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High School Days

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Frank's an outcast along with his friend Ray but that group grows when Gerard and Mikey come into the shot

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Hey Guys This is my first actual frerard i think it's pretty boring and $hit but IT WILL GET BETTER I PROMISE
so hope you enjoy R&R pwease ^.^

Gerard’s P.O.V

“GERARD GET DOWN HERE NOW”I heard my mum yell at me from the bottom of the stairs, I was lying in bed thinking to myself that I could have sworn that she had said that about 2 times already but then again who cares. So I got up pulled on my black ripped skinnies my motley krue t-shirt and my misfits hoodie smudged some eyeliner around my eyes, ruffled up my tatty black hair and trudged downstairs. My brother Mikey and my mum were at the table when I got there and my mum had put a plate of toast on the table ready for me “YAY! ,Toast a great way to start the morning “I said sarcastically “well it’s your fault you didn’t get down the stairs in time you lazy fucker” Mikey said trying to be the angel he defiantly wasn’t “shut the fuck up Mikey, Sarcasm is a foreign language to you, isn’t it” “erm……why do you ask?” “To prove my point” At that point we give up arguing and made our way to school. It was my first day at my new high school today and I wasn’t looking forward to it one bit. I’ve never liked school really partly because I haven’t had a proper best friend through school, I used to have a ‘best friend’ called Pete but that soon changed when I told him my BIGGEST secret that no-one knew about well my mum and Mikey knew about it and they were fine with it, some people tried to guess it in the past but I just denied it when they got the right answer, also I’ve always been a secretive person really. And after I told Pete my secret he turned against me we went from best friends who shared everything we had to mortal enemies in about 2 days….turns out he was a homophobe

Franks P.O.V

I woke up to the blaring noise of my alarm clock realizing it was 7 in the morning on a Monday so I wasn’t in the mood for school. I got up had a shower put on my black skinnies and watchmen top went into the bathroom and smudged a load of bright red eyeliner. Then I went down stairs had breakfast and walked to meet my best friend ray by the corner and proceed to walk to school with him.
When we got there was a beautiful boy leaning against a wall isolated with messy black hair, smudged eyeliner like mine and a misfits hoodie on, I couldn’t take my eyes off him he was perfect. I caught his gaze for a couple of seconds but then another boy which I presumed to be his younger brother because he had similar facial features as him. Came up to him and they both walked through the entrance doors towards the office. Somehow I knew I NEEDED to get to know him.

Gerard’s P.O.V

So when me and Mikey finally got to our new school we stood outside I leant against a wall away from everyone else whilst Mikey looked around I looked up to see a gorgeous boy walking up the yard he had black floppy hair with a cute side fringe shielding half his left eye from view. He had a smile to die for, gorgeous teeth, lip piercings and a perfect jaw line, he was cute and short and he had a scorpion tattoo on the right side of his neck. I caught his gaze but was rudely interrupted by my ignorant brother; he said that the bell was just about to go so we both walked through the front doors into the office to get our time tables.

Frank’s P.O.V

After the gorgeous boy had vanished me and ray went to our different form rooms which meant I had to get to my form before my teacher, which I highly doubted because I walk like I have forever, and you always find that teachers would have special ways of getting to a room on the other side of the school with less than 10 steps.
So when I finally got to my form room everyone was there including the teacher Mr. Richards, as soon as I strolled in he gave me the usual scowl face and asked the same question as he does every day. “Hello frank thank you for joining us and would you like to tell the class why you are 10 minutes late to form” I stood there for at least 5 minutes just saying “ermmmmmm …….Because…….I –“ attempting to say a excuse I haven’t used yet but I was cut off by a boy who seemed somewhat familiar.

Gerard’s P.O.V

I rushed round after saying bye to Mikey because he was in a different form to me trying to find the form room I was supposed to be in 10 minutes ago. When I finally got there I noticed that there was a commotion going on. What was happening from what I could tell was the gorgeous boy I saw earlier was standing staring into space saying nothing but ‘ermmmmmm’ and Mr. Richards was staring him I think waiting for an answer so I thought, if I want to get to know this boy I would have to make up an excuse for us to hopefully talk to each other so I said “sir, he was taking me to the office because I am new to this school” he switched his eyes over to me completely forgetting about the boy from earlier “ahhhh are you Gerard way?” “Yes sir” “well you can sit next to frank at the back if you want or there is a space over there” he pointed out to a chair that was placed by what looked like a popular slut. I looked at her and immediately turned to go and sit next to frank at the back “Ok thanks” I followed frank and sat down beside him after about 5 minutes of an awkward silence it started getting a bit boring so I got my phone out to play on.
After being engrossed for about 10 minutes in a game of cut the rope I never noticed that frank was practically resting his head on my shoulder watching me play. So when I looked around to update myself with what was happening in form I jumped out of my skin at the sight of franks head that close to my face I could feel the hot air on my cheek and at the same time falling backwards off my chair and planting the back of my head on the corner of a bookshelf giving myself a nasty gash. The sudden impact of the bookshelf immediately made me curl up into a ball as soon as I touched the floor with my hands protectively covering the back of my head, my eyes were clenched shut but they immediately opened when something shook me gently making my sight go back to normal.

Frank’s P.O.V

I never thought he would fall from his chair as I watched him play from over his shoulder. But I felt so guilty for scaring him as he was curled up into the foetus position on the floor with his eyes clenched shut so I looked around to see everyone in shock staring at me like I had 2 heads so I turn around to see Gerard still curled up on the floor clutching his head. I knelt beside him and shook him gently making him open his eyes and stand up before anything else. He kept one of his hands on his head as he stood up and with his free hand he straightened his top out and pulled his skinny black jeans down before looking at me, all I had time for was to mouth the words ‘I’m so sorry’ before the teacher told him to remove his hand from the back of his head. He did so revealing an enormous amount of blood covering his hands my heart jumped into my throat when I realized that I had done that to him. He looked horrifyingly at the sight of the scarlet liquid staining his hands. I looked around the class again this time seeing a load of shocked faces staring at his hand. “Oh my god Gerard go to the nurse to get cleaned up now and frank you can go with him been as you somehow caused this, I am not even going to ask how you did it just go” and with that we got all of our things and sped out of the classroom to the nurse.


When we got to the nurse she gave Gerard a wet cloth to press against his head whilst she went to go and get some antibacterial wipes and cotton buds so I saw this as a chance to apologise to him for being a complete danger to society.

Gerard’s P.O.V

We sat there for what seemed like ages whilst the nurse got up to go and get some more things for my head, I was trying to think of something to say that would start a long conversation but at the same time wasn’t nasty because we haven’t even met and I don’t really want to ruin my chances with this perfect motherfucker (not that I knew his sexuality) who was sitting next to me looking as shy as a baby bird, the awkward silence was then interrupted when he said “I am so so sorry for being a nosy fucker feel free to kick my ass when you feel up for it” so I carried the conversation on with a confused expression on my face “and why would I want to do that to you”

“Because I have just made you slice your head open on a bookcase or does that not bother you”

“to be honest it doesn’t really bother me because I have had much worse off the jocks in my old school I came home once with a broken nose so yeah much worse and the person who give me a broken nose was my old shall we say best friend Pete”

“Why you seem like a great guy to hang round with”

“Let’s just say…he didn’t like me for who I was”

“Ahh okay that is kinda like me then I get beaten up for who I am as well but my mum and dad refuse to move me to another school because they would have to move away from family and friends which I understand but it just makes every day I spend in school a living hell but do you mind if I ask if you would tell me why he turned on you? I mean it’s Ok if you don’t want to but I think you have the idea that I am way too nosy for my own good”

“Why do you want to know?” I asked him quietly


“Frank don’t take this the wrong way please but….are you homophobic?”i said more openly than i expected

“No I get enough of grief from all of the homophobes in this school for being gay”

“Really, then we are in the same boat then aren’t we” as soon as I said that I mentally face palmed myself for just revealing the big secret but I felt that I could trust him

“Wait….what…your gay as well”

“Yes that was the reason I came to sit by you instead of the slut on the other side of the class and--” before I could finish he took the words straight out of my mouth

“—why Pete turned on you he was a homophobe wasn’t he” I nodded at his remark as he started again “well sorry to break this to you but nearly everyone in this school are homophobes and I mean I deal with it but it gets boring I get pushed around all day everyday by the jocks mainly Bert, Corey, Matt and Gabe they are the biggest homophobes in the school and if they find out that you are gay your school life will be as crap as mine and in my opinion I don’t wanna see anyone break that beautiful face of yours because of who you wanna be”
As soon as he said that my stomach did a somersault and then the nurse walked in with everything she needed.

Franks P.O.V

She sat down next to us and poured some antibacterial stuff on a cotton bud. Gerard tilted his head down so the nurse could get to it. She didn’t bother warning him that it might sting a little because as soon as she placed the bud on his head he took a sharp breath in and grabbed my hand squeezing it slightly. I repositioned my hand so our fingers were laced together before the nurse put a fresh cotton bud back on his head making him instantly squeeze my hand again, when she was finished she grabbed her stuff and left in a hurry leaving me and Gerard sitting on the bed. We kept our hands laced together until he looked at me capturing my gaze for a minute before we looked down at our hands and unlinked then we were both blushing tomatoes would be proud even though I could have been there forever just sitting down with his hand in mine. A couple of awkward minutes passed and the bell rang noisily so I glanced at the clock and realized we missed first lesson which was English I didn’t know what Gerard’s first lesson was so I asked him “hey, what was your first lesson because we missed first period” he dug around in his bag and stared blankly at his timetable a look of sadness washed over his face he turned to me still with his eyes on the piece of paper in his hand and quietly said “I had art my favourite lesson of the week” At that moment I felt really bad, he had literally begun hid first day at school and it has been turned upside-down by me “I’m sorry for making you miss it with my stupidity, if I hadn’t of made you jump out of your bloody skin none of this would have happened and you wouldn’t have missed art” he looked at me with his big sparkly eyes and calmly replied “it doesn’t matter that much I draw all of the time even though I think my drawings are crap but then again I still enjoy doing it because it takes my mine off things also I would rather spend my time with a best friend than with a class full of whores and sluts what do you do in your spare time” when he said the last part of that my stomach did a flip I had only known him for what ……1 hour and he already classed me as his best friend no-one has ever wanted to be my best friend no-one has ever even tried to make a conversation with me unless it was to get my attention so they could beat me to a bloody pulp.
We made our way out of the nurse’s room and Gerard looked at me and said “what do you have now?” “history with Mrs. Edwards, what’s yours” as I said that I made my way out of the door towards the field he looked at me with a confused face then asked “I’m in the same class as you …what are you doing I’m pretty sure history isn’t in a field?”
“I know, it’s just the fact that I hate history so I am going to go on the field right at the back where no-one will see because it is surrounded with trees so I can listen to music”
“Ok I’ll come with you then because I hate history too it’s not really my strong point and I want to draw something” so we slowly walked through the doors and onto the field.

So there is the first chapter guys hope you enjoyed it ^.^
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