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The Big Pumpkin Head Adventure

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This is a fanfiction about what I would like to see in a second Billy and Mandy movie or Halloween special. Also this story is really dark, and has gore and blood, so I'm giving it a T rating

It was Halloween again in endsville, and Billy, was in his house watching a scary movie, about pumpkins coming to life, and slicing people up. Billy was on the couch coverd in a blanket, shaking none stop.

"This movie is way to scary! I don't want to get killed by pumpkins! I'm to young." Billy said. He then heard a knock at the door.

"Yikes! Who's that?" He screamed. "It's us, you idiot." Said Mandy.

"Grim! Mandy!" Billy shouted, he then got up from the couch and went to answer the door, he opens the door with a big smile, and shouted. "Hey fellows, boy am I glad to see you guys. I'm scared of the killer pumpkins! They want to chop us up, and eat our remains."

"Theres no such thing you dope. Well except for the pumpkins Jack O' lantern had in his army. But we defeated them last Halloween, so I ashore you we're safe." Mandy said.

Billy, then sighed in relief, and then as he was no longer scared, he all of a sudden was excited about Halloween. "Yippie! Halloween guys! Hehe I'm so excited, I wonder what I'm gonna be this year. I want to be something super scary." Billy said.

"What an idiot, wasn't he just talking about how he was worried about scary stuff?" Grim said. "Well I hope he's finally toughen up a bit. That would be an interesting thing to see for Halloween. Billy are you ready yet. I don't have all night." Mandy said, as Billy was upstairs preparing his costume. "Hold your horses Mandy. These things take time."

"Aha I got it! Hehe." Billy came walked down with his costume, with was a pillow case made to look like a ghost costume. "Well, how do I look guys? Am I scary or what? I am horrifying!"

Mandy facepalmed, very hard and said. "Wow, I'm so scared. You're going as a trick or treat bag, I'm horrified."

"Oh yeah! Well what are you suppose to be huh miss scary Mandy? I'll have you know, I am the definition of scary." Billy said.

"You're the definition on annoying, and retarded you idiot, and I'm going as a dead ally cat, as you can tell by the blood." Mandy said.

"If only I could turn you into a dead ally cat for real, but that's not gonna happen, cause you little monsters still have me in this bet. I hate you so much." Grim said. As he was holding his scythe, thinking about killing them.

"Oh, shut up you big wuss. I've already heard it god knows how many times." Mandy said.

"Well I mean it every time! Grim said. "Let's get to trick or treating., we haven't got all night. Come on Billy, and Grim, and Grim I don't want to here any more crap from you understand?" Mandy said.

"Yes, why give orders to me will you! I am the grim reaper, and I do not put up, with anyone thinking they can use me as their little damn punching bag, every day with these little monsters is a fate worse then death, I tell you, and grim reaper, so that's saying something." Grim thought to himself, then he and the kids go out trick or treating, they then come across a house, of an old man, who hates kids with a cigar, in his mouth.

They knock at the door, Mandy says. "Trick or Treat. Give me candy, or I'll break your neck." The man opens the door, and blows smoke in Mandy's face,., and says. "I hate little rat punks like you that come on this holiday. If I don't give you candy, you're gonna toilet paper my house eh?" Well I'm not gonna Let that happen you hear. I'm fed up with this crap, I'm giving you little punks what you deserve."

He then gives them bottles of beer in their bags, and says. "There I bet your parents will like that!" He said. He then slammed the door, and this ticked Mandy off big time, she then busted down his door, with a mad killer look on her face.

"What the hell do you want now kid?" The man said. Mandy walked closer to him with th beer bottle, and said. "If you're gonna cheat us out on Halloween, I swear to god, I'm gonna take this bottle, pour all the alcohol down your throat, then break this bottle right over your head!"

Scene then cuts to Billy, and Grim standing by door. Billy had drank his beer, and was drunk, they then here sound of breaking glass, and a scream of pain, and they see Mandy come out with the broken beer bottle, as they looked shock. "Wow! Billy I think it is wise, if we never upset Mandy again." Grim said.

"Oh you said it man!" Billy said drunkley. "I got's to get me more of that beer. I need it!" Grim just looked at him, and shacked his head, and said. "You stupid drunk boy, let's get going."

Just then as Billy Grim, and Mandy, were looking for a house that would have candy, they run into non other then the Boogie Man, as he was trying to scare some kids, by the house the three, were walking by. "Boogie! What are you doing here you coward?"

"Yeah, what's your dumb butt doing back after we ownd you so hard. You really got some nerve." Mandy said. "For your information dipsticks I'm trying to scare some kids. Hey it could work." The Boogie man said. then tried to scare a few kids, as he then screamed "Boo!" And his face turned like a demon, the kids then starting laughing and started kicking him. "But I'm scary." He said. Grim then laughed very hard pointing at him and said. "You're so pathetic! I know two little children I deal with every day that are way more scary the you! I mean it Boogie, you're all washed up."

"Go back to the land of the dead you wussy bum!" Billy said as he threw his beer bottle at him. "Oww! Jesus, you little lowlife drunk pile of garbage!" The Boogie man, said. As he was wiping glass off of him.

To be continued. I hope you guys like the story so far.
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