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What A Show

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No summary this time i don't want to ruin anything

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After that day sitting on the bleachers with Patrick, They both promised each other to do it everyday.Patrick had become one of Leah's closest companions.So she had vowed not to release or show any sign of feelings for him,other then friend feelings.

It turns out Leah was pregnant.Nobody knew that she was pregnant,Patrick only knew there was a posibilty. Untill pete found an empty test box in the bathroom garbadge.Right away he ran down stairs to congratulate his mother.Not knowing his mother was on birth control.His mother almost fainted when she relized that the test belonged to her 15 yr old daughter.

Leah was the one that took the long lecture and the yelling from their mother and Father that night when she got back from another band practise.They argued back and forth for 2 hours straight until her mom and dad just gave up.After the arguement finished, Leah ran up to her room to call Patrick.She was crying oceans when Patrick answered the phone.He eventually got her to calm down and talk to him.She told him what had happened and how she was the statistic she didn't want to be.He assured her that when her baby was born that he would do everything in his power to help raise the newborn.she agreed and they said good night.He also promised to be there for their first gig in 2 days, that he reminded her of.She fell asleep that night trying to figure out how she was going to balance everything.

December 4th,
Pete was driving Leah,Lilly,Dani and Sara to their first gig on the outskirts of their Hometown in Illinos.The weather was really harsh so they were driving like 20 mph.

Their lives were changed forever when a loaded tracker trailer skided out of control and right into the left side of Pete's Dodge Truck.Everybody present in the truck had multiple injury's.The Truck was Totaled and they were all Trapped.

Their first gig was a disaster and their lives are all at stake.The truck was on fire and they had better get out before it spreads to the gas tank.They are all dead if the truck explodes!!!

Hope you liked this chapter...
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