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Amy makes everyone a promise.

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I woke up feeling happy. The morning sun was filtered through Brendons sheer white curtains in his room. I looked over at him and he was already awake, he gave me a sweet smile as I just stared at him. His white sheets that covered his bottom half was the only thing he had on. I looked at the muscles on Hus stomach.
"It's not fair you know." I said "I have yo get all big and round and you get to stay your perfect little self." I said making him laugh.
"You're going to be beautiful no matter how pregnant you are, something about you having our baby just makes you even more beautiful in my mind." He said. I traced his full lips and ran my finger down his perfect nose.
"Seriously, could you be anymore charming or god like?" I giggled.
"I should ask you the same" he said. "I wish you would stay here with me, everything would be so perfect we would have the most beautiful family that has ever existed. Besides We still have all of that baby furniture in the trunk of my car we can spend the day painting the walls in one of the guest bedroom, and we can put the fur nature together, Patrick and Carla can come help too if they wanted." He said. It all sounded so perfect and I wanted it, so I agreed.
"By the way I have to see how my little princess is this morning. He sat up and leaned over my stomach.
"Hey Austin, sorry if things got a little rough in there for you last night."
"Brendon!" I scolded him for the inappropriateness but he just smiled.
"So, mommy and daddy are making your room here at our house and its going to be the prettiest room ever. Daddy has a surprise for you that means a lot to daddy that he's going to show mommy later." He smiled as he felt a kick under his hand. He began to get out of bed and get dressed and so did I he went into the bathroom and got out five pill bottles and took turns opening each one getting a pill out and swallowing it, for some reason this made me happy and sad at the same time.
"Just eating breakfast." He laughed as he took the last pill. Patrick was wrong, he was the Brendon I wanted on medication he didn't seem all doped up or drugged up, he was just himself.
"Would you like something to eat? I'm not too hungry myself because of the medicine, but you need to eat." He said.
The day went by smoothly the only thing I noticed wrong with Brendon was he would just fall asleep randomly and he didn't eat much. We invited Patrick and Carla over to help paint the walls pink and yellow with stripes of grey in the guest bedroom, I think the only reason they did was to see how Brendon acted around me.
"Amy, would you open the grey paint, the one on the left." Brendon asked from his ladder.
I fidgeted with my face mask I was wearing so I didn't have to breathe the paint fumes.
"Sure," I said And Amy handed me the screwdriver to pry open the can.
"This can is awfully lite" I said as I opened it. "What the hell?" I said opening the can to see a few rocks and a bunch of cotton.
"Why are there rocks and what looks like stuffed animal stuffing in here?" Patrick said over my shoulder. I began to take it all out and saw something sparkily sitting at the bottom.
"How about it?" Brendon asked as I picked up the ring. Patrick and Carla looked horrified. I was so shocked. Brendon took the ring and got down on one knee in front of me.
"Will you marry me Amy?" He was smiling a big goofy smile at me but everything seemed to shatter when Patrick muttered "no" as if he was begging. Brendons head turned to him in confusion.
"Patrick, I think it's her decision and if she decides against it then I'll ask you. Be patient you'll get your turn." Brendon joked. I began to cry as I looked at the big sparkling set of diamonds. I looked to Patrick who's eyes pleaded with me. I looked back to Brendon who had hopeful eyes and I shook my head and he got off of his knee sadly. "Why did you look at him before you decided?" Brendon asked me sadly. I didn't know what to say.
"Because I'm sane" Patrick said angrilly.
"I'm better now. You have no Idea how many pills I have to take every single day, or what they do to me just so I can have a shot at my family, you don't know all of the things I've talked about in therapy I never thought I would have to think about again. My mind has been broken down, analized, tested, heavily medicated, sad and lonely for months just so I could possibly have my family. And I'll be the first to admit I didn't deserve it before, but I know I do now." Brendon said still calm. "I can't get mad at all anymore, I don't even think I have that emotion now." Brendon began to tear up. "The saddest part is I know Amy has had a gun on her, I saw it in her bag and I know its for me." He said crying Brendon looked into my eyes. "I need you to promise me if I ever get bad again I want you to take that gun and aim it no where but right here" he took my hand and held it to his head "and I want you to shoot, I don't want you to think about what we've been through or our daughter.I don't even want you to try to talk sense into me, I just. Want. You. To .shoot." he said. Now there were tears in my eyes.
"I want you to promise me the same thing." Patrick said.
"Me too." Carla said also crying.
"I swear." I told them and hugged Brendon tightly. "I'll marry you, Brendon" I said, this time no one objected.
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