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It's gotta end somewhere

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Well this story involves broken bones,Relationship,Music and Getting into trouble...

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"Leah" Pete yelled from rm 267.Leah looked to her right to see her brother pete in detention again."I've been looking for you pete, I wanted you to be there when I dumped matthew in front of his whole entire team."Sorry I kinda got caught trying to switch Mr.Evans blue kool-aid with windex, Now I have dentention for the rest of the semester, Which just started 3 weeks ago.""Your gunna be in so much shit when mom finds out""I'm already in shit up to my neck with her when she finds out she'll probly put bars on my window""Just come on pete lets get out of here before Mr.Baker gets back"


Leah heard Matthew call a time-out has she approched the football field.He jogged towards her and started making-out with her before she could stop him.When she relized what he was doing she pushed him of her and he landed on his ass right in front of her."Thats it" screamed Leah. Why is it, that everytime i see you thats that first thing you do.By now a crowd had gathered and Matthew had scrambled to his feet.I can't believe it took me this long to relize that there's no complexity about you,Your just a stuck up horny jock,just like the rest of the guys on your team.All you guys ever want to do is bang chicks.Maybe what you guys need is a reality check to relize that there is more to life then fucking hot girls and football"Matthew went to open his mouth and that's when leah took action.She closed her hand into a fist and took a swing at Matthew's head.She punched him right in the face.Sending teeth flying."Just shut the fuck up matt were done" Leah said as she turned and walked away.


Leah signed on to her AIM and started to check her email.While she was listening to Pete get screamed at about the phone call thier mother recieved about the windex insident.She read out the list of emails she had in her head
Life Insurance
Win Free ipod
New Reviews
Dani(finally a good one)
She open the one from her bff dani.
Hey hunn, what are you doing?hope you didn't forget band practise is wedesday.I'm bored and had nothing better to do but tell you i'm gunna be by around 7 tonight so i'll see you then.
She clicked delete and wandered downstairs to see how her brother was taking his punishments.
On her way down stairs she stopped by the calender and noticed that tomorrow was wedesday which ment band practise.She always wondered why dani would always state the name of the day instead of staying tomorrow or today.

Ok hope you liked it...even if you don't i'll admit that chapter was a bit boring but the next one i'm gunna spice it up a little and have some real action
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