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distance and distruction

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Uh oh.

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Carla and Patrick helped Brendon and I put Austins room together and left. I marveled at it when Brendon walked up behind me.
"This should complete it he said placing an old looking bear on the dresser,
"his name is Stuffster, he was mine when I was little." Brendon said giving me a little smile. I threw my arms around him and stood on my tip toes to give him a kiss.
"that's very sweet of you Bren" I said.
"Let's get to bed" he said and picked me up bridal style and carried me into our room and placed me carefully in the bed.

I woke up the next morning to roll over and realize the bed was empty. I went down stairs but he wasn't in the living room then I peered into the kitchen to see him sitting at the table with a cup of coffee holding his head.
"You okay Bren?" I asked curiously. He snapped out of it and looked at me.
"Just a headache, another wonderful Side effect of the medicine." He said.
"Can I get you some Tylenol or anything?" I asked.
"No, it's nothing I can't deal with." He said. I got in the fridge and poured myself some juice and sat down across from him. He didn't say much but I knew the headache must of been bad. My phone went off and I read the text from Patrick.
"Hey, you want to come over and play some Mario cart?" It said and I got exited.
"Patrick wants to know if I can go over to his house and play Mario cart." I said.
"Wait... are yo asking me if you can?" Brendon smirked.
"I guess so." I shrugged.
"I don't care" his smirk got bigger. "You shouldn't have to ask, just let me know when your leaving so I can work around it if I made us plans." He said.
"Did you make us plans today?" I asked and he shook his head. "But I don't want to leave you here with your headache." I said.
"Its okay, I have some song writing I need to catch up on anyway." He said "have fun" he winked and I kissed him on the head and told him I loved him. I got dressed and sent Patrick a text saying I was on my way.
"Let me in old man!" I pounded on the door.
"Sheesh, it takes me a minute to get here with my old legs" he said after he an served the door. He smiled and let me in I imediatly herd music playing in the living room.
"Is this you?" I laughed.
"Yeah, don't judge. I wanted you to hear some of my bands old stuff." He said as we sat in the couch and he set up the game.
"What's this song called?" I asked.
"Saturday" he said
"You sound young." I laughed.
"I sound like shit." He said.
"I want to hear you sing it." I smiled.
"No, don't make me sing along to my own song." He laughed and handed me a controller.I gave him begging look.
"two more weeks, my foot is in the door" he sand along.
"Who's Pete?" I asked listing to the song.
"Our bass player, he's my best friend." He said
"So you wrote this song?" I asked.
"Yeah, forever ago." He smiled.
"That's neat. I'm playing Mario cart with the older version of the guy on this CD." I said making him laugh."how old were you when you made this CD?" I asked.
"Like eighteen or nineteen I think." He said trying to recall.
"So you've been doing this a while. I can see why your so popular, you have a nice voice." I said.
"Everyone tells me that but I think my voice is so annoying." He said.
"What ever." I laughed and we started the game. After he beat me the first time.
"How's living with Brendon so far?" He asked.
"Pretty good. He had a headache from his meds today so I decide to give him some space." I said.
"I really need to apologize for not giving Brendon enough credit, it seems like he has worked really hard on his problems." Patrick said.
"Don't apologize, I don't think there's been enough time for you to do that." I said.
"So you still a little scared?" He asked.
"Yeah, he hasn't given me any reason to be yet but I still take the gun you gave me every where I go." I said.
"Understandable. He's done a lot to you so it will probably take quite some time to get over it if you ever do." He said.
"It makes me feel like a bad person but I don't know if I ever will. I love him but its hard." I said.
"Let's not worry about it until he gives us a reason." Patrick said shutting down the conversation possibly seeing as it was upsetting us both.

Every morning was almost the same, I'd always wake up to Brendon with a headache and he seemed to be getting more distant because of them so I'd go hang out with Patrick for a few hours and sometimes Carla would come over to Patrick's too. Today it was just me and Patrick, and there was no doubting I was sad over Brendon's distance.
"Brendon still acting funny?" Patrick asked.
"Yeah." I sighed. "I don't know what it is"
"Its probably just the medicine, have you tried talking to him?"
"Yeah, this morning. That's why I didn't come over earlier. He just such of blew me off I'm afraid to tell his therapist in case she wants to change his medicine and he gets bad again." I said.
"Maybe you he's just stressed or something, he is having a baby and engaged and in a band. That's a lot on a guy." Patrick said.
"You're probably right. What do you think I should do?" I asked.
"There's really not much you can do. I'm sure he'll bounce back once you have the baby and stuff." Patrick shrugged.I thought about it and he had been in and out of the studio a lot and balancing every thing else including my crazy pregnancy emotions.
"You're a good friend Patrick. I can sit here and wine to you every day for a week and you never tell me to shut up." I said making him chuckle.
"I told you when I gave you my number I'm the best guy to talk to. I would never tell you to shut up." My phone went off and I got a text from Brendon.
"Hey, when will you be home?" It said.
"Get off your phone and play the game" Patrick teased.
"Hold on let me answer this text from Brendon real quick, he's wondering when I'll be home.
"A few hours, probably around six" I texted back.
"See? He must miss you."
"You think?" I said putting my phone in my pocket.
"Yeah." He said. "Ask him"
"Why? Miss me?" I sent to Brendon.
"Yeah. I'll be in the studio for about another hour but I'll see you when you get home." He sent back.
"What did he say?" Patrick said and I showed him the text.
"You still have time to get home and surprise him, I think he would like that, plus you should take advantage of him missing you." Patrick said.
"You're right." I said grabbing my bag. "I'll be back in the morning." I told him and got up.
"Later Ames." Patrick said.
The whole car ride home I thought about something special I could do for Brendon and I decided to make dinner for him.
I walked into the dark house silently cheering to myself for him not being home yet. I walked up stairs to get changed into something nice. I opened my bedroom door and a horrible scene struck me. I reached in my bag and pulled out my gun then flipped on the light making the scene more horribly visible. Rage spilled through out my body as Brendon and a blond looked at me like a deer in the headlights, I had the gun aimed right at both of them.
"Brendon, who is she and why does she have a gun?" He messy haired blonde said.
"Babe, Amy. Put the gun down." He said carefully getting up and putting on under ware.
"Fuck you Brendon. And blonde bitch, I'm his pregnant fiancé so leave now and your brains won't be all over the walls like this psychopath's is about to be." My voice was as harsh as poison and I meant every word. The blonde scurried to put on clothes as Brendon just watched me. The blonde stepped around me in the door way hurriedly.
"What the fuck I'd wrong with you?!" I shouted at him as he carefully approached me.
"Amy, I-" he was now a foot away from me and had stopped talking when I stuck the gun to the middle I'd his forehead right where he had showed me to a week ago while painting the baby's room.
"You never cared, I should have known! Now you have driven me to the breaking point. Even if I don't kill you right here right now, you will never see your daughter, ever." I said and tears were falling down his cheeks.
"Then do it. Please just do it! I hate myself! I hate everything I've ever done! Do it!" He said.
"Don't" there was a shout from behind me and I lowered the gun knowing who it was.
"I'll just let him wallow in his own self pity until he does it himself. I said and pushed him back so I could go into the room and pack my things.
"You said you would do it." Brendon sobbed. Patrick was now in the room with us helping me grab things and stuffing then into suitcases which only took a minute.
I took off my engagement ring, went over to Brendon,held his sobbing face in my other hand and when he went to apologize I stuffed the ring harshly into his mouth and walked away with Patrick carrying my things to my car.
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