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God Damn Cock Block

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Frank and Gerard get driven home by the cops and because Frank lives closest to the store, he gets dropped off first. He kind of turns to Gerard in the car and mumbles "Do you maybe wanna hang at my place for a while? I'm kinda freaked out" And Gerard just nods and follows Frank from the vehicle to his door.

They kind of stand awkwardly for a few moments outside before Frank say "Fuck it, lets go to the bar" and so they turn and set off down the road. It's pretty quiet when they get there, a couple of tables with people having hushed conversations and jokes but that's pretty much it. Frank waves at the bartender when the reach the bar and the bartender bounds over happily, his hair bouncing around.

"Yo Frankie! What's up buddy? You look like shit"

"Thanks Ray, I appreciate the compliment..." Frank tells him sarcastically "I almost got killed tonight so give me a Jack and one for my buddy Gerard here"

"Fuck dude! Here, have 'em on the house" Ray says and slides a couple glasses over the bar. Frank and Gerard thank Ray, because manners cost nothing and they're not fucking rude, and go sit in a booth in the corner.

"How'd you keep so cool? I mean that guy could have killed us man!" Frank slurs to Gerard as they down their fifth Jack, drinking was never Frank's strong point

"Because it's not the first time it's ever happened to me, I mean I had a gun to my head once too y'know?" Gerard shrugs and gets up to go to the bar. Frank stumbles after him like

"Huh? What? When?"

"When I was fifteen I was working in this comic store, we were all sitting watching a movie one night and this guy comes in with a gun and holds it against my head until he got the money and left" Gerard explains and Frank just kind of goes 'woah' and they have their next few drinks in silence.

It's around one am when they fall out of the bar, stinking drunk and trying to keep each other upright. They stumble and laugh as they make their way to Frank's place and try to shush each other but they're still making a shit load of noise. Frank falls through his door and Gerard comes crashing down on top of him, laughing and trying to get up.

Eventually they manage to reach the sofa where Gerard calls Mikey for a ride and he and Frank just sit looking at each other. Now all you drinkers will know that alcohol gives you this dumb ass courage and so Frank leans forward and boops Gerard on the nose saying

"You have a hot ass, did you know that? Like I'd really like to fuck that" Gerard giggles and shuffles forward all

"Yeah? Well you have a hot mouth and I'd love to get my cock in there"

And all of a sudden they're really close, like breathing each other in and staring into each other's eyes and it's all too much then they're kissing. It's hot and messy and reckless and Frank is on Gerard's lap and he's grinding down and fuck they're both so hard. Frank sucks Gerard's lower lip into his mouth and bites down gently, Frank's hands slipping under Gerard's shirt and clawing at his bare chest, making Gerard moan so loud and Frank is suddenly unfastening Gerard's jeans and jerking him off.

Frank slides down from Gerard's mouth and off his lap and thrusts a hand into his jeans, stroking fast, he leans down and flicks his tongue over the head of Gerard's cock, keeping eye contact and Gerard almost cums there and then. Frank is just about to swallow Gerard down, his hot breath making the older boy shiver and moan when

Mikey barges in calling his brother's name and screaming when he finds the scene before him. Fucking cock block.

Frank shoots away guiltily and Gerard frantically fastens up his jeans, shouting "Fuck..." "Shit..." and "Go wait in the fucking car Mikey! Oh my God!" Mikey runs out horrified and Gerard gets to his feet, watching Frank as he does the same, and fidgets with his hair. Frank kind of wants to feel the hair in his hands again but just kind of smiles and says

"I'll see you at work, yeah?" And Gerard nods, pecks his lips and leaves, slamming the door behind him.

Frank makes his way to his bedroom and strips off, laying in bed as the evenings events play through his mind. He almost died, if it wasn't for Gerard being a sneaky bastard and creeping up behind the guy, the forensics crew would still be cleaning grey matter fron the counter.

Gerard, he thinks, Gerard's lips, his chest, his taste and his skin, his everything. Gerard is fucking beautiful. Frank slips his hand down over his stomach and into his underwear to finish himself off before he crawls under the covers and sleeps heavier than he's done in his whole life.

The phone rings loud, pulling Frank from his sleep and forcing him to roll from his warm cocoon. He snatches the phone and answers it with a grunt, he's not in the mood for a descent greeting, the motherfucker just woke him up "Hey Frankie? How ya doing buddy?"

"S'up Bob, I was sleeping dude..." Bob laughs down the line and Frank sorta cringes because, hello? Hangover y'know? And tells Bob to keep the noise down. Bob laughs again

"So I take it you and Gerard got pretty wasted last night? It's like three and he hasn't took his sunglasses off or stopped drinking coffee all fucking day"

And that's all it takes for the whole nigjt to come rushing back. Going to the bar, falling out of the bar, crashing through the front door.

Collapsing on the sofa.

Getting close.

The kissing.

The touching.

The almost blow job.

And the god damn cock block.

Frank groans and faceplants his pillow while Bob laughs loudly, says he'll call Frank later and hangs up. Work is either going to go really well the next day or really awkwardly. Either way, he has one day to figure shit out.

To figure out how he's going to face Gerard.

It's around ten when there's a knock on Frank's door, it'll only be Ray or Bob he thinks, and calls out that it's open. He wasn't expecting company so he's just chilling in an oversized pair of basketball shorts and eating takeout from the carton, he doesn't care of he looks gross, it's his fucking home. He does however wish he had have gotten changed when he hears Gerard mumble "Hey Frank" from behind him.

Frank jumps, sending hot noodles down his bare chest, and screeches with the pain. Gerard kind of flails in panic for a second and then drags Frank to the kitchen and sticks a cold cloth on his chest. It's awkward, like really fucking uncomfortable awkward, as Gerard cleans Frank down and Frank has to look anywhere except at Gerard because his lips are calling to Frank and he's trying so hard not to get a boner right now. Like thinking of dead puppies and his old math teacher naked, it fucking sucks.

When Gerard finishes wiping over Frank's stomach and chest with the cloth he kind of leans against the counter as Frank sits on the kitchen table. They're silent for a minute as Frank watches Gerard look around his kitchen, until Gerard says "You have nice counter tops"

Frank laughs because, woah Gerard, smooth, but stops almost as quick as he started and mutters "Why are you here? Did you need something or?"

"Well no...yeah. I don't know, I guess I wanted to say sorry about last night? I mean Mikey said I could have been taking advantage of you without realising and I didn't mean to if I did ya know?"

"Wait a second, you didn't take advantage of me. We were both wasted and I came onto you! If you just came to apologise for that then you've wasted your time..." Frank says loudly, taking fucking advantage! He's not some drunk chick at a high school party Jesus Christ

"Actually there was something else" Gerard smiles and pushing himself to standing up properly "I wanted to tell you that I meant everything I said last night and I would really like to do it again sometime"

Gerard leans in and kisses Frank hard and pulls away with a wink, smirking as he says "Bye Frankie" and leaves. Frank puts a finger to his lips as the door shuts and thinks 'Fuck' because he does in fact want last night to happen again, and so much more. Fucking Gerard, he's a fucking cock tease.

Bob notices Frank's moody disposition at work the next day and does all he can to cheer him up, he even gives Frank permission to close the shop between shifts for a break, Bob never ever does that! He's a badass business man making that money, so this is something real special. Frank kinda smiles then, Bob is a good dude sometimes.

It still isn't enough to pull him out of his Gerard funk and he mopes around being less than helpful and incredibly snappy with the customers, and with that one reporter who came by asking for a victim interview to which Frank replied "Sure, how's this? Eat my fucking shit and get the fuck out"

So yeah, Frank is fucking pissed.

When Bob leaves, no doubt he's going to fuck Sarah, Frank sits behind the counter and glares at the door until Gerard comes in for his shift. He hides behind the register and waits for Gerard to disappear into the back room then quickly locks the store entrance and stalks after Gerard.

Gerard jumps when the door slams behind him and he spins to see Frank glaring darkly at him, it's like so fucking intense and he wants. Like right now. Frank stomps over to Gerard and pins him against the wall, his hands pressing forcefully against Gerard's shoulders.

"You're driving me fucking crazy! You think you can fucking leave me hanging like that? I don't like being teased" Gerard's balls tighten and stomach flips at the tone of Frank's voice, it's heavy and demanding and fucking angry and Gerard has a thing for being dominated. He gulps and looks Frank dead in the eye with a smirk

"What you gonna do? Punish me?" And Frank just doesn't know what to do with that and slams his mouth onto Gerard's. It's rough and almost violent, they're biting at each other's lips and clawing at each other's clothes and pretty soon they're on the floor grinding against each other.

Frank pulls back and practically rips Gerard's shirt from his shoulders, he briefly reminds himself that Gerard's work shirt arrived and so he just tears it off. His lips immediately meet the skin of Gerard's neck and kiss and lick down to his chest, he scrapes his nails down Gerard's sides and bites gently at his nipples.

Gerard is desperately grinding his hips up for some sort of friction but Frank pulls away and takes off his shirt "You're going to watch me get myself off and you only get to touch yourself when I tell you to, got it?"

Frank smiles as Gerard nods desperately, and lifts himself onto the sofa. Painfully slow he unbuttons his jeans and drags down the zipper, locking eyes with Gerard as he pulls himself free. I can be a tease, Frank thinks as he puts on a bit of a show for Gerard, I'm going to have you squirming. He flicks his wrist a little and moans obscenely loud, each stroke feeling like he's about to explode.

He clicks his fingers and tells Gerard to finish him off, Gerard is there like a god damn bottle rocket, flicking his tongue over the head and swallowing Frank down. His tongue is moving fast, massaging the underside and he drags the foreskin up over the head and sucks it in greedily as he pushes it back down. Gerard pulls back to gather the precum from the tip and that's all it takes for Frank to blow his load down Gerard's throat "Fucking swallow it"

And Gerard does just that and stands up, looking to Frank pleadingly and expectantly but Frank just walks over and throws Gerard's new shirt at him as he puts his own back on "Remember Gerard, don't touch yourself until I say you can" And he leaves Gerard standing there like 'You bastard'

Frank keeps bending over and reaching to the high shelves so hos shirt rides up and generally does his best to out Gerard through hell so by closing time he has blue fucking balls and a raging hard on. Frank puts his number in Gerard's cell and calls himself so he can get Gerard's digits, he reminds him if his little warning and jumps in the back of his and Mikey's car. Gerard knows that Frank is only bumming a ride to punish him, he still isn't going to give in though.

Around midnight Gerard is still sitting with a boner and a desperate need to get himself off when his cell phone starts buzzing, he reaches over, sees Frank's number face timing him and hits answer immediately

"Hello Gerard" Frank grins through the phone at him, he's clearly just showered because water still drips down from his hair onto his tattooed chest "Have you been a good boy?"

"Yes, fuck yes" Gerard moans. He can't see it through the phone but Frank is just as hot for it as he is, he's achingly hard and just wants to fuck Gerard like right now but doesn't let it show on his face

"Are you working tomorrow Gerard?" And Gerard just shakes his head as he thinks 'Just let me jerk it already asshole'. Frank can see he's torturing Gerard and his cock twitches

"That's good. How about..." Frank stands from the bed

"You come..." He pans the camera down his naked body

"And play with me?" He hears Gerard groan and pans the camera back to his face "Don't be too long or you'll have to wait even longer to blow your load"

And with that, Frank hangs up and Gerard is out of the front door and in the car, driving like a bat out of hell to Frank's place.
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