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Some Accidents Have Happy Endings

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Does she lose her baby?Does Everyone survive the accident?

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Leah can hear the sierens coming towards the burning truck.She can't move or speak, due to the fact she is barly conscience,So she just sits there in hope she will be rescued soon.She can hear voices outside the truck now and the sound of water on the roof of the truck.

She felt something wet start trickling down the side of her face.What she didn't know was that she had a huge gash on the side of her head.


Miss.Wentz pause Miss.Wentz

Leah slowly opened her eyes to see a nurse standing over her.You've been in a terrible accident."No duh" leah made it clear as day that she knew why she was lying in a hospital bed hooked up to the ivy."Is everybody alright"Leah asked hesitantly.Four of you survived said the nurse."Wait the were five of us""I know" said the nurse. Leah exploded in tears.She managed to say who didn't make it" between her sobs.

Nurse Claire,Your needed at the front desk said a voice.Leah lifted her head off the pillow to see a young male figure by the door.The young man came and joined leah on a stool beside her bed.

"Hi i'm Nurse Ryan but you can just call me Ryan."The Nurse took Leah's hand and asked if she knew who was sitting in the passenger seat during the accident.She thought back and said my drummer Sara...Why?"Leah asked "um I don't know how to put said the nurse, But she didn't make it" Leah burst out crying again.The nurse gripped Leah's hand tighter and told her everything would be ok.

Out of nowhere Leah stopped crying and said "wait is my baby ok" The nurse looked shocked and said"Your pregnant""yeah" said Leah in a worried voice. Ryan paged another nurse and 3 came in the room they surronded her and quickly hooked up the ultra-sound machine.Ok Miss.Wentz how many months Pregnant are you.""2 1/2."said Leah.When she was fully hooked up to the machine, the nurses started talking to each other.Finally they looked at her and said "Your baby will be just fine"

Leah's face light up and for once she was actually happy.She may of had a broken arm and leg.Fractured rib and she may have need stitches in her head, but she was over joyed to hear that her baby was going to be fine.


An hour later Patrick and Leah's Parents barged into the room and practially attacked her with hug and kisses.Even patrick gave her a kiss on her cheek.After talking a bit Mr. and Mrs. Wentz Went to go check on Pete, but Patrick stayed behind.

Patrick trying to loosen the intensity or the moment said "the stairs you fell down this time must of been pretty high"Leah giggled a little, remembering falling flat on her face during the past summer.

"You were lucky to get out of there alive" "sara wasn't though" said leah as she started to cry again.

Patrick stood up and took her hand.He leaned over her and pulled her into a tight hug.He just held her there for a couple of minutes.When he pulled out of the hug he remained over her.He looked into her deep brown eyes and said "I really don't know what I would of down if I had lost you"
Ok um hope you guys enjoyed it and stay tuned for the next chapter
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