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Getting his balls wet.

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Gerard arrives at Franks place.

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So like I said in my leaving note, I'll finish the stories I started first.

Frank hears a screech of tyres in his driveway and grins, he's already text Gerard to tell him the doors open so when he hears it slam shut, he knows who it is. He stands at the top of the stairs and smirks when Gerard spots him, he does that finger thing and beckons Gerard to follow him and goes to his bedroom.

Gerard like sprints up the stairs because, sex, and squeaks when he's unexpectedly slammed into a wall. Frank is staring up at him all wild eyed and hungry and Gerard is just wow, hot as fuck. Frank keeps giving him this intense fucking stare as his hand travels down Gerard's chest and Gerard feels like he's fucking glued to the spot, like Frank has magnetised him and he's trapped.

"Still nice and hard for me, huh?" Frank laughs darkly as he squeezes Gerard's dick through his jeans "I'm going to have some fun with you"

And suddenly their lips are together, moving fast and hard and with the passion of a football fan during the big game. They're stumbling toward the bed and Frank is frantically yanking at Gerard's pajama pants and underwear, because he wants them off like right fucking now. Gerard shrugs off his jacket as he almost trips on his pants and Frank is all 'fuck yeah, he didn't wear a shirt!'

They collapse heavily on the bed and Gerard kicks the clothing from around his ankles as their lips collide again, and yes, skin on skin feels like fucking heaven. They grind against each other as Frank reaches over to his bedside table, accidentally knocking his phone and dialling someone, and grabs a cock ring for Gerard, the guys been hard all fucking day!

Frank don't want no limp dick when they're fucking.

Frank slides it down to the base of Gerard's dick and clicks it in place, laughing at Gerard's moans of disagreement. Frank suddenly snaps into this fucking dominatrix mode and commands Gerard to get on all fours, spanking him as he does so. Gerard is taken by suprise but holy shit, he's never been hotter for someone before, like fucking pound me into the matress already. Fuck. Frank spanks Gerard harder again and grins as he gasps

"You want me to fuck you? You want me to let you come? Fucking say it! Tell me how bad you want it, I want you sounding like a fucking whore" Franks says and Gerard is kinda like what the fuck? But also he's really fucking digging Frank right now.

"I want you to fuck me hard"

"I know you can do better than that!" Frank groans loudly and spanks Gerard a third time "I can always send you home and you'll have to wait even longer to get off? Or do you like being punished you little slut?"

And yes, fucking sweet jesus yes, Gerard loves feeling like a slut so of course he does his best to please Frank.

"I want to feel every inch of your dick in my ass, I want to feel stretched and so full and I want to feel your nails digging in my skin as you fuck me hard and fast. I want you to spank me again"

Frank grins and leans down to flick his tongue over Gerard's earlobe "Good boy"

Frank begins walking around Gerard, running a teasing hand up over his ass and across his back, then gripping his hair tight and yanking back his head to plunge his tongue into Gerard's mouth. It's rough and wet and holy shit Gerard wishes he could cum. Frank pulls away and laughs darkly

"I'm going to make you feel so good" Then Frank disappears from Gerard's line of vision and Gerard is thinking 'fuck me already' but instead he feels hands spread his ass cheeks open and a hot tongue press to his entrance. Gerard jerks forward all, woah unexpected, and Frank gives a breathy laugh making Gerard's knees shake and a shiver to spark up his spine.

Frank presses his tongue flush against Gerard's hole again and uses his thumbs to spread him wider, licking and suckling at the entrance while Gerard writhed beneath him. In fact, Frank was so lost in opening up his lover that he didn't hear a voice shouting "Frank! Dude, no!" From somewhere beside the bed.

Frank replaces his tongue with two fingers, thrusting them straight inside and scissoring them so he could get his curious little tongue inside to flick over the inner walls. He moans and slips his hand down to squeeze the base of his dick, because Frank is a fucking slut for rimming, and he doesn't want to come on the spot.

Gerard groans in an equal amount of intense pleasure and pain from being stretched, he's feeling dirty and so fucking debauched and it's the best feeling he's ever had in his life. Like this hasn't happened to him before, sure he's fucked guys but he's never been made to feel so vulnerable and dominated, so downright filthy, and fuck yeah he loves it.

So Frank knows Gerard is loving it and he, being the fucking tease he is, decides to up the game a little. He reaches over to the bedside drawer and grabs his toy from inside, sucking and licking at the dildo before, without any fucking warning whatsoever, shoving it inside Gerard and switching it on. Gerard rocks back onto it as Frank moves it around, angling to find Gerard's prostate.

Gerard's eyes snap open and a stream of profanities turns the air blue and yeah, Frank found it, so he lays on his back and positions himself beneath Gerard, flicking that hot tongue over the head of his lover's cock and watches as Gerard grows breathless with the sensation tearing through his body.

Gerard can barely keep his balance, what with the vibrator in his ass and the mouth swallowing his cock down, he's fucking quaking with the intensity. And Frank has decided that the taste of Gerard's cock is his new favourite thing, and he numbs as he takes him all the way in again until the cock ring clinks against his lip ring.

"Oh my god..." Gerard gasps out because Frank is using his elbows to force Gerard's thighs further apart and his hands to grip the soft cheeks of Gerard's ass, pulling him further down so Frank can take as much as he can. Salty precum leaks down Frank's throat and he laps desperately at the underside of Gerard's cock to taste every fucking inch of it.

Frank's own cock is fucking aching for release and he knows he needs to fuck Gerard like right now or he's gonna blow his load without getting his dick wet. He pulls his mouth away from Gerard's pulsating cock and removes the vibrator, spitting on his palm as he positons himself behind the desperate man on the bed.

Gerard feels Frank's fingers grip his hips to steady him and oh-so fucking slowly push in, and Frank is like, so much bigger than the vibrator making a stream of the most obscene moans slip from his lips as the stretch of his asshole blends with the intense electricity shooting and sparking over his nerves and skin. Every single movement and touch is oversensitive and Gerard is sweating, his head is fucking swimming and he doesn't know how much more he can take.

Then Frank is pulling out and slamming back in again, pausing with every thrust to grind against Gerard's prostate. It's almost painfully good and Gerard has to practically beg Frank to just pound him into the bed springs. Frank, being the gentleman he is, complies and slams hard and fucking recklessly into Gerard. His fingernails are digging so hard into Gerard's hips that he's drawing blood and he's slamming so hard that Gerard lurches forward on each thrust.

And yes, holy fucking shit yes, Gerard likes it, he's feeling fucking bruised and so fucking dirty and when Frank grips his hair to pull him back and lick over his neck, he's decided that Frank is the best fuck he's ever had.

So it comes as a bit of a shock when Gerard is suddenly flipped onto his back and Frank is on top of him, barely giving him time to breathe before their lips are together and his leg is hooked over Frank's shoulder. Frank wastes like, zero time, in getting back inside Gerard while one hand rubs over his nipples and fuck Gerard is breathless.

Frank is slamming hard again and the whole fucking place is filled with moans and the sound of skin slapping against skin and pretty soon Frank needs to blow. He moves his lips to Gerard's neck as he fumbles with the cock ring, tossing it to one side and just letting go. Gerard takes about six seconds to blow his load, shooting rope after rope of hot cum over his, and Frank's, stomach and chest.

Gerard clenches so tight around Frank that he cums hard inside, not even being able to thrust because of the grip Gerard's ass has on his cock. It feels like fucking forever before the both stop and breathe heavily, Frank just rolls of and tries to stop the fucking shaking. His lover is laid beside him feeling like he's just had the best orgasm of his life and that he could sleep for a fucking month. Frank is good.

They're both silent after, just staring up at the ceiling when Gerard shifts and tries to stand but his legs are still quaking and he has to sit down again. Frank rolls over and wraps an arm around Gerard's waist, nibbling at his neck and stroking a hand down his side.

"You're staying here tonight, I don't want to find out that I fucked you so good that it caused an accident." And Gerard just kinda laughs and leans into Frank's touch.

"Alright dude. Man, that was the best fuck I've ever had" Frank grins because, yeah he knows what feels good, and pulls Gerard under the covers

"Then you'll be up for doing it again sometime?" Gerard yawns and says 'fuck yeah' as his eyes begin to droop. He curls up and lets the sleep take over, humming in content as Frank wraps an arm around his waist.

Both men are about to sleep when they both hear a quiet voice scream "Frank?!" And Frank gets up to investigate, Gerard picks up Frank's phone and kinda pales because that is his boss' name on the screen. He places the reciever to his ear and mumbles a 'hello' and Bob shouts "Tell Frank that I want to see him tomorrow at the shop!" And hangs up.

Bob has a thing about in-work relationships and has fired people for it before, it's okay for him because he's the boss, but Frank knows, he fucking knows, that if Bob heard that it was Gerard there, he was losing his fucking job.

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