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More Bad News

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More Bad News the title should explain

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Leah woke up in her hospital bed with patrick still sitting on the stool next to the bed."Patrick what are you still doing here?"Leah asked."Your awake"Patrick said as he took her hand."are you going to answer my question?"Leah asked."I just wanted to stay with you,just to make sure nothing else happens to you.""oh and the docter said that you can leave tomorrow" "do you know if pete is alright?" "Pete took a lot of the impact,but he should be out of here withen the next week"Patrick said."I'm going to see him" Leah shot up and started tearing the tubes out of her.Before Patrick could stop her she was off the bed and hoping on one foot towards the door.She opened the door only to stare right into the eyes of Ryan."Mr.Ross we need you to help clean up.Your not allowed to visit patients during work hours.Your only working here part time"Said another nurse."Yeah hold on i'll only be a minute"Said Ryan."fine make it fast"said the nurse.

"Where are you going"Ryan asked "To see my brother"Leah replied."who is your brother""Pete Wentz"Said leah. "Help your girlfriend and get her a wheelchair""He's not my boyfrind,he's my best friend" Leah corrected,But Patrick didn't argue it he just went and got a wheelchair."ok your brothers room is down that hall to the left,but he might not be able to talk much.said Ryan."Why"Leah asked unsure if she really wanted to know the answer."He's in a coma""omg"Tears started flowing out of her eyes as patrick took off towards the room.Sure enough Pete was lying there hooked up to machines with Mr. and Mrs.Wentz at his sides.Leah started screaming and crying really load.That's when Ryan rushed into the room and told her parents that she should go back to her room now.He rolled her out of Pete's room and back into her own.He help her back on her bed and sat on the stool be side her.Leah was still crying uncontrollably.Ryan took her hand and just start there with her untill she stopped crying,even though he was supposed to be working. Leah didn't stop crying untill she fell asleep and thats when he got up and left.


She woke up in a room more quiet then she has ever heard it.Patrick was asleep on the floor and according to the clock it was 4 am. "Patrick...Patrick....PATRICK" leah said."uh what" Patrick Said,sitting up."Why are lying down there the is plenty of room on the bed"Leah said."I don't know I didn't want to disturb you"Patrick said. "Well come up here" said Leah.Patrick got up and Crawled in the hospital bed with leah.He lied on his side with Leahs Back facing him.Not long after Leah reached back and took Patrick's hand,Putting it around her.


Hope you liked was kinda short but it's really hard to concentrate when you have a little sister naging you to go get nail glue for her fake any way tell me what you thought
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