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Twilight Eve

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Her star shone bright silver and gold in his hands. It didn't burn him. Didn't blind him. And he didn't know if he wanted cling to it for life... or chuck it away for good. They had left him. With ...

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Thanks all who reviewed. And yes the answer was a fish. This is a smidgen of information compared to the two previous chapters, it's more of me trying to overcome writers block. I swear writers block came out of Pandora's box! Stupid Pandora! In the immortal words of Neil, "You gods are so twisted. Here's a present, but don't open it. Here's an apple, but don't eat it!" Next time take the advice! Anyways, I hope you enjoy this chapter; I added description and tried to evoke emotion. I also hope you like it because in the next chapter you will probably hurt me with sticks, pointy objects or rotten fruit. Oops I said too much! Warning! It my contain my attempt at poetry. -Nuuoa Eclaire

"I wonder what it would be like... To leave you... to really leave you..." -Theresa


A full moon rose in the sapphire sky. Tall majestic trees were barely visible in the night, as the full twilight moon hind behind the clouds. An endless games of hide and seek. Then the moon shone against the fading clouds... fading like 'her'. A light broke through the veil and streamed in on a tired males face. He took another heart wrenching step. Pain. Now he truly knew pain. And this was coming from a hero who had faced and defeated death. But death and the death of a heart are completely different. Everyone says only heartache can be slaughtered. And slaughtered is an appropriate word. They say death can never be beaten. But for Jay, it was opposite.

Fireflies waltzed through the night, dancing to the unheard music of the stars. 'Stars,' Jay thought looking at the dreamlands night sky.

'True and bold. Glittering stories untold. Beautiful and confusing. You can never begin choosing. Near and far. See this my son, this is a star.'

That's what his mother had said when he asked what they were, these strange and wondrous things. Sometimes he could never keep his eyes off them. But they held none of his attention tonight. He was only concerned with one. It was 'her' star.

Her star shone bright silver and gold in his hands. It didn't burn him. Didn't blind him. And he didn't know if he wanted cling to it for life... or chuck it away for good. They had left him. With those... things... no people! He had finally looked at their dead, screaming faces and had felt so alone. Staring at that hollow child had made him want to scream like Neil. He had felt like he wanted to be a follower rather than a leader for once. It had been heart wrenching. Terror filled and traumatizing.

He shoved the star back into his pocket. She hated him. 'Hated!' He swore under his breath and continued at a fast pace through the dense forest. A soft trickle of water was all that remained of a muddy river.
"You f-f... Girl!" Jay couldn't bring himself to actually say the f word to Theresa. With her sweet smile and sparkling eyes and swaying hips... damn! 'She hates you Jay,' he thought venomously to himself, 'Hates! And don't believe a single word Khalil says. Friend. Ha!'

He stooped down at the river and brought cold icy water splashing against his face. He shivered at the thought of her beautiful emerald eyes. Then stopped. 'Why can't I hate her for more than a minute?' his thoughts twirled. He plopped down next to a firm oak tree and clenched his fists in anger.
"I risked everything coming here! I might die too! Ghee thanks Jay, thanks for risking your life!" He scrunched into a ball, he felt a crying furry. Why did she say it?
"Go back to New Olympia? How? And you'd be one to just leave me here. Only a bitch would do that. Well I hate you! You heard me! 'I' HATE YOU!" he growled at the sky. Jay had never sworn before. Then he looked down and felt a stream of steady hot tears roll down his cheeks.

The small stream was near his feet; it reflected his chocolate eyes back at him. They were sad and angry and pained. He had a tear stained face. He was so confused. He groaned and rested his head sleepily against the ancient bark. A firefly brought a smile to his lips as it drew close. If they had the ability of speech they would probably call him a deranged freak show.

"No that's not true. Theresa can't hate me. And I could never hate her." Then he thought bitterly, 'But she said it.' He brought his hands to his face. "Why did everything have to change? Theresa are you really going to die here all alone? Hating... me?" He looked back at his reflection. And then he saw it. In his eyes. He loved the woman who hated him. He scrambled away and gasped. There was no defying it. He loved that beautiful dying girl. His friend who said she hated him.

Jay threw back his head and yelled in rage once again, "WHY DO YOU MAKE ME FEEL THIS WAY!" Jay continued to yell at the top of his lungs. And then froze and whispered, "Why can't I stop loving you."

Suddenly a twig snapped in the distance. He didn't know what to do, but he, a man, was not going to be caught by anyone with tearstains on his cheeks. It never really bugged him that much before... but now...

Jay scampered up the ancient oak in a rush. He brought his left foot up and fell. The thing was coming closer. He jumped and grabbed the first thick branch, and then hulling himself over he let out a sigh of relief and reached two more branches before he stopped. It was hard climbing in the moonlight. He pushed back the twigs poking at his stomach. Then tried to adjust his eyes to the darkness. He couldn't be seeing this.

Theresa wept. The lights from the moon made it seem like her golden fire hair was silver. She ran over to the tree and sank to the ground. She trembled and bit the bottom of her rosy lip. Her tears glimmered softly in the moonlight and she seemed strangely pale, as if she had lost some blood. Jay's blood became hot at seeing her, then turned cold. 'She's a bitch, she's a b- oh who am I kidding.' He sighed at his thoughts and prepared to jump down when he heard her choked words.

"I can't believe I s-said that to him." She let herself fall to the ground, "But I couldn't face him... not when I'm d-dying! I'm a coward. A bloody coward!" She choked on some more tears, "I'm a fool. Truly a fool. I don't hate Jay. But I'm dying he deserves... deserves..." Her eyes grew even puffier as more tears hit the ground in puddles. Jay couldn't take it anymore her pain. And his joy. She didn't hate him.

Jay fell ungracefully next to his dazed and then startled companion. A look of confusion, joy, sadness and then anger played across her beautiful face. She snarled.
"I told you to go away! Leave me alone! P-please..." she choked when he didn't go away. She couldn't stand being so close to him. Not him. She opened her mouth to yell but the air burst out of her with a crushing hug. She lay there with his arms in a tight embrace around her. She could touch him! It was painful and wonderful. She could smell the old spice on him and feel the texture of his wet hair against her cheek.

They lay there for a while under the stars and splayed on the crisp, damp leaves. Finally Theresa spoke softly, "I wonder what it would be like... To leave you... to really leave you..." Jay chuckled and breathed in a breeze of cold night air, "I'd never."
"Promise?" she sighed.

He pushed her away gently, immediately missing her frame and warmth. She pushed herself back into his arms and said forcefully, "I don't hate you." Jay could only nod, but his heart leapt around and he felt like he was the only one in the world that had her with him. And that the richest man was an ant under his feet. And he ruled with his beautiful queen beside him. Theresa somewhat frowned and then let it slip into a sad smile, 'I guess now I have to live...' she thought.

Jay let go of her and motioned for her to lay beside him. He pointed to all the stars in the sky and they stayed gazing contently for what seemed like hours.
"You know all those things I said before when you were in the tree..." Theresa shifted on the damp ground uncomfortably.
"There's no need Theresa. I know." Jay smiled. She didn't hate him! Then he continued gazing at the beautiful orbs of light. She did the same.
"Why did you say you hated me?" Jay questioned her. She simply smiled to herself, "I guess you'll never really know Jay." He pouted and she laughed for the first in what seemed a long time. Then she stopped and gazed at the sky once more.
"I wonder," Theresa mused, "if the others are looking at the same bright stars as us right now..."

Little did they know that was quite the opposite.


Sorry... I kind of made Jay swear a lot. Oopsie! I hope you enjoyed it. I wish I'd done better, I don't really like it. I'll update Saturday. -Nuuoa Eclaire
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