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This is a pretty happy chapter, you should read it.

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When we got back to Patrick's house I just sat on the couch and looked at the off TV screen. Patrick took my bags up to my former and now present room before looking at me worriedly and turning on the TV.
"It works better if it's on" he said trying to lighten the mood and make me feel better, but I couldn't really feel anything right now.
"Why did you follow me to my house?" I asked.
"I knew. I knew from the way you were explaining things to me about him all week. If I would of told you what I thought was going on you probably wouldn't of listened, you had to see for yourself." He said.
"Thanks." I mumbled.
"I know you tried." He said.
"You know he's going to be after us tomorrow if he decides not to take his medicine." I said.
"I think we should go have you file a restraining order tomorrow."
"I'm sorry all of this happened." He said sadly.
"Don't be, it's my fault I didn't listen to you or Carla. I should of, then I wouldn't have to be going through this right now." I said
"I'm sure good things will come of this. It doesn't have to be so bad." He said and I finally began to break down in tears after holding it in since I caught Brendon cheering on me. Patrick stayed silent for a moment and rubbed my back softly.
"Why am I so stupid? I must be just as insane as he is." I cried.
"Its not your fault. All he's ever done to you is lie and manipulate you into thinking he's a good guy and that he loves you. He has deep problems medicine and all the therapy in the world can't fix and he will always be this way. Its never been your fault that he has the capabilities of selling a glass of water to an ocean, and it probably didn't hurt that he was attractive too but beneath all that his brain is just wired wrong." Patrick said.
"I wish I would of killed him, I wish I would of just left him in the basement when he shot himself." I cried.
"I know, but everything will be okay now. You know you could have the life you wanted." Patrick said.
"No I can't, Brendon shot it all to hell." I snifled.
"I know it sounds cliché, but I've always been here watching you suffer knowing things would be so much easier for you with anyone else. I know you don't want me but there are other guys out there willing to give you what you wanted with Brendon and treat you so much better." He said.
"Thank you Patrick" I said giving him a hug.
"Do you want to go lay down?" He asked.
"Do you even need to ask?" I smiled. He followed me up the stairs and I went into his dark room and laid down on the bed and I felt the bed sink in next to me and took a deep breath breathing in his comforting weird cinnamony smell. I could see the outline of him laying down on his side with his head propped up on his hand, he just looked at me silently. I felt a warm hand on my pregnant belly making me smoke a little.
"When does she kick?" He asked patient lay after a moment of silence.
"Randomly. Sometimes if there's loud noises or if she hears talking."
"Does she like music?" He asked.
"She might, I don't know her preferences yet." I laughed.
"Can I?..." he asked trailing off.
"Go ahead." I said. I felt him move from his position from beside me to one near my stomach. I felt my shirt come up.
"Sorry I just-" he said awkwardly.
"Your fine, proceed." I laughed.
He began to hum softly then he began to sing 'life on mars' by David Bowie it sounded beautiful he stopped unexpectedly as he felt the tiny kicks I also felt.
"That is astoundingly beautiful." He whispered up to me.
"I think she thinks the same thing about your voice." I said. He spent a few more seconds down there feeling the little kicks before he returned my shirt to its previous state and came back up to the top of the bed with me.
"She's going to be so beautiful, Brendon fucked up so bad, he would of been so lucky." Patrick said with a hint of sadness in his voice.
"You know, your going to be a pretty great dad dome day." I said.
"I think so too. If I was ever given the chance to have at least half of what Brendon did there would be no way I would ever mess it up. Sometimes I look at all of my friends and band members with kids and family's and I get so jealous, I want it too." He said.
"You're really starting to grow on me Patrick. Hey, if you had a daughter what would you name her?" I asked. He thought a moment before answering.
"I've always liked Ella." He said.
"Do you mind if I steal it? I like it too and I don't know if I want to name her Austin anymore, I just don't know if I can."
"Not at all, that would actually be kind of nice." He said. "I like the middle name Anne though."
"Me too. Then it's final." I said.

I woke up to T-shirt and blue checkered boxer Patrick with his arm around my waste I tried to move it gently and slowly so I could get uo. Until I herd
"Sorry" in a sleepy voice. I turned around to see Patrick rubbing his eyes and yawning.
"Patrick you are the lightest, most polite sleeper I've ever seen." I said making him smile and chuckle a bit.
"Yeah? It's better than your literal butt taking up the whole bed every time we sleep In the same bed." He teased.
"Are you saying I have a big butt?" I acted offended.
"Yes, but I never said it was a bad thing."
"Oh please My body looks like a beached wale right now."
"You probably just feel like one, but all I see is a beautiful pregnant woman."
"Don't get all cheesy on me Stump. When are we going to the court house to file that restraining order?" I asked."
"I'm full of cheese, I can't help it. And were going when ever you can drag my body out of bed." He said.
"I can't drag bodies, I'm pregnant."
"Oh yeah.. well we can go when ever you ask me to get out of bed." He laughed and I gave him a look. " fine, you don't even have to ask." He said then rolled out of the bed. "No let's go get Mr.crazy-pants-Urie out of your life via restraining order." He cheered making me laugh. We got dressed and Patrick let me do his hair before we left.

It took four hours at the court house to fill out the forms but Patrick was his normal patient self as usual.
On our way home Patrick's phone began to ring.
"Hello? Hey what's up? Yeah she's here... no we just got back from filing a restraining order on Brendon, its a long story just come over later... okay, or now... okay, see you in a bit.. I'll tell her...Hey! I herd that!" He said then hung up. "It was Carla, she said for me to tell you to answer your phone, she's coming over and she wants to see me naked." Patrick said making me laugh.
"That girl never let's up." I continued to laugh.
"Please don't say that." He laughed. I looked at my phone and saw that I had over twenty missed calls, only three were from Carla and the rest from Brendon.
"Looks like I have seventeen missed calls from Brendon." I said flatly.
"What are you going to do?" He asked. Without warning I threw my phone out Patrick's open car window as hard as I could.
"That was a very dramatic way to awnser my question." He said but couldn't stop himself from laughing.
"That felt nice." I said.
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