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In the middle of the night, intruders come to steal the baby with the blue eyes and raven black hair similar to the color of its future master...

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No Mercy

Ok, after watching the small teaser trailer for Spiderman 3, and thinking about Dark Harry Potter fics, I decided I'll write something angsty! -evil giggle- After all, I think I'm good at it! (: I just love being evil, lol. I hope you like this, and please review! Criticisms are alright, but please... NO FLAMES! Oh, and I'll try not to make it Mary Sue, so warn me if it sounds like it, okay? Thanks, it would be greatly appreciated! ;)

Disclaimer: I do not own /Van Helsing/. I do, however, own my OC's!

Summary: Dracula has something no one thought he could have. An unborn child, that could be easily manipulated to become a instrument to the Count's bidding. Would evil triumph, or could good somehow intervene by pulling the boy away from the poisonous snake?


"Once upon a time there was a century when all things unlikely were believed to be true, and did exist until something disrupted the cycle. No one knows for sure, but some suspected it all ended when the infamous Count Dracula was finally vanquished.

But whispers can be deceiving to the ear. The King of Vampires had not died, for such a man cannot be killed that easily. The strangers that was rumored to have rid the world of the vampire had vanished, as if they were never there from the beginning. The last remaining descendants of the Valerious family had died in the process, but the whole family members were however granted the passage to the Gates of Peter. For even God could not bear to see them in purgatory."

"What had happened that made the truths of the story transform into the lies of a mere, foolish legend? Perhaps maybe it was to hide something or someone, a secret that no mortal can ever find out until the opportune moment...

It was a heir, a new born mortal that was to be blooded in the rightful age and taught by none other than Dracula himself. Innocence was the weakness the Count could use to his advantage. He would raise the child to become the destroyer, a curse upon human kind. All would fear the name and beg for mercy under the child's feet.

And this time, there would be no saviors."

&& ... ... ... ...

The cry of a baby in need for its mother echoed through the house, its tiny hands grabbing for the air as tears slid from the boy's scar less cheeks. Outside, a thunder storm shook, making the baby more frightened. Running footsteps were heard as the mother of the child came to reassure it, cradling the boy in her sweet embrace. The room was dark, and the only light was a candle with a small burning flame. Even in the arms of his mother did the child not stop crying.

"Shh, my child. The thunder cannot hurt us here. Do not fear the darkness, it can do you no harm," the mother spoke as she hugged her baby tighter. Her blue eyes sparkling brighter in the darkness, she took the blanket inside the cradle and started to head for her room, where her husband awaited.

The sudden rumble of thunder crashing outside the house made her jump. She looked at the window and realized it was open, the curtains flailing. Rain and wind blew into the room as if it wanted to take shelter there. "Shh, William, everything will be alright..." the mother spoke repeatedly to her baby. Putting the child into the cradle again, she walked up to the window and shut it, her eyebrows furrowing. She bit her lips in confusion, looking troubled than ever.

"Let us go sleep with your father, my sweet William..." the woman spoke as she came back for her baby and shut the door to the Nursery. But what she did not take notice was one gleaming pair of eyes that glowed frighteningly bright in the darkness.

&& ... ... ... ...

The mother could not stop her little baby from crying no matter what she did. Singing the lullaby lessened the heightened pitch of the cries, but it did not make it stop. What could be wrong? She thought worriedly as she continued to walk to her room. The floorboards creaked beneath her feet. She could hear the rain pelting down up above, and the crackle of lightening made her shiver. As she entered the room, she suddenly got the sense of dread that she didn't like at all. Her eyes filled with fear and worry as she called out to her husband. She saw his back from the corner of the open door where she had left it. "Adrian, love?"

She did not get a answer back, and this made her shiver even more. Taking careful steps into the room, she looked straight at the silent, unmoving back of her husband. Singing a soft lullaby under her breath, the woman walked closer. "Adrian?"

Before she could even call out to her husband, she gave out a anguished gasp as she got a good look at her husband. He lay inside the bed as if nothing had happened to him. The only distinctive damage was on his neck, that bled freely like a streaming crimson lake. Tears filled her eyes as she hugged her baby very tightly. Her eyes widening, she looked around at her back swiftly, feeling a sudden unwelcome presence behind her. The baby in her arms kept crying as she came face to face with a grinning man with vibrant electric blue eyes. Behind him were three beautiful woman with pale skin and gorgeous gowns that trailed down onto the floor.

The woman desperately grabbed for the cross around her neck as she backed away from the intruders in her house. "I command thee to get out of my house, demon!" she cried through her tears. The man grimaced at the small cross.

"You think you could get me to stay away with one tiny little cross, my dear?" the man slurred, and the women giggled like it was an excellent joke. The mother shook her head, her grip on her cross and her baby trembling. She feared, but not only for herself. Her baby was in danger.

"Give us the baby and we'll be out of your sight, madam," the stranger spoke courteously.

"No, you won't steal my baby away from me!" the mother shouted, waving the cross around.

The man chuckled coldly. "I think not, my dear."

Before the woman could do anything to stop it, her only hope was ripped away from her neck, and her baby snatched. The baby was passed onto the three women behind him. The mother struggled to get her baby back, but only bumped into the stranger. The wails of the infant stretched out inside the room, along with final mingling scream of the mother. The stranger finished off quickly as he dropped the still warm body in his grip like a broken doll.

"He is beautiful, Master..." the woman in her pink dress spoke as she looked into the child's face. A woman in a green gown held the baby and beside her a woman in a golden dress nodded in agreement. Dracula smiled as he looked upon his brides. "We finally have a son, my darlings..."

He looked down at his heir and saw innocent, ocean - blue eyes stare back.

It begins here, little one... Dracula thought with a devilish curl of his lips.

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