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the force

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Patrick takes My to the hospital but they learn something shocking.

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guys this beginning may not make sense to you yet, be patient.

I cried all the way home from the hospital. Patrick didn't even know what to say to me. We were about to my house when he finally spoke.
"I have to stay with you, I can't let you be hurt or kidnapped again. And we have to call your best friend, theirs strength in numbers." He glanced at my arm with gauze and medical tape to hold it on used as a band aid from where they took tests at the hospital.
I got out my phone and called Carla's number again.
"Hello?" She answered.
"Hey, can you come over, I'm in some deep trouble. Patrick's with me and I don't feel safe.
"Oh what's wrong? Is everything okay?" She asked concerned. I began to bawl and Patrick took the phone from me.
"This is Patrick, I'm afraid she probably didn't tell you the whole story about Brendon, he's kind of dangerous. Just come on over and we'll explain when you get here."
Patrick hung up and handed me my phone back and helped me inside.
Not long after Carla showed up.
"It's me Carla, not Brendon." She called from outside the door making me smile a little. Patrick let her in.
"What's going on here" she asked.
"It's Brendon he's bat shit crazy." I cried.
"Well, he always has been." Patrick introjected. I began to cry harder, I couldn't stand to hear his name.
"Carla, let's go in the kitchen Amy is pretty sensitive to all this stuff right now." Patrick said leading her away. I checked my phone it was about 7am and the sun was almost all the way up now. They stayed back there a while until I herd
"What the godamned fuck!!!"" Carla yelled from the kitchen,evedentaly she had just herd the worst part of it. Her and Patrick came back into the living room with tears in her eyes.
"You have to call the police." She said sitting across from me in a chair.
"If I did that he would only get time for the roofies and I can't even prove he did that. Any jail time he gets he will only comeback pissed. I want to help him, and now that we have something to use against him the ball is in our court."
"You can't help a psycho." She said.
"He's my friend, I have to help him." Patrick spoke up."
We plotted until we herd a knock at the door. Our heads all turned to the door.
"Shit." Carla whispered.
"Hide, I'll answer it." I said sounding more sure than I actually was. They hurried off and I answered the door. As soon as I saw Brendon's face all I felt was rage.
"Hey babe, I came to check on you. You didn't look like you were doing so great last night." He said as he came in the house. He looked at my face. "Is there something wrong?" He asked.
"Why do I not remember coming home last night or getting in my pajamas?" I asked.
"You didn't feel good and you were asleep most of the time." He shrugged "are you saying you don't believe me?" He asked with a hint of a smile.
"I'm saying I know you roofed me and I have hospital tests to prove it " I said he began to come closer to me.
"Looks like you caught me." He chuckled. I began to get very nervous.
"Don't touch her!" Patrick said appear king in the living room.
"What are you doing here?!" Brendon demanded.
"Sit down Brendon." Patrick answered.
"Amy, why the fuck is he here? What the fuck have you been doing?" Brendon was pissed.
"SIT THE FUCK DOWN BRENDON!" I yelled. He gave me a look that should of killed me but sat down.
"Brendon, your girlfriend and I think you need some help" Patrick said.
"With what?" He threw his hands up.
"With your anger problems" Patrick said
"This is bullshit. Is this your big way of covering up that your cheaing on me? Huh?" Brendon asked.
"She's not cheating on you" Carla said popping into the room and sitting down beside me.
"Brendon, you know you need help. And your lucky enough to have a girlfriend that will stay with you after you get it." Patrick said making Carla look at me in horror for a second. I didn't say anything, Patrick seemed to have this thought out. Brendon covered his face with his hand and began to cry.
"I know you've been doing this for a while, to your ex wife and now Amy, but Amy has something your ex wife doesn't" Brendon looked up from his hands at me. His brown eyes sad and filled with tears.
"Amy is having your baby." Patrick finally said. Brendon's eyes went wide as tears spilled out on his cheeks.
"Please don't take my kid away from me." He begged.
"You either get help and get to see your kid or we can take the proof that you roofed your pregnant girlfriend to the police." He said.
"Okay, I'll get help. Today, I'll do it today." He said.
"God, I'm so sorry Amy" I saw the hurt in his eyes but I wasn't falling for it. "I'm going right now." He said standing up from the chair.
"I love you Amy." He said sadly.
"I love you too Brendon." I forced myself to say and he walked out. Everything was quiet for a while.
"I can't keep it." I finally said.
"Maybe adoption is the best option." Carla said sadly.
"That's not what I mean." I mumbled and everyone got quiet again. Patrick nervously cleared his throat before he spoke.
"It's your body and only you have the right to make the decision in the end. But personally I don't think you should." He said.
"Hey, I'll be back around three, I have to go to work but ball me if you need anything." Carla hugged me and got up and I told her goodbye.
Patrick and I sat on the couch in silence now.
"Thank you. I don't know why you helped me, but thank you." I said
"I had this feeling at the bar, and I kind of know a little bit about his history. I just didn't want you to suffer anymore. Even when I met you at the club with Carla you just looked so sad and beauti-" he stopped himself and I looked at him funny.
"You were going to say beautiful." I said And his cheeks got red.
"well I-I mean, you are... you probably don't want to hear this right now. This is a bad time. I can leave if you want." He said.
"No, it's fine, I don't want you to leave. I don't really want to be alone right now." I looked down at the floor.
"I'm sorry" he apologized.
"There's nothing to be sorry for, your okay Patrick." I said. I looked at him, he looked kind and gentle And warm and after all of this I just wanted to feel that right now.
"I'm pretty tired, would you do me a favor?" I asked
"Yeah sure, what is it?" He asked.
"Would it be weird if I asked you to lay down with me while I fell asleep? I just want to know someone is here with me and I just want to feel cared a bout after all this, its kind of hard to explain." I said
"Yeah, sure, I guess so. I understand." He said.
He followed me to my bed and played down beside me to where there was some space between us. I looked at his light brown hair and glasses until I fell asleep
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