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Perfect Storm: Part 1

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Jo basically had a rough life. Being abandoned by her mother, foster homes, etc. what if after she learns the truth about Jason, she realizes she loves Alex?

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Josephine Wilson knew better then most. She had "street smarts". I guess being a foster kid did that to you. She knows when someone is playing her. For some reason she didn't think that with Jason. She thought he was different.

When he threw the first punch at her she was shocked. First it hurt like a bitch. Then next she started attacking him. She punched and punched and punched until he was basically crying for mercy. When she got up she ran out of the apartment and headed towards Alex's house unknowingly.

She saw that same swing set and sat in it. Looking down at her feet. She always ran, it's what she did. She was always on the move, mostly cause she's used to it, because of get moves between foster homes. She could always leave Seattle for good and move somewhere like LA or Georgia. Except that means leaving her friends, if she can call them that. I guess Stephanie is consider a friend, Jo thought. Alex was a friend. She practically called Alex a bad friend by telling him to leave her alone. Then why was she here?

She heard footsteps coming on the porch and keys rattling. "Oh no not you again." He annoyingly sighed. "Look I'm giving you're space, so why do you keep coming back here to tell Me that. Well guess what-" he stopped as she turned around showing her bruised up face and busted lip. She was crying. Actual tears not those fake tears she used to get her way.

"Can I stay here....please?" Alex looked heartbroken. Like someone had stabbed him 5,000 times. He couldn't believe this.

"Yeah sure come on in." He opens the door and holds it for her to walk in. As soon as they are both inside he closed the door set down his keys and bag and took her to his room. Sat her down, left, came back with a ice pack. She applied it to her now swollen face. She keeps taking it off, but he comfortably helps her put it back on.

"What happened?" He asked, but already knew.

"I don't know." She started. "He kept telling me that he couldn't trust me that I'm a liar and that I lied about who I was."

"He hit you?" Yep, he was right.

"It just got so bad!" She started to cry and covered her mouth with her available hand. He helped tug her into the bed. "What's gonna happen now?"

"Nothing," he said as he put the cover over her. "You're gonna rest." He grabs his keys and phone. "If you need me I'll have my phone."

"Alex, where are you going?" He ignored her and ran out the door and slammed it.
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