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Kiss her, Kiss her

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Find out how they really feel

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Leah was checking out the hospital when she saw a whole bunch of nurses run into her brother's room, which was down the hall from the reception desk. She got there as fast as one could move while using crutches. When she turned into the room she pushed her way through all the nurses to see her brother, sitting up in his bed. Leah made her way to him and gave him the biggest hug. Tears started streaming down her cheeks. Pete looked so confused. Why is everybody staring at me? And why am I in the hospital? Pete asked Leah stopped crying long enough to tell him that they had been in an accident, he was in a coma and Sara didn't make it. She started crying again when she remembered that their drummer didn't make it. Pete tried to calm her down. But it was no use.

Patrick burst into the room looking for Leah and after he tripped over half a dozen nurses he fell out of the crowd flat on his face. Patrick got up and tried to pretend that he didn't just fall. He brushed himself off and then realized that Pete was awake. Patrick got excited too and rapped his arms around his friend. After saying a few words he took Leah's hand and said "I think we should go and let the doctor's do their job. He picked Leah up also grabbing the crutches and walk out into the lobby. Seeing that Leah was still crying, he sat her down in one of the chairs and took his shot at calming her down. After all his best efforts failed, her wiped away her tears with his thumb and kissed her. Then he picked her and her crutches up and carried her out to his pick-up truck to take her home.


Leah was smiling the whole way home and when they got back to her house Patrick carried her up the stairs. He laid her in her bed and turned around to leave. "Patrick" Leah said. He turned around and gave her t he what look. "I'm cold" she said. "Hold on I'll go get you another blanket" He turned to leave again. "Patrick" Leah said again. He turned around again. "Come here" Patrick walked over the side of her bed. "Ok, I'm here" Patrick said. Leah moved over and moved the blankets. She looked at Patrick and said "keep me warm" He was in a somewhat state of shock as he crawled into the bed with Leah. He just lied there still on the edge of the bed. "I'm still cold Patrick" Leah said as she snuggled into Patrick not knowing he was one the edge of the bed. Patrick fell off the bed pulling Leah with him. She landed right on top of him. Her lip's just happened to meet his on impact. Nothing mattered anymore. Finally they were both happy for the first time since they couldn't remember. Patrick rapped his arms around Leah. After a few long minutes Leah pulled away and said "I'm still cold Patrick" "Right" Patrick got up bringing Leah with him. He lied down and cuddled into Leah until they both fell asleep.

They both woke up in the dead of night. In the most awkward position, Patrick was only wearing his boxers and Leah only her shirt and undies on. They were practically on top of each other and Patrick's hand was up Leah's shirt. When Patrick realized what her was doing he quickly removed his hand from under her shirt and rapped his free arm around her. Leah had her eyes closed the whole time, but Patrick knew she was awake. He lightly kissed her forehead and closed his eyes. After Patrick had his eyes closed, Leah opened hers and gave him a small peck on his lips. "Goodnight" Leah said. "Goodnight" Patrick said in return. Before Patrick could stop himself he whispered "I love you" "What did you say" Leah asked. She had to make sure that she heard him correctly. Patrick figured he said it once he mise well say it again. "I love you" Patrick said again. Leah smiled and said "I love you too" Patrick didn't expect that kind of reply, but he was happy that Leah felt the same way about him, that he felt about her.


Hope you liked this chapter because I enjoyed writing and tell me what you thought
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