legs to go their own way which had to be forward so gee and i both fell onto the floor still in-twined. We started rolling round on the cold hard floor making loads of things falling off the shelves narrowly missing us before crashing to the already cluttered ground.


Me and ray both looked at each other in shock at what was going on in the cupboard we had only just thrown Gerard and Frank in we didn't hear the last part of there conversation but, It sounded like they were having a fight with tonnes of paint pots. We were both thinking about opening the door when there was a really loud crash that was so close to the door we jumped out of our skin at the sound of it we were a bit scared about the thought of just opening the door and just waltzing in like it was no-ones business because we both knew Frank and Gerard enough to be a bit weary of their actions, even though they were shy-er that normal round each other.

In the end we both decided that opening the door was the best option because quite frankly we didn't want to be the criminals of this certain blood bath if there happened to be one, we were just checking on them, then we would just close the door again leaving them to sort out there differences. So we gingerly stepped towards the door and before the sounds could get any worse Ray opened the door saying "guys, what are you doin---OH MY FUCKING GOD" and then slamming the door again stepping backwards so he was eventually flat against the wall opposite the store room door with his arms wide spread just staring with a scared and shocked face plastered on him like he was just about to be hit in the face with a wet fish. Me on the other hand, i was just standing there glued to the floor with my eyes wide, still staring at the door and my mouth gaping open at the horrendous sight i had just layed eyes upon the sight that was Frank and Gerard encased in each others grasp rolling around on the floor and they were clearly hard for each other, come to think of it ray and I's idea of locking them two in a cupboard backfired on us and escalated pretty quickly also i don't know about you but that isn't an amazing sight to see when your older brother and his best friend are involved in some serious intercourse in a store room in the middle of school.

Whilst ray was still spread out on the wall i managed to unfreeze myself and just sat by his legs with my knees pulled up close to my chest and my eyes still wide trying to get the scene i just saw out of my head. preferably before either of those two came out of that godforsaken cupboard

well..that's it guise for now i thought it was better than chapter 1 and 2 also i will try and write some of chapter 4 now while the ideas are still fresh in my head soooo yeah..
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