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Getting to know eachother

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frank and gerard get to know eachother and mikey suspects..... (i know i am crap at summaries) ^.^

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so guys here it is the second chapter its pretty boring too but chapter 3 will get intresting, i have chapter 3 half written, it has been written for like a month but i haven't had the motivation to do it the most i have done with it is edit it up a bit..... sooooooo i will stop rambling on about crap,
so yeah R&R pwease it makes my smile ^'^

Gerard’s P.O.V
We walked for ages until we had to go through some bushes we eventually came to a clearing where there were a few trees dotted around it, some the trees surrounding where we stood were blocking some of the sunlight in places, we walked to the middle of the clearing and I sat down with my back leaning on a tree. Whilst frank kept on walking until he came to a big oak and sat down like me with his back propped up against it. But as he was walking I realized how attracted I was to him even though it was my first day things like his tattoos but only the ones I had seen like his neck and arm, but I was eager to see if he had any more under all of them clothes

Oh god Gerard don’t say things like that it is your first day and you hardly know the guy

I know but he is so beautiful I can’t help but stare at him it is so hard to keep my eyes off him…I think love him

Gerard it’s your first day and you might think you love him but what makes you think he likes you in the same way

I don’t know maybe how he said to me and I quote… ‘I don’t wanna see anyone break that beautiful face of yours because of who you wanna be’ and he’s gay

Yeah whatever and what makes you think that he actually meant it

Oh shut up you don’t know what I think

Pretty sure I do because in case you haven’t noticed I am you, you are having a slash fight with yourself over a boy you are currently staring and slobbering all over the place at also you have only known him for about 1 and a half hours

I snapped out of the trance I was in and realized I was indeed staring at him and he was staring at me as well I could see in his eyes that his emotions were all mixed up with confusion, interest and ………love I quickly pushed that thought aside and delved inside my bag to grab my sketchbook and bad ass crayons.


I sat down beside a big oak tree and pulled my headphones out of my pocket but just before I put them in my ears I looked up to see the boy I longed for but couldn’t have he didn’t like me I was convinced he didn’t I was just the punk kid who no-one pays attention too. But he was looking at me like he wanted something we were just gazing into each other’s eyes until he started looking through his bag and pulled out a sketch book and some crayons I watched him as he started scribbling his way across the page changing crayons occasionally and looking up at me squinting his eyes then looking back at his sketch. I noticed how cute he looked when he drew because he stuck his tongue out of the side of his mouth in the end I got bored of the awkward silence so I started a conversation “hey what ya doing Gee??” gee I like that nickname for him that’s the name I am going to call him from now on

“Fucking drawing”

“Oh and what are you drawing exactly”

“You’ll find out soon enough”

“Ok then I hardly know you tell me about yourself while you draw”

“There is not much to tell really other than, my mum and dad are divorced I have one brother called Mikey who you’ll probably meet today if he knows where we are and I like to sing, listen to music like misfits, smashing pumpkins, megadeath and any other bands like that, I love horror movies and I like to draw in my spare time what about you”

“I don’t have any siblings I listen to the same music as you I love horrors as well and I love playing guitar I have a guitar that is white and she is called pansy”

“You are so lucky you don’t have any siblings Mikey can be a pain in the ass sometimes”

“Really...being an only child has its ups and downs ups being you have someone to talk to and the downs being it can get really fucking boring can I see what your drawing now??”

He looked at me and went back to his drawing “not yet just need to put this…right there and we are done” he said admiring his picture so I walked over to him and sat next to him with my side pressed up against his as close as humanely possible otherwise I would be practically lying on him.

Which I wouldn’t mind at all

Oh shut up brain

When I looked over at his picture my heart stopped he had drew me and it was like a fucking photograph, I stared in awe at his masterpiece then I turned around and hugged him loving the human contact especially as it was with him saying “oh. My. Fucking. God. Gee that’s AMAZING” he looked at me sheepishly and blushed, when I finally was able to detach myself from him the school bell went signaling break time “what class is Mikey in do you know?”
“I think it is English why?”

“I was just wondering if ray had the same class”

“Who is ray and I’ll text Mikey now to tell him where we are”

“Ray is one of my best friends you can’t really miss him he is a nice guy with the hair that resembles a sponge or some gone off candyfloss”

Gerard giggled at my remark and replied “Ok I think I saw him walking next to you on the way into school and I have text Mikey telling him where we are”
Not long after our conversation I found myself squashed up next to him he had his arm wrapped tightly around my waist and I had my head on his we got into this position we will never know but I want to stay here forever because every time we brushed our bodies together like in the crowded corridors i had sparks zoom up and down my body so being pressed up to him was like a fucking firework show and i also couldn't help but notice he smells really nice like and skittles.


Then Mikey and the walking toilet brush found their way to where we were and as soon as they walked in I said “heya Mikes and....Ray I presume” he nodded his head and shook my hand and bloody hell Frank was right when he said his hair was like a sponge, whilst Mikey just stood there looking at me and Frankie (this is now my nickname for him) in this position I could of happily stayed in but oh no he had to open his fat gob and ruin it by saying “steady on there Gee you have been here for not even a day and you are sitting under an oak tree with your boyfriend. Going a bit fast isn’t it” I looked at him still with my hand wrapped round my little Frankie's waist in shock I flopped my head down so it was on top of Frankie's and said back to him disguising the hint of sadness in my voice “Mikes he isn’t my boyfriend so drop it” as I said this we unlinked our bodies and sat next to each other still in shock at what Mikey had just said me and frank quickly gazed into each other’s eyes but then got interrupted by the cauliflower who was in fact ray coughing loudly in attempt to not make us go all gooey in front of him and Mikey.

So me and Frankie looked away from each other and Frankie plugged in his headphones and lay down on the fluffy green grass away in the shade so i turned around and put the sketchbook and crayons back in my bag turning back to see frank lying on his back with his arm that was closest to me raised above his head exposing the flesh of his stomach showing a tattoo it was a single swallow but it was really beautiful i would love to sketch it but i couldn't see all of it.....pity one of his legs was bent and his foot was tapping out the rhythm to the song. Only then I knew that I would settle in nicely into this school which only meant that my lust for Frank was only going to increase.
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