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Chapter 1

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Kathrine WhiteFang is a girl who never fit in, whether at school or at home. Life was pretty much hopeless until she got spirited away to the magic world of My Little Pony. There she meets new frie...

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Haiii! So this is my first story and I'm super excited to share! Hope you guise like it! And be nice it's my first time and I kinda rushed :c

also! I don't own My little pony or any of it's characters blabitty blahhh

My name is Katherine WhiteFang. I had long white hair, pale skin with a pink tint to it, and naturally purple lips. I was getting ready for the worst day of my life – Monday mornings. I hated all the conformists at my school, they bullied me for my punk style and no one understood me. I also hated my adoptive parents and my faggot brother. They didn't understand me either and they made fun of me for white hair and black lipstick, they don't understand that this is how I am.

But whatever, I was put on my favorite black skinny jeans and the band tee I got online after stealing my mom's credit card. They never took me to any stores, and don't trust me for anything. It's utter bullsht.
So anyway, I went walked downstairs and ignored my family and went to school. When I got to school I saw a dark hallway that no one was down. So obliviously I had to investigate because the darkness called to me, and I wanted to skip school because no one liked me since I was such an introvert. When I walked down there everything went black.

When I woke up, I was in equestria! I was surrounded by the 6 ponies. Applejack, such a fucking conformist was wearing her usual cowboy hat and disgusting red boots. Next to her was fluttershy. Flutter shy was looking so kawaii with her straight pink hair. Pinkpi was bouncing around behind all the ponies and Rainbowdash was flying around above me, as usual she was super punk and rarit was there too watching. But then i saw twilight sparkle everything got hazy and i was stuck in a transe. She was everything I wanted her to be, straiht purple hair with streaks and it looked much darker then it did in the show. Her purple coat was also much darker too.
But then fucking spike knocked into her and made me focus to what was going on again. "Kathrine your finally here" said twilight "weve been waiting for so long". "what do you mean? you know me?" I asked. "of course we do, who wouldn't know you, your the only real punk around here" rarirt said. I couldn't believe it and for the first time in my life i felt like i wasn't hated for being who i was.

So then they took me to twigith's library and the whole time i couldn't help but stare at her, even though she was a pony she was definitely perf. I wanted to say something but i was afraid that no one would understand and i didnt want them to turn into my asshole dad or my fake friends.
After the party that pinkpi had for me because she liked to throw parties and I was the guest of honor of all the ponies twilight told me that i could stay over at her house because she had an extra bed that would fit humans. Me and twilight went back to her house and also with spike.
When we got there she showed me my room. it was a really nice room. the room was dark wood and the bed had dark purple sheets on it and the whole room was really dark. she told me there were some human clothes that rarity made for me in the closet. after that twilight went back the main librrary part of the house to work onher studies. I looked in the closet and found some nice pajamas. I had a hard time choosing wether to look kawaii or punk but I decided to go for kawaii tonight. I put a short pale pink night gown that was lacey and really satiny. then i braided d my hair into two long braids.

I tried to go to bed but i couldnt sleep at all. so i left my room and walked out expecting no one to be awake but was pleasently surprised to see twilight. she was reading out of a very old black book with only one candle lit in the room.
I walked up behind her very softly and said hey."Oh hello Kathrine Whitefange". "what are you reading twilight?" I asked. she freaked out and shut her book fast. "oh um its nothing, kind of private" twilight said. I looked at the side of the book and could recognize some symbols. They were symbols like the ones on my ouiji board at home. "sorry" said twiligt "why arent you asleep? is the bed not comfortable? im sorry if it isnt". she seemed nervous for some reason probably because of how amazing i looked at the moment. "oh um I just have a hard time sleeping alone" i said, even though im always alone. "well if you want you can sleep with me" said twilight. I took her up with her offer and followed her upstairs to her bed.
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