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Over the Years

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HIATUS Dracula fooled Van Helsing with his mind tricks and suceeded in giving life to his children. But only one lived to see the night. Van Helsing and Carl are now, yet again, ordered to go back ...

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Tears of Blood

Here's the next chapter, I hope you like it! Anyways, I've put in some lyrics that add into the fan fic. I'll be putting more lyrics in the other chapters as well! (sorry if its annoying..) So please read and review!

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Song Lyrics: Forgotten by Avril Lavigne

Italics are thoughts, narrations, voices in other people's heads.

Chapter One - Over the Years

Ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah
I'm giving up on everything
Because you messed me up
Don't know how much you
Screwed it up
You never listened
That's just too bad
Because I'm moving on
I won't forget
You were the one that was wrong
I know I need to step up and be strong
Don't patronize me
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Years later after the secret birth of Dracula's child...

"Drink Vilashtri!" Count Dracula snarled angrily, his eyes burning furiously at his immortal daughter. Tears stained her cheeks and still streamed from her eyes, making them red. Her lips were quivering, itching to bite into the crippled looking mortal, who was also crying, whispering words from the Bible.

She looked hungrily at the man bond to the ground and now held tightly by Dracula. But she resisted the urge to bite. She hated violence and also hated the fact that she had to live drinking from innocent mortal humans, which also lead to death. She feared death more than ever.

"I said DRINK! I order you as a father!" Dracula roared furiously, making the man in his grasp whimper fearfully.

"No! How dare you command me as if I am a slave! I will not kill this mortal! I will not bring death to these poor, fascinating creatures which I have never got to become!" Vilashtri fired back, her eyes now blazing with anger. Her fangs grew long warningly and she hissed, her claws out. She would not have disobeyed her father if she had a choice.

Then with a speed even she would not have had, Dracula slapped her hard on the face with his unnatural power. Vilashtri was thrown to the ground and felt her bones cracking, making her scream in agony. Blood trickled from the claw wounds on her face and started to heal up. Tears started forming in her eyes but pushed it back. She did not want her father to see her weak.

"I can do whatever I like! I am your father and you must obey what I say! Now drink him dry until I am satisfied!" Dracula yelled. Then he looked at his crying daughter, tears slipping from her beautiful white cheeks and thought if he was too harsh on her. His eyes softened and this time he spoke gently.

"My dear, I am not doing this because I think you are a wretched girl. I love you and will never think that. I am saying this because you will not live if you do not drink from a human, a mortal. Werewolves and animals will not sustain your thirst for human blood, love."

Vilashtri looked up at her father with teary eyes and got to her feet. The bones that had cracked from the force that knocked her had started to heal itself inside her vampiric body. She licked her lips, her vampire blood throbbing through her, wanting to grab the man and drink from him.

"Father, if what you say is true, I will drink from him. But only when I need the taste of human blood to keep me living will I take their life into me," Vilashtri spoke, her tears now stopped and leaned over to grab the man's throat. She sank her teeth in and tasted the pure taste of human blood, warming her.

"Yes, that's it, my love, let it consume you," Dracula spoke and smiled, his long fangs showing.

Have you forgotten
Everything that I wanted
Do you forget it now
You never got It
Do you get it now
Yea yea yea yea yea
Yea yea yea yea yea
Ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah

Gotta get away
There's no point in thinking about yesterday
It's too late now
It won't ever be the same
We're so different now
Yea yea yea yea yea

Van Helsing sighed and thought of the last trip he had to go through. Fighting warlocks, killing strange creatures with body parts that were out of place, sea monsters that liked to eat woman... what was this world made of?

Van Helsing had thought for days now if he could resign from this job of his, since he had probably done enough for the Holy Order anyway. He would miss Carl but he would always be able to sneak in and have a chat with him if he wanted. And he wanted to have a new future as well. Although Anna was gone, he felt peace in him.

Van Helsing flipped pieces of newspaper articles in his hands, looking at them sleepily. There wasn't much news of disaster going on anymore, which was a relief. He hoped the Cardinal will say yes to the question about his resignation.

"Van Helsing!" a voice shouted, banging on the door. Van Helsing raised his eyebrow curiously. Without bothering to open the door, he asked, "Who is it?"

"It's Carl! I have dreaful news!" a voice, Carl's, shouted into the door.

"Come in, Carl."

The door was quickly thrown open and Carl ran into the room so quickly he slipped on his own scrolls stuffed in his hands, landing on his butt with a painful THUNK. Carl didnt seem to care though as he quickly got up to his feet and spread one of the scrolls in his hands on Van Helsing's wooden table. Van Helsing looked curiously at his friend as he looked at the scroll in front of him.

Then a very unpleasant frown started to appear on his lips, understanding why Carl so frenzied about.

"Dracula isn't dead!" Carl shouted, pointing at the picture of a sighting. "And he isn't alone!"

"What do you mean he isn't alone?" Van Helsing spoke. He didnt believe it. He, Carl and Anna had risked their lives trying to kill Dracula only to find him still alive. And now, Anna's death was in vain. She had saved Van Helsing from the werewolf curse but Van Helsing had failed Carl and Anna.

"He has another bride, or maybe his child with him!" Carl shouted, his hands stuttering.

"Carl, prepare to leave. We're going to go find Dracula and this other vampire and kill them!"

I know I wanna run away
I know I wanna run away
Run away
If only I could run away
If only I could run away
Run away
I told you whatI wanted
I told you whatI wanted
What I wanted
But I was forgotten
I won't be forgotten
Never Again

Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah...

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