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Chapter Three

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The boy asks of the man he had seen. Aleera is reluctant to answer, nor does she find it wise to do so...

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No Mercy

I do not own /Van Helsing/. I do, however, own my OC's!

Summary: Dracula has something no one thought he could have. An newborn child, that could be easily manipulated to become a instrument to the Count's bidding. Would evil triumph, or could good somehow intervene by pulling the boy away from the poisonous snake?

Chapter Three

"Mother, who is he?" the boy spoke as he sat on his luxurious bed, his feet barefoot. His eyes looked intently at the beautiful woman he called his mother. The red - haired woman smiled at her 'son', but her eyes were not in any way happy to hear this question. She stopped organizing the objects on her son's toy shelf and looked at him. Blue eyes met a marvelous pool of violet that could have entranced any mortal man to her will, and yet the woman chose to stay with her Master.

"Do not ask questions, little one, it will get you nowhere. . . You know your father does not approve of it," Aleera spoke with a melodious tone in her voice. The boy only cocked his head, but his face did not express any confusion. Perhaps I must give him something. . . anything that will stop him from questioning. . . Aleera's voice spoke thoughtfully inside her head. Making a knife appear in her hand, she walked towards the boy. The child only stared with a slight look of interest as Aleera kneeled besides him. Raising her pale wrist, she brought the knife deep into her hands without any hesitation. Blood flowed freely from the wound, and this made the boy's eyes widen. The impassive face immediately burst with emotions that was long locked away. Aleera smiled, but in her heart she frowned. /Perhaps Master's training was not as influential to our son/. . . she thought, but she dismissed it for the moment. She will have plenty of time to discuss this matter with her Master.

"You see this, dear William? This is blood. It flows through you and every other living creature on this earth. But the most beautiful of all are the blood of humans. You are still one of the creatures, a mortal. But after today, you will become a true heir. You will no longer become a man. More than just a man. You will become . . . /perfection/. Or simply put, like us," Aleera spoke softly, her eyes filling with pride. The boy's lips twitched, but the emotion on his face had vanished, leaving only a small trail of his joy.

"Why was I not born like you?" the boy questioned. Aleera's face fell, rather it be something of a show to put for her mortal child, or a real emotion moment. She kept the blood flowing, seeing as the child was watching it intently with fascination.

"You survived to live when your brothers and sisters failed, my sweetness. You shook in our wombs. I had thought a miracle has been given to us by the Devil himself. Be proud that you are standing here right now."

The boy shrugged, but nodded slowly, a calculating look on his eyes. Aleera smiled as she glanced back at the blood. "After tonight, we are one. . ."

The child stared into the rich, crimson flow of Aleera's blood for a few mild seconds before he turned to catch his mother's eyes.

"I wish to know who he is, mother."

"Who, my darling?" Aleera spoke, trying in an attempt to change the subject. The child, for all his youth and innocence, was now suddenly changed for that moment into a adult with the look of annoyance. There was a frown on his lips, and a blazing of his eyes made Aleera sigh. Finally, she stood up, making her body resew the damage on her wrist. When at last only a fresh trail of blood was the only supposed evidence that a wound was there, Aleera's eyes glowed and she faced her child with a distasteful hiss that was not directed towards her child, but to the man that had tried to ruin their master's plans.

"He is a foe, my love. Nothing more."

"But surely -" the boy began but Aleera cut him off abruptly.

"Seeking for answers will only hurt you."

The boy opened his mouth to argue, but shut it, knowing that it would only be a useless attempt. His mother would not tell him, and if his father becomes involved. . . It was better not to ask then be punished for the results.

&& ... ... ... ...

"He will be blooded, but not completely. . ." Dracula explained, which was quite rare. Although he knew his brides were trustworthy (afterall, they were in his spell), that did not mean they will betray them if they had a much better advantage then him. The brides were connected to their Master that made they're actions and feelings similar to the things that Dracula also felt. The same deceitfulness lingers deep within them like the beasts that hide inside. Dracula smirked slightly at the thought, but continued.

"His growth would be faster then any other mortal child on this earth, and within weeks he will soon become a young man. By then, he will never question our actions, nor will he hesitate to kill if necessary. Never before has a vampire chose to sire children. For what good will it do them? Ahh, but it is but a slow and steady process. We have all the time in the world. Nothing will be able to stop us now that our son is growing and learning gradually of our way."

The Brides cooed and snuggled closer towards their master. Their heads nodded as they're eyes glowed with anticipation. Dracula brushed his hand through Marishka's golden hair and then continued.

"You will teach him how to feed. Even as a human halfling, his other side will overcome with the thirst and hunger we feel for blood. Shaping him would be an easy task to do. It is important that his existence is unknown to anyone but us. The Order must never get a whiff of him so long as he is alive, or they will hunt him down like they had tried with us, my darlings."

"Yes, Master, we will protect him. Even if it costs us our /lives/. . ." Aleera spoke with a husky whisper, and Dracula smiled pleasantly.

"Good, good . . Now, let us begin. WILLIAM!" Dracula yelled, knowing that his heir would soon respond and come to meet them in his quarters. If his plans for domination is to be complete, then the boy must be trained to become a living Death. If it took a million years, he will perfect the boy to become him, a new Lord of Darkness.

His smile grew into a wicked curl of his lips.

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