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Fun with Kurenai sensei

by stormwolf3710

Naruto catches up with Kurenai.

Category: Naruto - Rating: NC-17 - Genres: Erotica - Characters: Hinata,Kurenai,Naruto,Sakura - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2014-07-08 - 9090 words

AN: Possible Dark Naruto Fic could be one short or a series of one shots with no real plot other than how Naruto acts and the girls joining his harem

Naruto walked out of his room running his hands though his hair and tried to wake up. He had spent all night with the TARDIS seals and was sure he was only days away from unlocking their full power. But as soon as his eyes landed on the kitchen area a certain part of his body came straight awake. Standing at the counter of the kitchen making breakfast was Hinata. She was standing there naked except for the small apron that was straining against her huge breasts and fell to just below her fat pussy lips.

'She's just begging to be taken and fucked isn't she?' Thought Naruto, a dark smirk coming over his face. He was going to leave and hunt down Kurenai but he thought he might as well go in the kitchen first. After all breakfast is the most important part of the day.

Quietly slipping out of his clothes Naruto snuck into the kitchen and got right up behind Hinata before pulling both of her hands behind her back and pressing her head down against the counter. Without any foreplay Hinata's senses exploded as Naruto's large cock suddenly slammed into her pussy. The pulsing shaft quickly going in and out as Naruto pressed her against the counter.

"Ahh master." Cried Hinata as his hard cock fucked her dry snatch, but it didn't take long before her cries of pain turned into pleasure as her pussy got wetter and wetter. The sound of his slaves screams brought a dark smirk to Naruto's face and pushed him on faster and every time it sounded like Hinata would stop he would bring his hand up and slap one of her soft white but cheeks until it was red.

"This is what you wanted isn't it cunt. That's why you were wearing that slutty little apron, you wanted your master to come in here and fuck that little pussy of yours didn't you." Said Naruto the sound of his hips hitting hers filling the room. Still holding her hands behind her head he grabbed her hair with his free hand and made her stand up with her back to his chest. His long cock continued to slide in and out of her pussy, the girls cum dripping down his cock and landing on the floor.

"Yes master please fuck me harder. I wanted master to see me like this and throw me down and fuck me with his cock." Said Hinata her body slumping down against the counter as Naruto let go and slowed his thrusts. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Sakura come walking out of their room wearing a short red t-shirt that barely came down far enough to cover her straining nipples, and a pair of unbuttoned shorts that hung below her hips revealing a black thong that came above them and sat on her hips.

The pink haired girl licked her lips as her eyes landed on Naruto's long shaft sliding in and out of the Hyuga whores snatch. She slowly walked over to where Naruto was standing, her large nipples straining against the fabric of her shirt. Reaching Naruto she wrapped one slender leg around his and ground her body against his side, her ruby red lips grazing below his ear.

"Do you know what happens to sluts who go walking around dressed like that?" Growled Naruto his arm going around Sakura's waist and holding her tightly against his side.

Sakura's voice purred throatily as she ground her body up against his. She slowly slid her hand down his stomach before grabbing onto his cock, her palm rubbing up against the head of his shaft. "They get their hungry cunts raped by big hard cocks." She said sliding around between Naruto and Hinata and grinding herself up against his chest. "Are you going to rape my big juicy pussy with your hard cock?" She said making the last word pop when she said it.

"I'm going to give you exactually what you want slut, I'm going to fuck that hot ass of yours until you're begging me to let you cum." Said Naruto and creating two clones. Sakura let out a pleased groan at the sight of the three huge cocks that swung between the clone's legs and slowly slid her way down Naruto's body until her lips brushed up against the head of his cock.

"The tip of you cock looks so big and tasty, given the way it curves I can tell just how much it wants to knock me up." She said grabbing onto the shafts of two of the clones and slowly stroking with her strong hands. "What ever will I do against three strong ninja? I guess it can't be helped, take me, rape my throat and pussy with your large cocks and fill me with your cum." She said in mock defeat before slipping her lips over the head of Naruto's shaft and sucking on it. Naruto watched as the pink haired beauty sucked on his cock all the while stroking off his clones all in perfect rhythm. Behind him clone number three and grabbed Hinata and placing her on the ground had continued fucking her causing the Hyuga girl to let out pleased screams every time he entered her.

"Look what a big fuck slut she is. She was just waiting for someone to come along and fuck that pussy of hers." Said the second clone stepping behind her and running his fingers over the damp spot in her jeans. He pressed his fingers harder against the large camel toe causing her juices to soak into the jeans. Smiling he started to play with her pussy as he planted small kisses on the skin above her pantie line. The clone ran his fingers up and down the bulge, more and more juices dripping out of her slit and dampening the shorts.

"Yes I'm a dirty fuck slut master. Rape my throat with your huge cock master, make me yours and fuck my pussy." Moaned Sakura as she continued to work her ruby lips up and down Naruto's cock, the clone behind her started to pull down her pants revealing her lacy crotch less panties.

"Look at this, wearing crotch less panties so anyone can just come up and fuck your pussy." Said the clone rubbing the head of his cock over Sakura's cunt causing her to moan into Naruto's dick. The clone quickly pushed the large head of his cock past her soaking lips and started to thrust deep into her. The real Naruto by this time had grabbed two handfuls of Sakura's hair and was using it to hold her still as he fucked her face, smiling at the sound of her gagging on his cock.

Sakura moaned as she was assaulted on either end by the two Naruto's. Their cocks brutally fucking her mouth and pussy causing her to buck and moan around them. She could feel her breasts swinging in her shirt as she was fucked.

"You want me to fuck you fine then. Here slut make sure you drink all of my cum." Said Naruto slamming his cock down her throat and cuming. Sakura's eyes rolled partly back in her head as she felt the large cock swell in her throat before blasting rope after rope of cum into her. Naruto pulled out of her slowly, watching cum and saliva drip down onto her breasts. The clone in the back quickly sped up, grabbing her hips and slamming his cock into her cunt as her muscles tried to tighten down around it. The clone came in quick succession after the real Naruto filling up her cunt with his cum until it started leaking out of her.

"Did you like that slut? Did you like having your pussy and throat raped by two big cocks? Well don't worry were not done with you yet." Said Naruto smiling down at Sakura. The pink haired woman gave him a sultry smile before slowly taking off her straining shirt and lying down on her back.

"Ohh yes I loved having your big large cocks in me. But please whatever you do don't take my ass" She said looking up at Naruto with fake sincerity. The clone that was behind her grabbed her hair and pulled her head back to shove his fat cock back down her throat causing it to bulge out. Naruto watched for a moment as his clone fucked Sakura's throat before looking at her large breasts and getting an idea he wanted to try.

"Clone why don't you go help your brother with the little Hyuga whore I have something I want to try on our little fuck toy here." He Said, the clone pulled out and started to walk away but not before Sakura gave his cock a parting kiss. The clone quickly went over to the other clone that had Hinata's legs on his shoulders and was fucking her ass. Hinata's eyes had rolled back as the large cock pressed into her ass and started fucking it and she was so far gone she didn't notice when the second clone started to fuck her large breasts.

"Ohh dear I'm all alone and defenseless against you and your cock what ever will I do?" Said Sakura smiling as she placed the back of her hand to her head. Naruto just smiled at her and leaned down to kiss her as he positioned himself between her legs. He cupped her cheek in one hand before sliding it down over her body to where the seal rested on her large breasts.

"Remember when I said this seal could allow me to make changes? Well we are going to test that out." Said Naruto before pumping his chakra into the seal and envisioning the change, Sakura threw her head back and let out a loud moan as her body began to shake from an orgasm. She could feel her breasts getting heavier, fuller, her already sensitive nubs were so tender the fabric of Naruto's shirt was sending waves of pleasure though her.

Soon the amazing feelings of her master's chakra entering her dissipated and she was left lying on the floor panting, her legs soaked in her juices. Sakura took a minute to compose herself before sitting up and taking stock of her body. She looked at her self but couldn't feel anything different except for the slight weight added to her breasts but even they didn't look much bigger. Hesitantly she cupped her large breasts, he fingers brushing over her nipples causing her to sharply breathe in as a wave of pleasure shot through her.

She continued to play with her breasts, her fingers teasing the hard nipples. As she was squeezing them she got a surprise when milk shot out from her nipples. She squeezed her large breasts again and watched as more of her milk squirted out. Getting curious she bent her head over and took one of her large nipples in her mouth and started to suck on it. Her eyes lit up as she enjoyed the taste.

"What a huge slut, playing with yourself while having your pussy raped. Milk those slutty tits for me while I fuck your tight cunt." Commanded Naruto sheathing himself in her. Sakura laid on the ground, her back arched as she squeezed and massaged her large tits. Her body swayed as Naruto continued to pound into her, his foot long cock hitting the back of her womb with every thrust.

Slowing down Naruto leaned forward and took one of her sensitive nipples in his mouth and started to suck on it. He had though it would look great to see milk coming out of those large tits as he fucked her and he had been right. Naruto also had another reason for the change; he wanted her body to get accustomed to a smaller change before he did anything drastic.

"Yes I'm a slut, I love getting my pussy raped by big hard cocks. Please suck on my tits, drink all of my slutty milk." Cried Sakura as she felt Naruto's lips wrap around her nipple. Behind them the two clones were using a now unconscious Hinata as their own personal cumsleeve. Even while unconscious her lips and cunt were still trying to suck all of the cum out of the clones cocks.

Naruto gave one last hard suck to Sakura's nipple before he felt his body tense up and he came again filling her with his seed. Sakura saw stars as she came down from her most recent wave of pleasure. Before she could say anything she felt herself be picked up in a pair of strong arms and be carried into the bathroom. She stayed curled in his arms as she heard the sound of the shower being turned on.

"Come on my love let's get cleaned up." Said Naruto his voice now more compassionate and kind than it had been before. Sakura just murmured into his shoulder and let herself be led into the shower. When the warm water started to wash over her she felt herself become more awake and aware of her surroundings and the two quickly cleaned each other off kissing and touching each other the entire time.

"Mmm Master" moaned Sakura as she felt the cloth move over her ass, Naruto just chuckled at her and continued to wash her. "Mmm there was something I was going to tell you...yes there please there…ohh master" cried Sakura as she felt his fingers tease her ass.

"And what is that my beautiful vixen?" He asked.

"I...I was thinking we could get Tsunade or Shizune to look though the hokage records to see if there is anything that would help with the TARDIS seal." she said.

"That's a great idea Sakura; I think you deserve a reward." He said pushing her up against the wall. Naruto got down on his knees and started to lick around the outside of her pussy. Sakura felt her lips quiver at the touch of his tongue and her fingers reflexively gripped his hair as he brushed his tongue up against the inside of her pussy. Naruto continued to lick at suck at her large snatch, his fingers dipping inside to scrape against her inner walls.

Though Naruto would have loved to have spent all day eating out his slave's sweet pussy he knew that he needed to quickly find Kurenai. Naruto shoved two of his fingers into her snatch and started to tease her clit with his teeth until she cried out and came, pushing his head closer to her body. Naruto continued finger fucking her until her orgasm faded then he kissed his way back up to her pink lips.

"Mmm master thank you." She said leaning into kiss him as his hand ran though her hair. "Now its my turn to thank you for this morning. I hope our little game got you in the mood for Kurenai-sensei." She said before dropping down to her knees and pressing her soapy breasts around his shaft.

"Ohh it did slut I have a whole plan of how I'm going to punish her for peeking. I'm going to beat her at her own game." He said before letting out a pleased moan as Sakura's large soapy breasts slid over his shaft, he started to buck his hips a little, slowly fucking her breasts. "And if you are a good girl I was thinking about bringing you home a pet to keep you company." He Said.

"I'm sure Ino will love being with us master." She Said, they had talked about what he was planning on doing today since he respected her advice. She was just about to ask something else when she noticed him go stiff before cuming all over her face and breasts. "So the clones finished with the Hyuga whore?" Said Sakura refusing to say the girl's name.

"Yeah my clones finished with her. She passed out halfway through the first one fucking her so by the time the second one joined all they could do was finish then go clean her off and put her on the couch to sleep." He said before getting a cloth and wiping some of his cum off of Sakura's face. Naruto could see that something he just said pissed off his pink haired vixen from the way she was grinding her teeth. Naruto helped her stand up and she leaned against the wall before speaking.

"I can't belive that spineless little slut would pass out while being blessed with your cock master. She had wanted to be your lover for so long and both times you fuck her she passes out on you." She said angry at Hinata, Naruto could see how angry she looked, and the power and confidence she was radiating was turning him on. He moved closer to her and pressed her up against the wall, his cock grinding up against her.

"And what do you think we should do about that?" he asked his voice deep and dark.

"I think she should be punished, I want to punish her. I want to train her to be a proper slave and teach her how to act around her superiors." She growled, Naruto couldn't help it her grabbed one of her legs as wrapped it around his waist and he thrust inside her pussy and pressed Sakura back against the wall.

"Mmm yes tell me how you are going to do it." He said thrusting into her and pressing her hard against the wall. Sakura moaned and wanted to slide into bliss as her masters cock slid in and out of her but she kept going.

"I plan on stripping her down to those fishnets she wears, then im going to put on a large strap on and have her lick and suck it before fucking her large fat ass. Then I'm going to get a crop and use it on her." She said causing Naruto to forcefully speed up. "Then when I'm done fucking her you can take her and fuck Hannabi in front of her." Naruto came at the combined images of leather clad Sakura fucking Hinata and the cute little body of Hannabi bouncing on his dick.

"I love to see you this forceful vixen and I would love to see in a leather suit. So why don't you get the toys and uniforms from the TARDIS and take her in there to play." He growled, he had shown Sakura how to make new rooms with the seal and now his little apartment was the shell to a large mansion.

The two spent some more time in the shower as Sakura continued to explain what she had in mind which earned her getting bent over and fucked in the ass twice before they decided to get out of the shower and start their day. The two happily dried and dressed each other before Naruto gave Sakura a goodbye kiss and left to find Kurenai.

It didn't take Naruto long to find Kurenai, she was stomping her way into the hokage tower. She was probably going to raise a fit about him sleeping with Hinata seeing as how she seemed to have a thing against men. He smiled as he watched her enter the tower and quickly ran up the side and jumped in the open window. Tsunade was sitting on her chair with shizune under the desk eating her out.

"Master." Said Tsunade noticing him come inside. "Would you like your chair erokage-sama?" She asked.

"No I think I will do without my cloak this time. But I will need two things from you my lovely little pet. We are soon to have a guest; Kurenai apparently saw me fucking Hinata and is on her way up to raise a fuss." He said stroking the side of her face with his hand as he watched Shizune single-mindedly eat out the hokages cunt.

"Do you need me to send her away for a while master? Or have her locked up?" Asked Tsunade.

"No I'm going to deal with her myself but I am going to need the key to your room at the top of the tower to do it. What I want you and your little pet to do is go to the hokage library and look for anything related to space, time, and dimension seals." He Said.

"What are you going to do to Kurenai master?" Asked Tsunade looking up at Naruto. Naruto just rubbed her cheek and leaned down and kissed her on her bright red lips. Instead of answering he just moved one of her hands to rub over the bulge in his pants letting that answer the question for her.

"Mmm I'm jealous that she gets to have you master but I have an idea to really make her mad before you take her." She said before motioning for shizune to stop and standing up. Tsunade quickly disrobed leaving her there in just her heels. Tsunade ran to get Naruto's cloak and motioned for him to strip also.

"I think I like where you are going with this hime." Said Naruto quickly stepping out of his pants. Tsunade stopped for a second to gaze on his body and lick her lips before placing the cloak on him. Naruto sat down on the Hokages chair and Tsunade quickly got on his lap, positioning his cock to enter her cunt. She sat there moving her but up and down his cock and licking at his hard chest as shizune licked at Naruto's balls. Naruto just sat there and smiled at the sight they would present when Kurenai entered.

A few seconds later Kurenai came storming into the room not even knocking on the door. She got four foot in the room before the sight in front of her brought her to a complete stop. In front of her was Naruto sitting naked on the hokages chair like he owned it. Worse than that Tsunade was naked on top of him with his admittedly large cock fucking her pussy. She let out a little half yelp before her eyes rolled back in her head and passed out.

"Well that wasn't how I was planning on doing it but I have to say that was an amusing result." Said Naruto.

"Mmm does this mean we can finish before you deal with her master?" Asked Tsunade moving up and down his rod faster. Naruto just pulled her close and kissed her as he started to thrust into her. Tsunade let out a loud yell and started to buck hard against his cock, her large fat breasts bouncing as she rode him.

Shizune sat on the floor her mouth wrapped around his balls sucking on them as her master bounced up and down on Naruto's shaft. She listened to the pleased moans and grunts coming from the two blonds. Shizune played wither self as she started to lick and kiss around the bottom of Naruto's shaft, her long fingers going deep into her pussy.

Tsunade slowed down her bouncing motion wanting to enjoy the feel of her master's cock in her pussy. She moaned as the large head spread her walls inside and pressed up against the entrance of her womb. As her need to cum built up she started to lift higher and higher before slamming herself down onto his cock causing it to hit the back of her womb and cum. Shizune started to lick at the top of Naruto's cock where his and Tsunade's juices were leaking out.

A little while later Kurenai felt herself start to wake up. A small moan escaped her lips; her body felt warm and pleasant like something was massaging her. Coming more awake she felt like something was pulsing inside of her pussy and ass but she felt too good to complain. Her eyes only opened when she tried to turn over but found she couldn't.

Kurenai about chocked herself as she tried to set up. Looking around she found that she was lying naked on some stone table with some sort of glowing pulsing chains wrapping around her body holding her limbs down. There were also two chains stuck in her pussy and one in her ass that were pulsing in time with each other and thrusting in and out of her. One more chain appeared before her but it was much thicker than the other ones. The chains went between her breasts and snaked its way up to squeeze and massage her breasts before working its way up to her mouth and forcing its self-down her throat.

Kurenai tried to struggle but the more she moved the harder the chains pressed down on her neck. She screamed in frustration causing the chain in her mouth to grow and start to thrust in and out of her throat. The other chains started to thrust to, moving in and out of her pussy and ass. Kurenai continued to struggle but the more she did the larger the chains would become and the faster they would pulse. She couldn't help but arch her body as wave after wave of pleasure went thought her and so she found her body moving on its own against the chains.

Kurenai didn't know how long she lay there having her body raped again and again by these chains. Her legs were soaked from the number of times she had come and her face was coated in saliva and tears from where the large chain had been fucking her throat.

What she didn't know what that every time the chains grew and pulsed they were releasing more and more of Naruto's chakra into her body to start the slave process. All she knew is she had a feeling of intense pleasure each time they pulsed. Kurenai started to enjoy her self-stoking the chains as the others slithered and curled their selves around her body.

She was brought out of the pleasure when the large pulsing chain in her mouth pulled out letting her get in a deep breath. Gulping down air she finally noticed that she was not alone here, where ever here was.

"What a slut you are Kurenai. Did you enjoy playing with my chains?" Asked the mysterious voice. Kurenai didn't have to wonder long who it belonged to before Naruto stepped out of thin air and appeared beside her.

"Where am I, what are you doing, how long have you been watching?" She demanded angrily only to have the chain around her neck tighten and choke her into silence. Naruto waved his hand and released the chain after a minute letting her breath.

"You are in my genjutsu; I planned this one special for you. The genjutsu mistress trapped by her own art." He said chuckling "As for what I'm going to do to you well that's simple. I'm planning on rapeing every one of your holes over and over and making you my little bitch just like I did to your precious Hinata." He said before once again waving his hand and causing an image to appear. Kurenai gasped as the image came into focus. Her body was on the bed being molested and fucked by five Naruto clones. It already looked like they had came multiple times on her body.

"Wha..What are they doing to my body?" She gasped.

"They're training it while I train your mind. Every guy in the village thinks you're a tight ass with the way you treat men and I know a lot would love to have a go at you. So who knows maybe if my clones finish before we do they could get bored and let some of the jonin have a go at you." Kurenai leaned back in shock causing Naruto to smile, the blond ninja leaned down and kissed Kurenai forcing his tongue into her mouth. The kiss lasted for a minute before Naruto leaned down and whispered in her ear. "Just imagine one of those fat Akimichi fucking your throat while an Inuzuka mounted you like their dogs. Or maybe they will give you to the newest batch of gennin as a graduation present."

"Wh..Why are you doing this." Said Kurenai trying to fight the pleasure that was going through her body and the constellations of stars that had been formed from that kiss.

"Because you were spying on Hinata and me and were going to go tell Tsunade. Because I've heard how you talked about me and men in general. And also because you are very very beautiful and I want you." He said.

Kurenai felt like her mind was going to break from the pleasures of the chains as they slithered in and out of her holes, filing her with a warm pulsing sensation. She felt her body rocking against the chains making them rub up against her most sensitive areas. Two more chains appeared and wrapped up her arms to her hands. She idly started to stoke them, running her fingers over the cool chakra coated metal and stroking down the chain.

Naruto chuckled again as a pleasant look came over Kurenai's face for a moment while she idle stroked the tip of the chain. Her fingers running lovingly over the cool metal, allowing her a little more freedom he was happy to see her move the chains closer to her face and start to lick them.

Naruto allowed her to continue that as he walked down to the end of the table where the three large chains were still pulsing inside her. Without saying anything Naruto grabbed onto the two that had burrowed into her cunt and yanked the long chains out. Kurenai let out a loud pleasant sounding moan as the chain was removed, the shape of the links sending waves of pleasure as they rubbed against the walls of her cunt.

"For fighting so much you really seemed to enjoy that." Chuckled Naruto as he moved between her legs. His large rod rubbing up against her wet lips.

"N..No I didn't you hentai." Said a blushing Kurenai but she couldn't hide the hunger in her voice or the happiness in her bright red eyes. "Wha..What are you planning on doing now?"

"You looked so beautiful getting fucked by my chains Kurenai. Now I want to see how beautiful you look with my cock in your hungry cunt." Said Naruto before slamming his cock into her pussy. Kurenai let out a loud yell and bucked hard against the chains as she felt Naruto's cock invade her cunt. The large rod larger and thicker than the chains that had invaded her. Grabbing her legs Naruto continued to thrust into her, his cock hitting her womb with every thrust.

"What was that slut?" Asked Naruto after a moment when he noticed that Kurenai was mumbling something. Every time he thrusted into her she would bunk against him making her body move in enticing beautiful ways and her beautiful black hair flow around her.

"I've never felt anything like it grind your cock inside me. I can feel the tip of you cock knocking against my womb over and over" moaned Kurenai as her body shook form the force of Naruto thrusting into her. "That's it fuck me harder and harder, teach my pussy and ass the power of men. Cave the pleasure of cocks into my body"

Kurenai was surprised when she felt the chains that were wrapped around her start to loosen and sink back into the table. She started to whimper as they were removed but was quickly silenced as Naruto climbed on top of her, his lips crashing down on hers. This time Kurenai opened her mouth and invited him in instead of resisting.

"What a good little slut, ohh your tight cunt feels so good. Open your eyes so I can see those beautiful big red eyes of yours while I fuck you." Said Naruto as he thrusted harder into her, his balls slapping into her as he rocked in and out of her.

"I lose to your cock. I'm just a cock loving slut who can't hope to win against a good cock." Moaned Kurenai as she came around Naruto's cock. Her tight wet walls pressing hard against his cock as she came. Naruto continued to thrust into her loving the feel of her cunt as it grabbed onto his cock and tried to milk it for his cum.

Growing Naruto reaching down and grabbed her neck, tilting her head back and kissing her deeply as he thrusted into her. Kurenai moaned into her mouth, her body shaking again from another orgasm as she felt her master's hand tighten around her throat. She could feel the walls of her cunt quivering around Naruto's cock as it slid in and out of her faster and faster. Just when she started to think he was never going to cum he buried his shaft deep into her core and his whole body shivered on top of her as he shot rope after rope of cum into her.

"Ohh yes, ohh yes master think you." Panted Kurenai as she felt Naruto cum inside of her. The blond haired ninja slowly moved himself off of the beautiful red eyed jonin. But when he did he could see the sultry look in her face and watched as she slowly moved her fingers down to her pussy, spreading her lips and letting him see his cum leaking out of her. "Every woman loses once their pussy's been conquered. Look I'm totally filled with your hot cum." Moaned Kurenai earning a smile from Naruto. Making a hand sign Naruto dropped the genjutsu and allowed Kurenai's mind to return to her own body and letting her wake up.

"That was a suitable form of payment for this month. But I am still waiting on you to fulfill your promise." Said a dark voice from somewhere in the distance.

"Don't worry you will get more than what I promised. But first I have to do some things." Said Naruto before allowing his self to wake up. Opening his eyes he saw Kurenai laying on the bed, her body covered in her own juices along with the cum from the clones. She already had the seal on her thigh and currently had a collar on her neck, a part of his second plan.

"Wake up slut we're not done with your lessons." Said Naruto walking over to the bed and slapping Kurenai's ass. The woman opened her eyes and looked up with Naruto with a mixture of love and lust in her eyes. "Go clean yourself up and meet me in the hokages office. Ohh also don't put on any clothes, instead I want you to put up a henge making others think you have on some clothes." Said Naruto before turning and walking out.

Kurenai got to the hokages office just in time to see Naruto create three clones and send them off to the city. Seeing her enter Naruto smiled at her before motioning her to come join him at the window. Kurenai walked over, her skin getting goosebumps as she felt the cool air blow over her. As she looked down at the city below them she could feel herself getting wet at the idea of standing in clear view naked.

"Look at all of those people down there." Said Naruto moving beside her and wrapping her in his arms. "All of those people who have heard of the beautiful but icy Kurenai Yuhi, all of those who have probably dreamed of getting to fuck your beautiful body and use you as their cum rag." Said Naruto.

"Now were going to put your reputed mastery of genjutsu to the test. We are going to take the long way home and go on a walk around town." Naruto chuckled as Kurenai took in a deep breath; he ran his hand over her stomach in a calming manner.

"But master what if someone sees your slut without her clothes." Asked Kurenai not sure at how she felt about someone other than her master looking at her naked form.

"Then I guess if they can see though the illusion of Kohana's genjutsu mistress then they should get a reward. So I guess you better hope we don't run into someone like Kakashi." Chuckled Naruto before kissing her on the neck and pulling her away from the window. The two made their way down the stairs and out into the street with no trouble. Kurenai was a bundle of nerves as she felt all the people looking at her. Even though she knew none of them could see though her henge she felt like they were all looking at her naked body.

"What do we have here?" Said a male voice making Kurenai jump in the air. Turing around they could see a man a little older than Naruto with long red hair standing staring at them. "Kid how did you get so lucky to be with Kurenai, and why is she walking around without clothes."

'Ohh no someone saw though my henge' thought Kurenai her face turning red in embarrassment.

"I'm sorry but your mistaken this isn't Kurenai" Said Naruto crossing his arms and looking at the guy.

"Ohh no? It sure looks like her." Said the man walking closer to them.

"No, she used to be Kurenai but now she's just a cock loving whore. But you did see though her henge and I did tell her that I would reward anyone if they saw though her henge so how would you like her to give you a blow job?" asked Naruto.

"I would like that a lot." Said the man quickly stepping up to Kurenai and dropping his pants. Kurenai looked at her master with large pleading eyes hoping that he wouldn't make her give this guy a hand job.

"Drop the henge and get on your knees slut. I want you to treat this guy's cock just like you would mine." Said Naruto smirking evilly at her as she continued to look at him pleadingly. Sighing Kurenai dropped down and wrapped her hands around the man's large shaft. It wasn't as large as her masters, and didn't smell as good but she quickly got to the job and ran her hands up and down the thick shaft.

"Ohh that's good slut, your hands are so soft. That's it faster yeah." Said the man thrusting his cock in her hand. Winkling her nose at the smell of the man's cock she started to suck at the tip of his cock, her red lips wrapping around the large head of the man's shaft.

"Ohh yeah suck on my cock whore." Groaned the man as he placed his hands on her head and pressed her harder against his cock. Kurenai gagged as the man's cock was thrust down her throat as the man continued to thrust harder against her. "Ohh yeah she's good at sucking cock, is it ok if I cum on her face?" asked the man looking over at Naruto.

"Ohh yeah she is a cum loving slut she loves to have her face covered in cum." Said Naruto as the man just turned around and smiled at Kurenai before letting out a loud grunt and started to cum in her mouth. Kurenai slammed her eyes shut as the man pulled out, the hot cum landing on her face and hair before running down her cheeks.

"Thanks man that was just what I needed." Said the guy before pulling up his pants and jumping off into the distance. Kurenai looked up pleadingly at Naruto, the man's cum dripping off her face.

"Ok put the henge back up and let's get going." Said Naruto.

"But I don't have anything to wipe the cum off with." Said Kurenai taking her hands and trying to wipe the sticky cum off of her, Naruto just chuckled at her and waited for her to try and wipe off the cum. Once she had gotten most of it off he made her stand up and they quickly made their way through the village.

Kurenai kept on a watch for any other person following them and didn't notice as Naruto took them around to the back of the Ninja academy. They had just made it to the large tree at the back of the school when she saw a kid wearing his new headband come from behind the tree. The two of their eyes met each other before the kids opened wide as saucers and blood started to dribble from his nose.

"Wh..wh..why are you naked." Asked the kid.

"Because she lost a bet." Chuckled Naruto looking at the kid, he kind of looked like Naruto when he was a gennin except for his short brown hair and bright brown eyes. "But since you were able to see though her henge I think you should get a reward, don't you Kurenai?" Asked Naruto.

"Y..Yes Naruto-sama, I think any gennin who could see though my henge should be rewarded." She said getting down on her knees in front of the kid. Leaning forward she placed her hand on the kids face and pressed her lips to his. The kid was slow to respond the kiss, but once her got over the shock her wrapped his arms around her neck and allowed her to deepen the kiss.

"Hey kid are you a breast or ass man?" Asked Naruto once the two had broken apart from the kiss.

"A B..brest man ninja-san" Said the kid trying not to blush from the kiss.

"Then how about as a reward I let you play with my girlfriends breasts." Said Naruto and watched as a large smile spread across his face. Kurenai bent forward again and kissed the young gennin, her fingers running though his brown hair as she led the kiss, deepening it. She could tell the kid was shy and slightly nervous so deciding to take the lead she grabbed his hands and placed them on her breasts.

The kid was quick to play with her breasts, his hands massaging her tits and squeezing them as he kissed her. "Mmm you're such a good kisser. What did you say your name was?" Asked Kurenai as she pulled back from the kiss, a small line of saliva connecting between their lips.

"T..Tavi." Said the gennin trying not to blush as he felt Kurenai's hands trail though his hair and then down his chest.

"Well you are a very good kisser Tavi." Said Kurenai leaning back towards him and sucking on his lip until he opened his mouth for another kiss. Letting her hands continue to trail down she eventually got to his pants and was surprised to find the large rod hidden in the boy's pants. As her fingers brushed over his cock she heard the gennin moan into her mouth causing her to smile.

"Do you like my breasts Tavi?" Asked Kurenai looking at the young gennin.

"Y..Yeah." Said the gennin still playing with her large breasts.

"I bet you would like to suck on them wouldn't you?" She asked which got an exuberant headshake. Kurenai didn't know where this feeling was coming from since her master said she only had to let the kid play with her breasts, but she was going forward on her own will. She didn't know that it was all part of Naruto's plan and she was acting just as he hoped.

Kurenai placed one hand on the back of Tavi's head and gently guided his mouth to one of her waiting nipples. "Mmm ohh yes that feels so good. Suck on my nipple, ohh yes baby that feels so good." Moaned Kurenai as the young gennin licked and sucked at her large breasts. Moving her hand down she started to undo his pants as he played with her breasts.

Once his pants were undone she started to play with his hard shaft, amazed that a gennin could be packing such a large weapon. Suddenly she got an idea an after running her fingers though the boys hair one last time motioned for him to get up.

"How would you like to fuck my tits as the final part of your present?" She asked, before she could say anything else the boy was on top of her with his large cock laying in the valley between her breasts. Placing her breasts together she watched as Tavi started to thrust into her breasts. Kurenai felt her body getting hotter and hotter as the young gennin continued to thrust into the space between her breasts.

"Ahh I'm cuming." Cried the kid before thrusting one last time and cuming in-between her breasts. Letting go Kurenai looked at the large amount of wet sticky cum clinging to her breasts. Taking one finger she scooped some of it up and tasted it. "T..Thank you for letting me do that." Said the kid and gave her one last kiss before disappearing back towards the school.

"Well you seemed to enjoy that didn't you slut. Maybe I should have approached you after my graduation exam since you seem to like fucking young gennin so much. Now we know why you hate men." Said Naruto smiling down at Kurenai.

"But you still are a young gennin." Said Kurenai earning a smile from Naruto. Apparently the slave seal hadn't taken off as much of Kurenai's personality as it had for Hinata's. Though admittedly Kurenai actually had a personality to take away and she was a master of genjutsu so that might have something to do with it.

"For now, come on we still have a ways to go before we get to my house." Said Naruto holding out his hand for Kurenai. Grabbing the hand the two continued walking down the road, though this time Kurenai kept ahold of his hand and even slid up closer to his side. Kurenai was just beginning to enjoy her walk with her master when she noticed someone following them. Looking over to Naruto she could tell he had sensed it to and they quickly went down an alley.

"So why are you following us?" Said Naruto looking back down the way they came. Stepping out from behind the wall was a large man over six and a half feet tall and built like a body builder with bulging muscles and a mane of reddish brown dreads running down his back. Kurenai could see the muscles rippling under his shirt as he walked towards them.

"I was following to see why your girlfriend there was walking around naked like that. Doesn't she know that's a good way to get fucked?" He said, his eyes raking over her body as he looked at her. Kurenai had to force herself not to shrink back form the stare.

"Ohh she knows, she is a big fuck slut and we were having a little game." Said Naruto.

"Ohh what kind of game?" Asked the man raising an eyebrow.

"We were seeing how good her genjutsu was. She said it was so good no one would be able to see though it even if she went through the whole city wearing nothing. And I told her that if she was wrong she would have to do a favor for whoever saw through it." Said Naruto, "So what's your name?"

"Ronon" grunted the man not taking his eyes off of Kurenai.

"Well Kurenai why don't you go over and give Ronon his reward." Said Naruto.

Kurenai quickly walked forward to the large man was waiting. Getting down on her hands and knees she turned around showing the man her ass before looking back and spreading her cheeks with one of her hands. "Would you rather have this whores ass or pussy." She Asked.

"I've heard how much of a tight ass you are supposed to be so I want to test out just how true it is." He said dropping his pants to the ground. Kurenai let out a shocked gasp at the sight of the large man's cock, it stood over thirteen inches from his body and was twice as thick as anything she had put in her ass before.

"N..n..No it's too big." Begged Kurenai looking back and forth between Ronon and Naruto.

"Shut up whore you are going to like this." Said the man grabbing onto her hips and rubbing his cock between her but cheeks as she tried to squirm away.

"Master please stop him. His cock is going to break me apart." Hollered Kurenai before her world exploded into a world of white pain blocking out any sound or vision. All Kurenai could feel for the next few minutes was her ass being ripped apart by the monster cock being stuffed into her. Eventually the pain in her ass started to fade as she got used to his girth but she was sure her hips would be bruised from the power of the large man slamming into her.

"This whore really does know how to take a cock." Said Ronon causing Kurenai to start to protest but all she could do was let out a loud yell as she felt him thrust in again, even though the thin walls of her ass she could feel it rubbing up against her womb. Eventually Kurenai felt her body start to respond to the man's thrusts by bucking back into him, her hips and hands moving on their own as they helped him to fuck her ass.

"Yes yes fuck this whore, fuck this whores dirty ass. I'm nothing but a cock sleeve for men's cocks." Cried Kurenai now violently thrusting back against the man's large shaft as it fucked her ass. Naruto smiled as Kurenai looked up at him. This time her face didn't have the pleading look but was replaced by a face that said in no uncertain terms that she was a slut made for fucking and that she loved it. Her mouth was slightly open and drool was coming out of the corner as her half lidded eyes rolled back in her head. Naruto smiled as she kneeled there panting like a dog in heat as a stranger plowed into her ass.

"I'm going to cum so much in your ass whore that you are going to look pregnant." Said the man earning an excited moan from Kurenai.

"Yes please fill me with your cum, I need to be filled with your cum." She pleaded looking back at the large man fucking her. True to his word the man gripped onto her tightly and started to cum in her ass. His cock shooting load after load into her body that seemed to last forever. After he pulled out Kurenai placed a hand on her stomach and could swear it was pressing out a bit against her hand.

"Mmm thank you for fucking a worthless little whore like me with your big delicious cock." Said Kurenai before turning around and taking the man's large cock in her throat and swallowing all of it before cleaning out any cum still left in his large balls. Pulling out she let the last bit of his cum hit her in the face, this time she didn't close her eyes as it covered her head and hair.

"You really are a cum starved whore aren't you?" Said Naruto looking at Kurenai's pleased face, reaching up she just took a big glob of cum and sucked it off her fingers smiling at him the whole time. When she went to turn back around she saw that the large man was already gone. Frowning at the loss of such a great cock she cleaned herself off and got back up to join Naruto.

They managed to get the rest of the way to naruto's house without anyone else seeing though her henge. But just before they got to the door Naruto stopped sensing that Kurenai had a question.

"What's wrong slut?" Asked Naruto his voice hard and causing her to shrink back a bit.

"M..Master I was just wondering how so many people could see though my genjutsu. I mean I am supposed to be the best genjutsu user in the land of fire but how can I serve you if I can't even live up to my name." She said looking up with teary eyes at Naruto.

"Is that all?" Asked Naruto turning away slightly and placing his hand on the handle.

"N..No" Shouted Kurenai before realizing what she had done. "I'm sorry for yelling master but I meant that no. Your slut was just wondering why you would allow strangers to use her like that."

"Come inside" Said Naruto opening the door and disappearing into the house. When Kurenai entered she was shocked to see the young gennin along with the other two ninja sitting on the couch. Quickly Naruto whipped around on her and pulled her close, his hand wrapping around her head and pulling her in for a kiss.

"You are right slut I wouldn't let anyone else touch you. And I have no doubt that you are the best genjutsu user in the land of fire." Said Naruto.

"But master what about them." She said before a puff of smoke enveloped the three ninja and sitting on the couch was three shadow clones. They all waved at her before disappearing in another puff of smoke. "Shadow clones." She said filling silly for forgetting about her masters favorite ninjutsu.

"Yes, no one ever saw though your henge Kurenai. I just had those clones waiting in certain spots. In fact you about walked in on them before we left." He Said reminding her of the clones she saw leave the hokages office as she entered it. "And you are right I would never let another man fuck my beautiful red eyed whore." Said Naruto before kissing her again making Kurenai's beautiful red eyes fill with tears of happiness at the news that she still totally belonged to her master.
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