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Perfect Storm: Part 2

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Jo basically had a rough life. Being abandoned by her mother, foster homes, etc. what if after she learns the truth about Jason, she realizes she loves Alex?

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Jo couldn’t sleep that night. She tossed and turned. She may have had a 5 min. nap more like. She kept thinking of Alex and what he was doing or probably finding out when he went out for Jason. He probably found Jason lying down next to the fireplace, barely yelling out Jo’s name.
Great, he probably thinks I’m a psyco-bitch now, she thought. She stared at the ceiling fan; it kept turning and turning very slow like life was slowing down. Like everything was coming to a complete stop.
It was morning now as she can see the sun creep from behind the Space Needle outside of Alex’s room. She got out of the bed. She sighed. She’s stuck with the same clothes. This is great, she thought. She saw Alex’s jacket. She put it on. It did smell good. She decided if she wanted clothes she needed to go by the hospital. She put on her shoes and headed out the door.
Alex was waiting on Chest Peckwell’s MRI. When he went to his and Jo (ex)’s apartment, he was going to give Myers a piece of his mind. He got a perfect girl and all he did was beat her. The apartment door was opened…Alex walked in and saw Jason knocked out and look beaten to death. He first thought he was beaten to the punch. He then thought wait the only person could be here was Jo. He then picked up Myers the best way he could, and took him to the car and now they were there, at the hospital. Then Derek and Heather books walked into the room. Heather put the MRI on top of the x-ray machine.
“What do you see, Brooks?” Derek asked the intern.
“Like someone super messed him up,” The young intern replied.
“Talk like a doctor.”
Karev couldn’t listen he couldn’t believe this had happened. Not that Myers got punch, but that Jo did this…
Jo did her best not to show her face when she walked into the hospital. She was heading to the locker room when she heard Alex’s voice. Cristina and Meredith were blaming Alex for something. Then she heard Jason’s name. She couldn’t let Alex get blamed. She didn’t second guess, she just walked in and said “he didn’t do it…I did it.” They look at her shockingly. “He grabbed me and I fought him off. It got out of hand. He hit his head on the fireplace, he was yelling, he was fine I swear.”
“Look you have to go,” Alex said to her, sternly.
“No, she has to explain to the cops,” Cristina said.
“Don’t let anyone see you-“ He turns to Cristina and Meredith. “We don’t talk to anyone until we know how Peckwell is.” Then Stephanie walked in.
Stephanie was shocked at Jo’s face: “What happened?”
“Nothing,” Cristina said when she walked to Edwards. “What you got?” Jo turned back to Alex.
“GO!” Alex said to her and she walked away fast.
Jo had gone home, well more like Alex’s home, sitting on the couch. Many thoughts rushing through her head about the events the past night. One thought stuck out the much: Well, shit, I’m going back to jail…SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! She put her head in her hands. Then a loud boom happened…power is now out… Great, can’t this week be any worse? She searches through the whole house for candles. Finally she found some and lit them.
As she finished the last candle, Alex came in the door.
“What happened,” He asked.
“Oh the power went out-“
“No, with you; what were you thinking?! Peckwell could’ve died!!”
“Is he-“ She was afraid to ask.
“No he’s fine, but you’re lucky he’s not pressing charges, but you are an idiot. You know you could’ve gone to jail, right? You say you want to change, and then you go and so this?! You need to grow up and stop acting like a low life!”
Jo just couldn’t take it, she shoved Alex and yelled: “NO YOU GROW UP!” She sighed. “Not everyone’s like you, Alex. People are horrible and the last time someone grabbed me like Jason did…I…” She couldn’t tell him. She couldn’t tell him what she had gone through. “I promise that that it wouldn’t happen again. So, I’m sorry, but not everyone’s like you…not everyone’s good.” There was a pause. Jo started getting thoughts again…Great, JUST GREAT! I just ruin this relationship. “And now you think I’m horrible too…”
He just shook his head. “No…truth is, if you hadn’t done that, I might’ve killed the guy.”
Jo was confused…was she thinking what she was thinking? “Why would you do that?”
“Shut up. Why wouldn’t I?” They just stared at each other. Before anyone could speak up, a tree fell though the wall and into the living room.
The next night, Jo was in an on-call room, looking out the window at the biggest storm she’s ever seen. One thought kept coming to mind: Does he like me? She should’ve seen the signs. When she went to hang out with Jason, he looked hurt. It was obvious he was jealous.
Alex had walked behind her looking out the window.
“You think the tree ruin the couch,” he asked, matter-of-factly.
All Jo could do was laugh. “I think it destroyed your whole living room.”
Alex sighed: “Jo…I need to tell you something.”
“No you don’t-“
“You don’t even know what I’m going to say.”
“Yes I do, and you don’t need to.”
“I’ll mess it up, Alex. I mess up everything good in my life up and we work as friends and I don’t want to mess that up.”
“You won’t mess it up. Last night before the tree, you asked me a question and you wanted to hear the words so I’m…..saying them.” He tried to say: “I love you” but nothing came out.
“I don’t hear anything…”
“Shut up.”
“I’m being serious!”
“I love you.” Jo smiled at his words, she knew it! She had felt some feelings towards Alex since Bailey’s wedding. Now she knows for sure…they both kissed.
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