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Talk About Stumped

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Leah runs into a problem one person can make it all seem ok

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Leah pulled herself out of bed and once again started her daily routine.Starting with picking her alarm clock up of the other side of her room.She picked out a black rolling stones tee and a pair of ripped up jeans.She grabbed a towel of a chair and tossed a black and white studded belt over on her bed.She rushed to the shower hoping to get there first.

The lunch bell rang and everybody rushed out the classroom door.Dani caught up to Leah at her locker."Leah why are you all of a sudden avoiding everyone?"Leah spoke without looking a dani."I've just had a lot on my mind you know with school,the band and the fact uh yeah""just don't worry i'll be fine""if you say so leah but you know if you ever want to talk me,lilly or sara where right here" "yeah ok"Leah said before walking away.

She went by the music room where she kept her guitar on the days they had practise.She picked it up and walked outside to sit on the bleachers.She sat there and played with it a bit.Before she got to perfecting a few songs for band practise after school.

Patrick seen her sitting by herself so her decided to go keep her company."Hey Leah" "Hi" she mumbled."Can I sit" "Yeah i guess" Patrick sat down and asked what was wrong.Leah replied with the same answer she gave dani."Don't you have somewhere to be,like with my brother" "No your brother has detention" "um Patrick" "yeah" "can you keep a secret" "yeah" patrick voice sounded a bit worried."That means you can't even tell Pete" "Okay what is it" Patrick asked. "I-I think i might be pregnant" Patrick was speechless for a noticable amount of time."What" "Don't make me repeat it Patrick" "How long have you thought, you know" "well i never thought nothing of it untill last night when i was looking at the calender, I relized that i'm a week late." "Please tell me you cheated on Matt" "Thats the worst part, I didn't and if I am then it's his" The lunch bell rang again signaling the end of lunch. Patrick got up and Leah said "Now remember you can't tell a soul" "ok and if you ever want to you no talk again i'm here" "I might take you up on that offer,Same time tomorrow" asked Leah "Same time tomorrow" repeated Patrick.Patrick helped Leah to her feet and they both walked back to class together.


At band practise Leah seem to be smiling the whole time and nobody could think of a reason why.They started practise and were doing great untill Pete and his friends came by.Leah froze up for the first time.This stumped the rest of the band because usually she could play in front of anybody, But the truth is Leah was the one that was Stumped.


Hope you liked this chapter...hopefully you guys have a clear understanding about whats going on.
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