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Just One Left

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HIATUS Dracula fooled Van Helsing with his mind tricks and suceeded in giving life to his children. But only one lived to see the night. Van Helsing and Carl are now, yet again, ordered to go back ...

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Tears of Blood

Another Van Helsing fanfic and another brilliant idea, lol! Well, I wish everybody thinks its a brilliant idea! Anyways, in this one Anna is dead and Van Helsing and Carl are back to work in the Holy Order, not knowing Dracula had suceeded in getting his children to life. But they didnt survive and only one lived to see the night. (So the other children popped themselves to death, lol) And now the two (Van Helsing and Carl) discover that Dracula is alive and its their job to destory him (but his brides are dead)! I'm going to have a different take on this fic, not just the story plot (well DUH) but the format! Ok well, I guess I'll let you read now! Enjoy and please review!

Disclaimer: I do not own anything of the movie Van Helsing! And the lyrics!

Italics are thoughts, narrations, voices in other people's heads.

Prologue - Just One Left

Years had passed and Count Vladislaus Dragulia and his brides were believed to be dead forever... for good. Van Helsing and Carl had managed to survive but Anna Valerious, the last of the Valerious had died, saving the village, and from the world of evil. After Anna's parting, Van Helsing and Carl went back to the Holy Order with hope and a future. They were at peace at last but something still made them wonder. Why weren't Dracula's servants and followers dead? This is where the story begins.

Dracula roared in triumph as his experiments, one he had stolen from another unfortunate scientist, worked on his once undead children. All of his children ripped the hideous green and slimy shells apart, releasing themselves into the world. Dracula quickly flew up into the air, his huge wings spread magnificently, cradling some of his children in his claws.

He had succeded their dream, his Brides' dreams, and there was no Van Helsing and his friends interrupting him this time. Dracula smiled viciously at the thought about deceiving Van Helsing. He had managed to fool Van Helsing with his mind tricks and disappeared from Van Helsing's and his friends sight.

He held his children dearly near him. All of them flew around him, circling him, screeching wildly. Then he noticed there was one egg that wasn't opened. It seemed to move inside but it seemed it liked staying in the shell, away from danger. Worried, Dracula soared through the air towards that single egg. All his other children followed him, their evil claws and fangs thrashing wildly, along with its quirky disgusting eyes and slime covered tails.

"My love, my child, rip your egg apart and join your brothers and sisters! They await you!" Dracula spoke to the egg, which seemed to squirm in response. The egg seemed to slowly seemed to be ripped and the disgusting green goo spurted out onto the ground. A tail appeared from the egg but only that had poked out of the shell.

"What are you afraid of, my dear?" Dracula spoke, feeling a bit irritated that his child would not come out and present him/herself.

Death spoke the little one, whispering the one word into Dracula's head. Suddenly, his children, now flapping their little wings in desperately, started to look fat. The insides started to make them look rounder and it looked like something was trying to push its way up, out of Dracula's children.

Dracula looked around devastatingly as one of his children screeched in agony and popped, splattering loads of disgusting green goo and blood out of its body, destorying itself. As if in unison, all the other children started popping as well, clawing at themselves, looking confusedly at their father, who screamed in fury.

"NOOOO!" Dracula yelled, trying to save his children. He gently grabbed one in his grasp but it only screamed and breathed its last, splashing goo on Dracula, until finally, there was only one left. And it was the one still in the egg. The tail that was poking out of the shell was quivering frightfully. But nothing seemed to happen to the creature. It simply eyed Dracula, who snarled curses out into the night and then slowly ripped away from the shell. It looked teary eyed and frightened. It's fangs and flaws weren't sheathed for the kill and it only flapped its wings, keeping itself up. It gave out a little squeak, which got Dracula's attention.

His devilish features glared at the area until he realized that that there was one left, one that survived. He looked happily at the little vampire child, who looked up at its father with its big teary eyes. It quickly flew towards its father and Dracula hugged it. Many of my children did not live to see the beautiful night and moon but there will be one who will, the one who survived. I shall bring it up to be a supreme killer, like myself and make my Brides proud in hell!

A/N: I know, its pretty short chapter, forgive me! But it is a prologue, isnt it? lol Anyways, hope you liked it and I'll be waiting for reviews!
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