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One Of Us

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Frank Iero

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I put in my headphones as I walked down to the training room, like I did this time every day. Breakfast then train that was my daily routine. Sabotage by the Beastie Boys blasted through them causing me to smile. I loaded up the target and hit the button to give it the motion of a human. I was half way through kicking the shit out of the false body when my sense became alert, I inhaled deeply immediately knowing who it was who was approaching.

"Zack" I turned round taking the headphones out. Not that I needed to, thanks to my better than perfect hearing, but I still have my manners about me.
"There's my favourite lady." He smiled as he moved the target away, instead taking its place. "Fancy a one on one" he smirked as I threw my iPod down on one of the matts down the other side.
"Why you really down here? You don't need training, your bodyguards do but not you." I took my place in front of him, just because he's my boss it doesn't mean I'll go easy on him.
"See this is why I love you being part of our family. You're so…subtle." He laughed as he rolled up his expensive shirt sleeves. "But you are correct, I don't train, I do, however, assign clients and honey you've just got your next one." He smiled brightly at me.
"No I don't think so. I've done my fair share when I went on my last one." I glared at him.
"How about I do you a deal?" He smiled again. "Who ever wins this match when the bell goes off chooses the fate of you and this task?" He walked over to the bell setting the timer for two and a half minutes, pressing the start button instantly. I stood waiting for him to make his first move. One thing I've learnt being in this business, never attack first. You can tell a lot from which move a person plays, they tend to use their strongest attack first. I felt him grab me from behind locking my arms into my back. A move he had seen me get out of many times, always the same way, flip back so I'm sat on the front of his shoulders, squeeze thighs around the head and pull the hair till they fall down. Knowing he would have planned this I tried a different method I'd been practicing. Wrapping my leg around his my strong grip easily caused him to fall down, pulling me back with him. I flicked my head back making sure to hit him in his nose causing him to release my arms, kick him so he's across the room on his front face down in the matt. Finally, I grabbed his ankle squeezing so tight as I pulled his legs right back as though I was trying to fold him in half, sitting on top of them to keep them in place. Just then the bell went off causing me to smirk, "have fun finding someone else." I tapped him on his back, getting up and walking over to my iPod and water.

"You do this one and I'll let you out, early. I've got no one else Blake that I know can do this I'm desperate." His voice came from the side of me as I looked down at my scarred wrists from my last job.
"You promise?" I looked up at him subconsciously holding my wrists, as if I could still feel the pain. He just nodded getting the case file. "No say it." I demanded a little more menacing then I intended.
"I promise." He looked at me for a while before handing me the file. "Frank Iero." He spoke as I picked up my stuff. "Oh and Darling," he waited until I stopped walking, "he's one of us."
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