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Chapter One

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Van Helsing and Carl come to realization that their methods of vanquishing the Count completely may have no succeeded, and Anna's death in vain...

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No Mercy

I do not own /Van Helsing/. I do, however, own my OC's!

Summary: Dracula has something no one thought he could have. An newborn child, that could be easily manipulated to become a instrument to the Count's bidding. Would evil triumph, or could good somehow intervene by pulling the boy away from the poisonous snake?

Chapter One

7 Years Later . . .

"We have a terribly, serious problem, Van Helsing," Carl shouted all too quickly as he fumbled with his scrolls of parchment.

The two members of the Order were inside the hallways of the Cathedral, and sunlight poured down from the windows above. Even then, there were candles lit near the statues of angels and Jesus. Few people went in and out, so it was quite safe for them to talk to each other for a few minutes.

Van Helsing raised an eyebrow, but he didn't smile as he caught the worried look on Carl's face. "What could that be, Carl?"

Carl opened his mouth to answer, but he shut it slowly, looking a little certain. But then, getting a grip of himself, he opened them again and answered this time with a slightly guilty look on his face. "There's been a vampire attack..."

Van Helsing looked surprised to hear this. "But we destroyed Dracula. How can there be a vampire attack?"

Carl fidgeted uncomfortably. "The only probable reason would be that we didn't destroy Dracula . . . or maybe not completely, anyway." Van Helsing bit his lips at hearing this.

"So Anna . . ." Van Helsing began, his shoulders sagging as his expression tightened. Carl could see the Hunter was trying in a failed attempt to look impassive. Carl put a hand on his shoulder. "God may have granted them a passage to the Gate of Saint Peter."

"Or not!" Van Helsing shouted angrily, pushing aside the hand on his shoulder. A slim glimmer of tears fell from his eyes as he looked away from Carl. The Friar only shrugged more guiltily.

Van Helsing looked away from Carl for a moment, and then looking up at the sky to brush those faint tears from his eyes, he turned to look back at Friar. "I'm sorry, it's not your fault."

Carl nodded. "I understand."

Van Helsing smiled faintly, but frowned again. "It's the Werewolf venom, even though I don't turn into a werewolf, I'm more wolf as a human." The hunter laughed at this heartily. Carl smiled.

"Well, let's go meet the Cardinal. Now."

&& ... ... ... ...

"We have another assignment for you," the Cardinal spoke, a verse Van Helsing (and Carl) remembered all too well.

"So we have to go hunt a vampire?" The Cardinal shifted in his seat.

"Or maybe a Vampire King."

Carl shuddered and Van Helsing bit his lip. The Cardinal frowned with a sigh, a gave a sympathetic look at Van Helsing. The hunter flinched at this and shifted uncomfortably in his seat. "What do you want us to do?"

The Cardinal took out a piece of paper from his desk, and placed it near them so they could have a closer look at it. It was a large photograph of a man in black. But it was certainly not Dracula in person. Van Helsing and Carl gave a soft, silent sigh of relief at seeing the photo.

"The vampire's name is Margue Jiles. We have found that the man has killed at least 20 men and women in the past months. You must bring down the man before he harms another innocent. The horses are already ready for you. Carl, please equip Van Helsing with the weapons he will need. Both of you will be heading to Transylvania."

"You mean Romania?" Van Helsing asked with a grimace. The Cardinal nodded. "If you hear of rumors that connect to a certain infamous Count, report to the Order as soon as you can."

Van Helsing nodded slowly, and they both left the office with grim looks on their faces.

"At least we can visit Anna . . ." Carl spoke with a smile, trying to cheer his friend up. But that only made Van Helsing more unhappy as they silently packed the weapons. When they finally did talk, it was only to discuss how a certain invention of Carl's worked.

They walked quietly outside of the Cathedral, Van Helsing putting his black wide - brimmed hat on so it would hide him from unwelcome eyes. After seven years, he was still haunted by memories of his kills and hunted by people all around the world. He was going to have to resign sooner or later. And that would mean leaving behind his best friend. That alone held it together and made him stay with the Order.

"Carl, why haven't you moved on to become a monk yet?" Van Helsing asked, suddenly curious of why the Friar, who could have just left him as well, stayed with him to work with his inventory. Carl grinned. "I can't just leave you here, can I? After all, I like being in the Weaponry. It feels safe."

"Well, I'll try my best to keep you safe in the journey," Van Helsing spoke, and grinned back as he rode on his horse.
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