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Chapter Two

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Van Helsing and Carl go in search of the vampire, finding him soon then they think...

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No Mercy

I do not own /Van Helsing/. I do, however, own my OC's!

Summary: Dracula has something no one thought he could have. An newborn child, that could be easily manipulated to become a instrument to the Count's bidding. Would evil triumph, or could good somehow intervene by pulling the boy away from the poisonous snake?

Chapter Two

Van Helsing and Carl entered through the city, crisscrossing through alleyways as they searched for any signs of a vampire on the feed. Later they decided they'd find an inn to stay for the night, which they did. The Friar patiently let the horses be taken away into the small farm.

"So how are we going to find this vampire, Van Helsing?" Carl asked timidly as they walked up the stairs to their inn. Van Helsing grimaced, but softly as he glanced over his back.

"At nightfall."

Carl shuddered. "You're not thinking of using me bait, are you?"

Van Helsing stopped climbing, wearing a thoughtful look on his face. Carl's expression horrified. Van Helsing laughed loudly and patted his shoulder. "Of course not, Carl."

"Thank God," Carl muttered with a nervous sigh of relief as they stopped. There, they parted for a moment, entering both their rooms so they could toss their luggage into the room. Fortunately, they didn't have much to bring. After a moment's rest, Carl entered Van Helsing's room with a polite knock.

"Come in," Van Helsing's gruff reply was heard as the Friar entered the room. On top of the bed was a large bag that was wide open. Pistols and knives lay like a organized dinner utility desk (A/N: Sigh, didn't know how to describe it . . . -shrugs-).

"Where do we start?" Carl spoke as he shut the door behind him and locked it. Van Helsing looked up, after shoveling his hand through another bag which held a intricate looking instrument of destruction.

"Well, let's just hope the vampire we are looking for, this /Margue Jiles/, will be around on the streets."

"And if we don't find him?" Carl spoke, and Van Helsing sighed.

"Then we'll have to try harder."

&& ... ... ... ...

Darkness came quickly as it stretched its arms out through the city, like a living creature about to engulf the whole world. Stars sparkled dimly behind the thick sheets of mystifying clouds that hid the full moon. In the quiet of the sleeping city, two darkened forms walked the alleyways, armed with a complete list of tools that were fit to kill a vampire.

The friar stayed close with the hunter as he touched the end of his pistol, his eyes on the look out. Fortunately for them, a cry for help was soon heard and they followed the scream with grim looks on their faces.

Soon enough, they found a man struggling to shut the woman in his grip to be quiet. A mocking smile curled onto his lips as he breathed down her neck and twirled her around like a doll.

"Let her go!" Van Helsing yelled as he raised his pistol, aiming it at the vampire who faced them as commanded. He pulled his hostage closer to his side, as the woman continued to scream. Tears trailed down her cheeks as the stranger traced her neck with a lick of his lips. Carl only looked at him with disgust.

"Let her go?" the vampire barked into laughter and continued, ". . . no, she's much useful . . ." There was a moment's silence before the vampire suddenly moved swiftly, breaking the neck of the innocent like it was a twig he had snapped. ". . . Dead."

Carl gave a gasp of horror, and Van Helsing could only glare and tighten his hold on his pistol. The vampire smiled sincerely.

"I suppose you didn't expect that, my friend," the vampire sneered, and looked at his nails like it was the most important thing to be looking at right now. A mocking smile directed towards the Order members made their anger grow. Vampires have no appreciation for life. Beasts... Carl thought as his hands clenched into fists.

"Margue Jiles, you are wanted by the Knights of the Holy Order for the murder of 20 innocents," Van Helsing spoke with gritted teeth. The vampire only chuckled.

"Twenty - one, actually," Margue spoke as he circled Van Helsing and Carl. Carl held onto his cross tightly.

"You're going to burn in hell, Margue," Van Helsing snarled. Margue gave him a sneer. "And I suppose you'll be welcomed with open arms, eh, Mr. Legendary monster hunter Van Helsing?"

Van Helsing frowned, while Margue smiled. "I heard you kill innocents as well. You are no more of a killer than I, Mr. Van Helsing."

Carl looked at Margue and then at Van Helsing. "It is none of your business, vampire."

Margue's head snapped towards the Friar with a hiss. "Hah, you'll die along with his personal crusade, mortal."

"I say we kill you and call it a day, now. Shall we?" Van Helsing said, cutting off their glares and the vampire smiled widely.

"With pleasure."

&& ... ... ... ...

Margue vanished with a blink of an eye, as expected. Van Helsing pulled his knives from his belt, and Carl took out a bottle of Holy Water. A cold chuckle alerted them of his invisible presence as a wind gathered around them.

"Show yourself, demon!" Van Helsing yelled and he was answered with very, powerful shove that knocked him off his feet. His pistol went flying from his hands. "Carl, behind you!" he shouted.

Carl turned to see a smiling vampire, and he took the chance to splash a whole bottle full of Holy Water at the vampire. Margue, taken by surprise, screamed painfully as he put his hands onto his face.

"Stab him, Carl!" shouted Van Helsing as he got up. Carl quickly pulled his knife and started to stab the vampire's heart, but a swift pale hand grabbed his wrist and pulled the Friar in. Margue's face was healing quickly as he smiled, looking quite satisfied that his plan worked. Van Helsing started to move, but Margue was already putting a finger on Carl's neck, tracing it as he did with the last victim. Carl gulped as his eyes went to Van Helsing.

"If you want your little friend here to die, then by all means, you may move," Margue spoke with calm and grinned. His eyes glowed vibrantly as he leaned closer towards Carl's neck. Van Helsing froze instantly in his tracks. Pleased, the vampire commanded again, "Throw the distasteful weapons in your hand onto the ground." A flick of his eyes made Van Helsing move quickly, throwing the pistols and knives to the floor.

"Good . . ." Margue spoke as he leaned even closer towards Carl's neck. Carl could feel his foulsome breath as he tried to struggle. But as if the vampire's grip was made of iron, it dared not move. Van Helsing glared as Margue grinned toothily.

"I'm going to enjoy killing your little friend- ARGH!" the sentence was cut off with a agonized scream that came not from the Friar but from the vampire. To Van Helsing's surprise, a stake poked out from his chest and right through his cold heart. Icy blood bled from the wound as the vampire vanished into dust, leaving Carl with a stake in his hand. He grinned with satisfaction towards Van Helsing, who smiled with relief.

"I think I'm getting the hang of this!" Carl spoke cheerfully as Van Helsing walked up to him. There was respect in those brown orbs, which was rarely seen from the Hunter. He smiled, "I see you're growing steadily, Carl." The Friar only laughed. "I suppose I am!"

Carl's laugh slowly trailed off into nothing but silence though as his eyes looked down at the dead innocent they were trying to save. Van Helsing frowned, looking angry with himself. Carl could only look at her body with sadness as he made the motion of the cross with his hands. "May she rest in peace." Van Helsing did the same.

Van Helsing walked forward, kneeling down so he could lay the woman in a straight position. Her eyes were wide open, still frozen in horror. There were still tear stains evident on her cheeks. Van Helsing looked at her sadly. He closed her eyes. "I'm sorry I couldn't save you . . ." Carl walked up beside him. "You mean 'we'."

Van Helsing looked up at him. "You are not responsible for the death of this woman. I should have acted faster, disarmed him with a strike of a single arrow from your newest invention. And yet I did not." Carl snorted doubtfully.

"I was there, Van Helsing. You did the best you can. And I too am responsible. You can't carry my responsibility along with your own guilt. I'm involved now." Van Helsing only nodded sadly. He scooped the body of the dead woman in his arms and got up. Carl looked at him, studying his expression.

Just when he heaved himself to his feet, Van Helsing caught a sight of a small boy in the corner of his eyes. He turned his head to see, and found the boy continuing to stare at him. His face was impassive, stripped of emotions that a normal boy of his age would have felt. Van Helsing was about to call out to the boy, but when he blinked again, he was gone.

"What is it, Van Helsing?" Carl inquired. Van Helsing shook his head and focused back at his front.

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