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Time for a tour and Joe uncovers some hidden feelings. :)

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Kate sat in her room starring at he open suitcase. It was empty. Sara just stared at her best friend,
"Kate baby, the point is to fill the suitcase, not stare at it." Kate was snapped back into reality,
"I can't do this Sara, I can't go on tour, this is stupid. The only reason Pete even made
this happen was because of you. The band is entirely unprepared for any tour, much less
a tour opening up for Fall Out Boy." Sara was slightly confused about the comment Kate said about her brother only setting this up because of her, she wanted to ask about it, but instead chose to ignore it.
"Kate, no matter what his ulterior motive, Pete would never set you up for failure. He's
wanted you guys on tour with them since forever and wouldn't of put this together
unless he believed you guys were ready." Kate sighed and Sara continued, "And if you're
worried about riding their coattails, which in reality isn't so bad. Most underground
bands would love to get the chance to ride FOB's coattails, I mean look at Panic!, but
anyways you heard Sam, you can just keep it hush hush that Pete's your brother and
Patrick's your luvah." Sara laughed at herself and Kate smiled.
"What would I do without you?" Sara laughed and pulled Kate into a hug before responding,
"Die a bloody horrible death." The girls laughed and started packing this time actually filling Kate's suitcase.
The next morning the van was packed up, and all the boys, even Pete, sat on the couch of Kate and Sam's family room waiting for the girls. They had been patient for awhile but now they were itching to get on the road.
"Kate, Sara, My God Lets Go!" Matt yelled. Sara appeared from the hallway with two good sized duffle bags in her hands, Pete immediately jumped up from his position on the couch and ran over to assist her, Sara happily accepted the help. Kate emerged from the same hallway holding two duffel bags in one hand, and her guitar case in the other uncasted hand. Patrick jumped up when his noticed that her cast was gone,
"Whoa, Kate where's your cast." He asked grabbing the guitar case from her as well as one of the duffel bags.
"Garbage." She responded and proceeded to walk out the door receiving awkward glances from the boys, Sara just shrugged.
"Told her not to."
"KATE, you cannot just cut off your cast because you feel like it." Pete raised his voice a little.
"I already did, it bugged me and I can't play properly with it on." She continued walking out the door but paused when no one was following her.
"It's already been done, I'm fine. Can we please get the show on the road?" She stomped her foot now annoyed. Patrick sighed and followed her out the door. Joe laughed with his mouth full,
"Kate is the biggest badass I've ever met in my life, even more than Dirty cause she can
wear a skirt, be a badass and look hot. I should have jumped all over that shit before
Patrick ever got the chance." Andy rolled his eyes but nodded and added,
"Dirty isn't a badass, he's a dumb ass, there's a difference; and if Patrick ever hears
you say that about Kate, you will never be able to enter your happy place again." The rest of the boys followed Kate laughing at Andy and Joe's bickering, Pete was the only one not laughing he proceeded to mumble profanities at his sister. Sam was the last one out he turned to lock the door and with that, they were off.
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