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Blake needs to make her move on the target

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I sat in the small bar waiting for my target to arrive. I’d done as much research on this Frank Iero as I could and I had discovered that this is the bar where he meets his clients, every Tuesday without fail, at eight o’clock. I sat in the booth with my back to the door, giving me chance to see any new customers walk in through the old mirrored pictures on the wall, as well as my perfect sense of smell, there was no way he was escaping from me. Tonight I was going to finish the job and get out of this business once and for all.

I saw him walk in, holding the door open for my best friend and he entered. My eyes flashing as my senses became extremely sensitive. It’s a weird feeling when you know you need to take another’s life, often in the most brutal of ways, your whole body and senses know exactly how to respond even by just a mere mention of their name.
“Hey you.” The familiar voice came from the side of me as I looked up my best friend smiling, my eyes going back to their normal ice blue colour. It’s not that what I was was a secret from Anna, far from it - she had accepted it the moment I returned home as though I had never changed, it was the fact that I didn’t want her to be in a position where she could doubt my ability to control my urges and instincts.
“Hey, how was work?” I smiled up at her as she sat down pulling out her sketchbook she carried around all the time.
“Long, hard and tedious.” She looked up at me, a small smirk playing on her lips as waited for me to get the second dirty meaning.
“First of all, that’s disgusting,” I glared at her playfully, “second of all, do you want your usual?” I smiled, knocking back the rest of my drink whilst shuffling my way out of the booth watching her nod sd dhr continued to set up her work. I walked over to the bar slowly pulling down my check shirt so that it wasn’t crumpled as I waited for the bartender to notice me stood there.
“What can I get you Darling?” He worked over smirking at me, a trick that probably got him laid almost every night.
“Coke no ice and red stag and coke with ice.” I spoke abruptly, staring him out, almost daring him to carry on his ‘tricks’. He quickly scurried off to do the drinks without a moment of hesitation causing me to smirk, running my tongue along the tips of my teeth.
“Wow I’ve never seen him work so quick.” A voice came from the side of me, my instincts instantly on high as I recognised his smell, from his house. I took a moment to force myself to compose, as not to give myself away before turning to him smirking.
“Yeah well I need a drink, and hate people calling my darling.” I smiled, looking up at the small height difference between us.
“Well it clearly worked.” He smiled staring down at me. “Frank Iero.” He held his hand out for me to shake.
“Blake Darling.” I took his hand slowly to shake, a jolt coming from the connecting flesh causing me to pull my hand away quickly. “I’m so sorry, I just got a shock.” I laughed as I rubbed my hands together purposely diverting my gaze.
“That’s ok, it’s probably off me. Lots of static where I work you see.” He smiled as the bartender hurriedly brought my order over as I smiled politely at Frank. I started to pull the money out of my back pocket before noticing him putting his hand up. “Put them on my tab Jay.” He smiled as the tender nodded going over to the fridges.
“Oh thanks.” I smiled looking up at him, “I should get going back to my friend.” I smiled picking my drinks up.
“It’s ok, my mates paying for them anyway,” He shrugged “that’s what he does when he likes someone.” He smirked looking at the guy he was sat with, them at Anna, then back at me smirking.
“Well I’ll make sure to tell her.” I smirked walking off, with an unintentional sway of the hips as I felt his eyes burn their way through my back.

“Can we go to one place where you don’t scare somebody please?” Anna laughed looking up at me, the smile quickly fading. “What is it? Are you hungry? Do we need to go?” She asked the usual questions as I slide her drink to her, sliding back to my seat.
“No no I’m fine, just” I paused watching Frank through the mirror returning to his seat “fine” I quietly said not really paying attention. “This is from the guy at the bars friend. He likesssss you.” I smirked stirring the straw round my glass of coke as Anna leaned out of the booth the see the red haired pale guy smile and wave at her.
“He’s cute. What vibes are you getting off him?” She looked back at me quickly, her cheeks reddening. This is what I loved about Anna she accepted me that much, that she wanted me to suss out her potential suitors for her. Which of course I was more than happy to do in order to protect her, from my kind.
“He’s one of me, not a natural redhead,” I smirked looking at her as she glared at me as I gave a deep breath in through my nose, “he smokes, drinks a lot of coffee and is clearly involved in art. He stinks of marker and paint fumes.” I said pulling my face. “He seems like a good one from what I’m picking up.” I smiled taking a drink from the straw, aware of the attention we we’re getting from their booth. “I’m just going to freshen up.” I smiled as I walked out towards the back of the bar towards the restrooms. The way to them were through some dark narrow hallways the twisted and turned, noticing the restaurant at the other side and the function room as I passed, quickly aware I was being followed. I turned a corner quickly and waited for him to follow before pushing him up against the wall, knee resting against his belly button, hands around his neck.
“So you are who I think you are.” He smirked, his pearly whites making an appearance as I took in the length of his fangs. Zack failed to mention his stature when he assigned me the job. “It’s not often you buy the person sent to kill you a drink now is it?” He smirked, his hands finding his way to my waist, the shock coming again making me jump back in surprise.
“You didn’t buy it me, he did.” I snarled watching him as his smirk grew. I stared at him before I quickly realised why his smirk grew and set off running back to the bar, finding the redhead sat in my place talking to my dazed best friend smirking straight at me.
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