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The New Guy At Work

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Frank is having the worst day, when he's given the task of training the new guy, will it be a welcome distraction? Frerard

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I have been taking a break from TLS because I frankly have a block right now, but I have started this new fiction (it's also on wattpad) and I'd love for you guys to rate/review it for me if you can.

Vikki xoxo

The New Guy At Work.

It's cold, in fact, it's fucking freezing and Frank just hates it. He swears that the weather is like, schizophrenic, or something. He just wants the sun to shine like it did the day before but, he thinks to himself, god has decided to give him the middle finger and make him freeze his ass off as he makes his way to work. Fucking fantastic. 

He gets more pissed off as he walks, his fucking car decided to go on strike and he doesn't get his paycheck for another week, so unfortunately for poor little Frank, it's a fresh and unwelcome mix of getting up at the ass-crack of dawn, and walking two and a half miles, just to make it to his job on time. It's a fucking lucky that he enjoys work, he'd be telling his boss to go to hell otherwise.

Frank yanks his collar up a little more and ducks his head, fucking shitty car, he thinks, shitty car and shitty weather. What's the fucking point? He stops momentarily to ponder his thoughts then sighs and plods onward. Fuck this, he decides, fuck this, fuck that.

Fuck fucking everything. 

God, it would seem, decides to hate Frank a little more and by the time he reaches the record store he works at he's mega pissed off. His situation becoming decidedly worse when Bob, the fucking asshole manager who also happens to be Frank's best friend, tells Frank that he has to deal with closing tonight. He tries to argue that Sarah should do it but Bob just shrugs and says

"She's going on a date with me tonight" and Frank just kind of goes 

"Oh" because Bob has been trying to date her for like three months and he's not going to stand in his way now. Besides, he needs the extra money and Bob would probably just fire his ass.

So Frank just gets on with his work, dealing with the idiots asking which Queen album their boyfriends would be impressed by and that one chick who was wearing a Misfits shirt that Frank complimented and she replied "Yeah! I love this brand, it's so cute!" And he just wants to punch her pretty blonde head off her shoulders.

He doesn't do that though, Frank is a gentleman. 

By the time his shift was originally supposed to end, Frank is too tired to care anymore. He's standing with his arms on the counter flicking through some local music rag when a voice hits his ears

"Uh...hey, are you Bob?" Frank doesn't even look up, he just shakes his head and yells

"Yo Bob! There's a guy asking for you!" and listens as Bob shouts for the guy to go in the back of the store.

It's around twenty minutes later when Bob slaps Frank across the cheek, apparently he'd fallen asleep on the counter again

"Come meet the new guy, you're training him up tonight"

"Dammit Bob! Again? Why can't we just work the way we usually do?" Frank groans as he hops over the counter and slouches after Bob

"Because, asshole, I'm the boss and I say we get some new blood. Besides, he's a cool guy"

So Frank exaggerates a sigh and follows behind Bob with a solemn look on his face.They enter the back room and find the guy flicking through a pile of records, back turned so Frank can't see his face. Bob kinda does one of those fake cough things that get people's attention and the dude jumps like five feet in the air

"Frank, Gerard, Gerard, Frank. Get aquainted while I'm gone and Frank? Be on your best behaviour" and with that, Bob is out the door.When Frank turns to look at the Gerard guy his first thought is 'Holy shit!' Because the guy is like super hot y'know? He's got this pretty face with hazel eyes and real pale skin and his lips look like they were just made to suck- 

Lets not go there Frankie boy.

So Gerard just kind of scuffs his shoes a little and does this kind of fingerwave thing and Frank just blushes because hot guy. Gerard then smirks and Frank's dick is practically jumping in his jeans, so yeah, Gerard is fucking smoking. 

"Hey Frank" Gerard says and his voice is all smokey and Frank imagines Gerard moaning his name and very nearly cums on the spot "Do you wanna get started or?"

It's really fucking hard for poor Frank to concentrate when Gerard is bending down in those fucking tight jeans, is like the guy is teasing him on purpose! And Frank swears, he fucking swears on all things evil, that Gerard is fucking flirting with him and he just can't take much more.

So when closing time comes around and Frank and Gerard go their separate ways, he's pretty fucking confused you know? It's like the new guy is the hottest fucker to he's ever seen while simultaneously being the worst thing to happen to Frank in the whole day. It's not like Gerard did anything wrong but Frank just couldn't even talk let alone do his job. It fucking sucked.

By the time he gets home Frank is royally pissed at himself and so turned on in equal measures. He tries to cool off in the shower but just ends up furiously jerking himself off to the images of Gerard's ass floating through his mind. He doesn't even bother washing himself properly, he just switches off the water and faceplants his naked self onto the bed, where he stays until morning.

Gerard on the other hand is sitting with a sickeningly dreamy smile on his face and his brother Mikey is starting to get creeped out, like Gerard is never that happy, for real. This prompts Mikey to call his brother's name several times before giving up entirely and just smacking him upside the head

"Dude! What is with the fucking paedo smile?" Mikey asks in his most annoyed tone, he's totally freaked by the whole smiley brother thing! And Gerard is just giving him this blank stare like 'huh? What?' And Mikey just throws his hands in the air completely defeated and walks out of the room.

Meanwhile Gerard just goes back to thinking about his new job and the guy he got to work with and gets up to go to his room, jerking himself off in a similar furious fashion to Frank and falling into a peaceful sleep. His final thought being that he was going to love his new job.

The sound of 'Boys don't cry' by The Cure echoes into Frank's ears and he rolls over with a groan to reach for his phone. He knows he should get up for work, he really does, but he figures he could probably get away with sleeping another half hour and just break into his emergency fund to get a cab there. He hits snooze and turns to roll over onto his stomach, moaning as he brushes the morning boner he didn't know he had and instead of sleeping, he humps the mattress and gets up to shower.

In the cab on his way to the record store Frank finds himself frowning a little, the new guy works the evening and Frank's shift ends when the hotties shift starts. The only upside to this is that Frank will still be able to concentrate at work but Gerard's ass, he decided, was a welcome distraction.

By the time Frank arrives at work, Bob and Sarah are making out in the back room. Frank just kind of grunts a little to make his presence known and Sarah does that annoying little giggle that Frank hates so much. She whispers in Bob's ear but Frank hears her and inwardly grins, keeping his moody composure on the outside

"Fine, I'll fucking lock up again if you need me too, I'll do it whenever. I need the extra cash Bob, I'm fucking broke"

"Well I guess I could give you the double shifts during the week and you can have the weekend off instead? I mean, I gotta give you a break sometime dude"

"Yeah, yeah..." Frank waves his hand dismissively "Thanks man" and Frank is fucking happy for the rest of the day, not even the fucking clueless bimbos can break his spirit.

Bob and Sarah leave a little earlier and Frank makes use of the free time by blasting the store speakers and dancing around restocking the shelves. Ready To Go by Panic! At The Disco Echoes throughout the store as Frank sings along and jumps and shakes his ass all over the place, he's so caught up in his dancing that he doesn't hear, or see, Gerard enter the store.

Not until he hears a soft giggling behind him that is.

Records fly in all directions and Gerard just drops to the floor laughing hard, making Frank kick his feet and call him a jerk before laughing himself. He pulls Gerard up off of the floor and punches him playfully then picks up a stack of records and sends him off to distribute them around the store.

It's around eight when the two men are sat on the counter arguing about which Misfits album is best. Frank has decided that Gerard is like, fucking perfect, and Gerard has pretty much the same thoughts about Frank. Gerard hops from the counter and tells Frank he's gonna grab a couple of sodas and vamooses into the back room.

Frank goes to change the disc in the player under the cash register when he hears the bell ring above the door. He stands up all 'Hey what can I get ya?' But ends up squeaking in terror as he stumbles back away from the gun pointed in his fucking face

"I'll take the pretty boy or I'll blow your fucking brains all over the back wall" Frank just kind of stutters and realises that he's pretty much frozen to the spot because, hello? Imminent fucking death in his face and internally panics, this has never happened to him before so he's pretty fucking scared y'know?

Anyway the guy cocks the gun threateningly and Frank closes his eyes and awaits his fate but all that happens is a thud and something lands at his feet. He slowly opens his eyes and spots the gun laying beside his docs then looks up to find the guy on the floor and Gerard holding one of the guitars that decorate the walls of the store. His heart starts fucking hammering and he climbs over the counter to grab Gerard in a tight embrace, fucking shaking against his chest.

He hears Gerard call the cops but he doesn't peel himself away yet, he's too fucking terrified to move. It hits him suddenly, the guy had a gun. The guy had a fucking gun and it was pointed at Frank's head. He could have died. At that moment Frank kind of breaks and ends up sobbing in fear, if it wasn't for Gerard, he'd be dead.

The cops show up not long after that, Frank has calmed himself down so he isn't totally a fucking snivelling wreck when he gets questioned, and Bob comes bursting through the door in a set of pajama pants, an unzipped hoodie and sex hair screaming about his fucking cash register. The cops try to calm him down and he just flips them off and stalks over to Frank and Gerard "Are you guys okay?"

"No, I almost got shot in the fucking face" Frank snaps and Bob kind of blinks for a few moments then suddenly surges forward and grips Frank's shoulders all

"Holy fuck dude, for real?! Shit! You can totally have tomorrow off work, full pay and everything!" Then he gets this totally serious look and says "If he had of shot you, I would have killed him, you know that right? Right?!" Then gets up to stalk after a cop. Leaving Frank to freak out in the corner while Gerard watches on.
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