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Decisions, Decisions.

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"Just deny it was me, okay? Trust me dude" and Frank just sighs and agrees, just to shut Gerard up, and offers a half smile when Gerard beams and kisses his cheek before he disappears out of the di...

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Frank is nervous, actually that doesn't even cover it, he's fucking terrified. The only reason he'd landed the job at the record store in the first place was due to his extensive music knowledge, he didn't have the grades to get him a job somewhere else. If he lost this job, he'd be completely fucked.

It keeps him awake all night, the panic about losing everything, he's got bills and rent to pay and he can't exactly move back home, his parents moved to Italy a year ago. His mind ends up following a tangent of Frank and Gerard becoming hobos and he just can't deal with that, he needs to shower! He doesn't want to spend the rest of his life smelling like big foot's ass crack, this thought almost brings him to tears.

Gerard tries to calm Frank down, all night and the next morning, but its impossible. Frank has decided his fate is sealed and there's no way to stop him freaking out. He sits all night talking to Frank, making him laugh, or at least attempting to, and making him coffee. Frank barely even responds to Gerard's conversation starters, he just seems to stare wide eyed at the wall all night. Nevertheless, Gerard soldiers on and takes Frank to a diner for breakfast before he has to make his way to the store, it feels like the last meal of a condemned man.

Frank absent mindedly munches on his toast as he stares into the black abyss of his coffee mug and groans, how could he have been so careless? It's the first time anything like that had happened and unfortunately it had been with Gerard, he swears God hates him or something. So he's wallowing so much he doesn't hear Gerard rambling to his brother on the phone, and only looks up when Gerard slams his palms down on the table.

"Frankie, trust me. Deny everything."

Frank just gives him this 'alright crazy person' look and points out that he can't deny that Bob in fact heard the whole sex thing and that Bob isn't that dumb, Gerard just kinda waves his hand dismissively and stands, chucking a few bucks on the table as he does so

"Just deny it was me, okay? Trust me dude" and Frank just sighs and agrees, just to shut Gerard up, and offers a half smile when Gerard beams and kisses his cheek before he disappears out of the diner.

Frank watches through the rain spattered window as Gerard jumps in the car and bails down the road, he kind of hoped Gerard would come with him to his inevitable fate. He throws a few more dollars on the table and waves at the waitress as he leaves too, swallowing roughly and shuffling down the slick, grimy pavement to the record store. He thinks for a minute that this must be what death row feels like and then shakes it off, he's being way to over dramatic.

But when he reaches the store and sees Bob flicking through a magazine as he glances through the window, he decided that he wasn't being dramatic enough. Bob has this expression that says 'shit is gonna go down' and Frank' s stomach drops. This is it, he thinks, no point in prolonging the torture. He pushes open the door and treads carefully into the dark interior of the shop floor, cringing as the bell rings and makes his presence known.

"It's about time you showed up" Bob says through gritted teeth as Frank walks into view "You're in big fucking trouble"

"Bob, dude, listen. I'm sorry about calling you last night"

"When you started working here I gave you a simple set of rules, you're the last person I thought would break 'em"

"But it.."

"I heard you say Gerard's name, Frankie! You can't get out of this"

"It wasn't Gerard!" Frank cries helplessly as Bob reads him the riot act about rules and shit "There's more than one dude with that name you know?"

"Don't treat me like I just fell off the back of the turnip truck, Frankie! I heard everything, how can you even deny it?" Frank runs a hand through his hair and takes a deep breath, deny Gerard said, deny, deny.

"It wasn't him, you can't fire me for fucking someone!" Bob barks out an angry laugh and shakes his head

"You're both fucking fired when he shows up..."

"I just fucking told you that it wasn't fucking Gerard! Anyway, you're fucking Sarah?! That's a little fucking hypocritical, don't you think?!"

"Don't fucking push it" Bob says low and dangerously "I don't want to have to kick your fucking ass too"

Bob's anger disappears as the shop door swings open, all smiles for a potential customer, then quickly reappears when Gerard shuffles in with his brother, laughing and shoving each other, unaware of Bob's angry glare.

"Gerard! Get over here now!" Gerard kind of jumps and looks at Mikey as he shuffles over "Frank here accidentally called my phone while he was fucking someone last night..."

Gerard snorts with laughter and punches Frank's arm playfully "Frankie, you dog!"

Bob looks unimpressed and frankly a little (a lot) pissed off "I know it was you Gerard"

Gerard just blinks and then quirks an eyebrow "Yeah, I don't think so dude" and Bob pinches the bridge of his nose and makes this growling sound

"Don't even deny it" and Gerard opens his mouth to speak when there's a quiet voice behind him

"If I may interject here, it couldn't have been Gerard, he was at the midnight movie marathon at the theatre downtown with me last night. We didn't get home until like, six am."

Bob blinks, Frank just stares at Mikey like 'My hero' and Gerard grins at Bob "And you are?"

"Mikey, Mikey Way, I'm his brother and fellow horror movie fanatic" he sticks out a hand for Bob to shake and Bob just stares at Mikey like he's expecting him to crack or turn into a fucking unicorn or some shit but Mikey just keeps this amazing poker face and Bob just can't argue.

"Oh. I guess that you guys aren't fired then" Bob says with a blank expression, like he's fucking confused because he could have sworn Frank was bullshitting him "But Frankie, switch off your phone while you're fucking in future, that was fucking disturbing and next time I will fucking fire you."

Mikey, Frank has decided, is a fucking heaven send.

"But if I find out that you're lying, you're both fired and I'm kicking Mikey's ass, got it?" They all nod and breathe a sigh of relief

"Good, now get the fuck out of my store, you're making the place look untidy"

Mikey and Gerard go looking through some racks to make it look like that's why they were even there, and Frank shuffles to the door, he's like so fucking relieved but still shaken. That was too close a call, he can't risk his job like that again. When he gets outside he leans against the brickwork and digs around for his smokes, lighting up and staring up at the sky.

Gerard is hot. In fact, he's more than that. The dude is funny and interesting, he doesn't just interest Frank's dick, he's like the most perfect fucker that Frank has ever met. But then Bob is the only guy who ever had any faith in Frank, he gave him a job when everybody else wouldn't. He helped Frank find a place to live and gave him shit to put in it, he even took Frank to his hospital appointments when his stomach was fucked. This wasn't even about the job anymore, this was way more personal.

This was a choice between the guy he wanted and his best friend. Shit.

Feeling stressed and totally confused was something Frank didn't enjoy, like usually he was a pretty relaxed dude y'know? So after wandering around for like three hours he ends up at the bar and thinks 'fuck it' and goes inside. Ray's there, as he always fucking is, and he grins as he sees Frank walk in.

"Hey man, how's tricks bud? You look fucked" Frank smiles weakly, plonking himself on a stool and burying his head in his arms

"Alright Frankie, what's going on?" Ray says, sliding a Jack over to Frank. He leans over the bar and pokes Frank on the forehead, making him look up and flip Ray off "I've known you since we were eleven years old so I know when your struggling with something, is it your stomach again?"

Frank fucking wishes it was his stomach, life would be a fucking dream if it was, he'd pop a few pills and problem solved. Unfortunately for Frank though, it has to be his complicated love life and really he just wants to drink away his problem, but talking to Ray might actually help. Maybe. Well it can't make things any fucking worse can it?

"It's Bob and Gerard..."

"Gerard is the dude you were hanging here with a few nights ago, right?"

Frank nods solemnly and lets his head fall onto the bar, Ray just had to bring that up. Fuck, that was a good night. Well, apart from the whole alnost dying and getting cock blocked thing, and thinking about it makes the whole decision way harder. Like, what's so bad about fucking somebody you work with anyway? It's not like your banging on the counter

"So what's the problem? They don't get along or something?" Ray says as he wipes down the bar, glancing at Frank woth crumpled eyebrows

"No, it's because I get on with Gerard" Ray drops the cloth under the counter and leans on the bar, an amused smile on his face

"Well, isn't that a good thing? Unless I'm entirely missing the point here, I thought it was better for people to be friends at work?"

"That's just it! I don't even know what Gerard is, like I don't know what to call him?" Ray physically face palms and closes his eyes

"Don't tell me you're fucking him, Frankie? You know Bob's whole opinion on relationships with work mates! You're gonna get yourself fired!"

"I almost fucking did" Frank groans and downs the rest of his Jack, twisting his face at the burn in his throat "I accidentally did something real stupid last night and, if it wasn't for Gerard's brother, I'd be out on my ass"

"Frankie?" Ray asks with that fucking stupid shit-eating grin he always gives Frank when he does something dumb "What did you do?"

"I- I fucking called Bob while I was with Gerard last night, I don't even know how it happened! He heard literally everything"

And so Ray falls into a fit of laughter as Frank flips him off and leaves the bar.

It's not until later when Frank is watching one of those really shitty made for TV movies that an idea hits him, making him sit up straight on the sofa in a total 'eureka' moment. The dudes on the movie are talking about some guys wife getting upset over potential future robbery plans or some shit and a guy says

"What she don't know can't hurt her, besides, we'll keep it on the down low"

And yes, this is fucking perfect! Frank can have his god-damn cake and eat it fucking too. All he has to do is keep his, he doesn't even know what, with Gerard private and act like they're just work mates. It's almost too fucking easy! So he grabs his cell and shoots off a text to Gerard asking for him to come on over then, just to be extra careful, switches off his phone.

The wait is almost unbearable, and Frank is getting like super impatient, so he decides to make himself look at least a little good for Gerard's arrival. He runs upstairs and jumps in the shower, quickly scrubbing himself down, then wraps a towel around his waist. He doesn't have time to even grab his underwear before a voice calls up the stairs so Frank thinks 'fuck it' and pulls on a pair of black boxers.

Gerard is sitting on his sofa when Frank comes down stairs, just flicking through the tv. Frank calls to him asking if he wants a drink and hears Gerard getting up to enter the kitchen. He grabs a bottle of water, tipping his head right back as he drinks and lets some spill down his chin and neck just to look extra fucking sexy.

"Fuck!" Gerard enters the kitchen and takes in the sight of the freshly showered and almost naked Frank, his cock jumps in his jeans a little and he fucking swears he can hear Frank smirking.

"We need to talk, Gerard. Today was a really close call and I don't know if I can risk it again" Frank says, leaning back on his elbows on the counter. He sees Gerard's face fall and quickly stands, grabbing Gerard to make him look up

"What I mean is, do you want to risk it with me? We keep it quiet, act like less than friends at work but we still have fun..." Frank leans forward, his face inces from Gerard's "It'll be our dirty little secret"

And yeah, Gerard can't even handle the big pretty eyes and the full lips, or the fucking wanting look in Franks eyes and just fucking grabs him, kissing him hard all sloppy and desperate. How could he even resist that? Even though he never planned to resist at all, and he picks Frank up, wrapping legs around his waist and pinning him against the fridge.

Fuck, Gerard can feel how hard Frank is getting, and he needs him like right now, so he stumbles through to the front room and lays Frank on the sofa. Less than thirty seconds later Gerard is in his underwear and crawling back on top of Frank to get some friction on his own cock. The thin material of their boxers is still in the way and so they frantically tug at each other's, desperate for some skin on skin.

The sensation is almost to much for Frank and his hips stutter up against Gerard's, desperate for release and he's moaning like a fucking slut. He's got one hand tugging hard on Gerard's hair and the other clawing down his back and shit, he's close. It's like electricity sparking and igniting every single nerve ending within him and it doesn't take long for him too blow his load over their stomachs and Gerard's dick.

Frank feels fucking spent, boneless and tingling, but he's not done yet. He needs to get Gerard off, it's only fair to return the favour. He flips them over, moving slowly down Gerard's body and flicking his tongue over his chest, paying no attention to the fact he's also lapping at his own cum. Gerard kinda writhes and squirms because, fuck yeah this is the hottest shit he's ever seen, Frank is staring up at him with big innocent eyes and his tongue is fucking everywhere and Jesus it's so fucking good.

All Gerard can do is gasp when Frank suddenly has his lips wrapped around the head of his cock and he grips the sofa cushions with everything he's got, like his knuckles are turning white and his back is arched. Frank takes this as a good sign as slowly pushes down, feeling Gerard's dick rubbing the back of his throat and yeah, it tastes so good.

Gerard is on the very edge of his orgasm already, just from the sight of Frank sucking his own cum from Gerard's cock, his lips stretched thin and oh god it's an image that's going to be at the front of his spank bank forever. Gerard's hips twitch upwards and Frank just takes it, allowing his mouth to be fucked and he feels so fucking dirty, but in the best kind of way.

Suddenly Gerard has lost all control of himself and he's gripping Frank's hair tight, crying out as he shoots his load straight down Frank's waiting throat. He slumps breathless and spent, breathing heavy before he looks at Frank with his swollen lips and the cum dripping down his chin and he can't help but to lean forward and lick it off. Frank grins and pulls Gerard into a brief kiss muttering

"God, we're disgusting."

Later when they're both cleaned up and chilling on the sofa, Gerard takes a good look around the room. It's pretty average, the usual shit dotted around, but then he spots the pictures. There's some of who he assumes is Frank's mom and dad and some of what appears to be his grandparents. His eyes fall across the framed photos over the mantle and he gets up for a closer look. Frank is there on all of them, some are at the bar and others are at the beach but he also notices something else.

Bob is in all of them too.

One of the photos is Bob tackling Frank on the beach with Ray from the bar standing by laughing, one is the guys huddled together raising their drinks, there's even one of Bob hanging with Frank's parents and slowly Gerard's stomach drops. He knows they aren't dating, Bob is with Sarah and he's definitely straight. No, this is much fucking worse, they're best friends. Gerard swallows hard and turns to a curious looking Frank, he can't do this.

Gerard feels trapped all of a sudden, this isn't just about a job, this is about a friendship. Gerard can't come between that, he knows what losing your friends feels like, and he sure as shit ain't letting Frank risk it. He can't handle knowing it'd be his fault if it all came crashing down. He refuses to be that guy, he doesn't want to be the asshole. Something tells him that he's going to want more if he and Frank keep up this thing they got going too, and he really doesn't want to end up hurting either.

"Gerard? Are you okay?" Gerard looks like he just saw a fucking ghost and it's pretty fucking scary

"We can't do this..." Gerard mumbles staring wide eyed at Frank "I'm sorry"

"Can't do what? You're scaring me a little Gerard" Frank steps forward and reaches out a hand, Gerard bats it away and stumbles a few feet back

"This! Us! Whatever the fuck is going on here! I just can't!" Frank's flinches away from Gerard like he's about to get burned, a dark look filling his features

"Why the fuck not? It's not like you're risking anything!"

"That's the fucking point, moron! You aren't just risking anything, you're risking everything!"

Frank blinks, he's completely shocked at that. Why is Gerard so bothered about it anyway? It's not his fucking risk, he doesn't have to worry about the consequences of everything! It's not like he cares anyway, it's just a fuck! Frank takes a moment to control his anger before he voices those exact thoughts to Gerard.

"Yeah, maybe we are just 'fucking' but if I can't help thinking that I could fall in love with you and then we'd be in real fucking trouble!"

Silence falls then and they just stare at each other, Frank doesn't even know what to say and Gerard feels like he's said far too much. It's so fucking excruciating just standing there so Gerard grabs his keys and kisses Frank on the cheek, leaving with a simple and quiet

"Bye Frankie, I'll see you at work."
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