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Edd's Reputation

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Edd is being misjudged as a bully, and needs help to get his reputation back.

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The event's in this story, take place after the season 5 episode. "A Fistful Of Ed"

After Edd/Double Dee, was misunderstood, with the whole incident, when the other kid's though he was being a bully, his reputation has been going down. As most of the kid's won't talk to him. The Ed's, were at school one day, and the kid's were treating Double Dee mean, and still acting scared of him. As the Ed's were walking through the school hallways, Edd said to Eddy.

"Oh Eddy! it's been week's since my incident, when are people going to let it go?"

Eddy replied. "Eh, they can't stay mad about that forever."

The Ed's then run into Nazz, n the school hallway's. She stop's and look's scared, and say's.

"Oh um! Double Dee! um i'm just walking by, so don't be mad at me."

She then run's, away from the Ed's. Edd says to Eddy.

"You see Eddy! Everyone is seeing me as some lowlife, who hurt's people."

Eddy replied. "It's just Nazz, i'm sure the other kid's don't"

Sarah and Jimmy, then walk by and run into Edd, Edd says.

"Hello Sarah, Hello Jimmy, how are you both doing on this nice day."

Sarah said.

"Double Dee, you better stay way from us! you got some issues!"

Jimmy however, remembering Double Dee was really nice the whole time, and was just making mistake's Said to Edd.

"Hi Double Dee, people still giving you a hard time?"

Edd replied. "Oh deer Jimmy, if only i could restore other's faith in me!"

Jimmy said. "You got to do something very nice Double Dee, in-front of everyone. So then people will realize, the kind person you really are."

Edd replied. "Oh dear Jimmy, if only it could work."

Jimmy said. "Don't worry Double Dee, we'll think of something."

Later that day at school, during lunch time. Double Dee was once again, trying to prove to everyone, his kindness. But the other's still, would not believe him. As he wen't to sit by some of the kid's, they the ran away, avoiding him.

"Why are you all leaving?" Edd said.

Johnny replied "Because your a crazy wack nut! stay away from me and Plank!"

The Kanker sisters, were over in the lunch line. Marie Kanker shouted over to Double Dee.

"Hey Double Dee! theirs my favorite macho destroyer."

May Kanker said. "You don't wanna mess with a tough guy!"

Edd said to himself. "Oh what's the use! i'm never gonna be accepted by the kid's again!"

Well, that's all for this chapter. I'll continue the story, as soon as i come up with more ideas.
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