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enjoy. car rides are fun.

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"I call the seat next to Sara." Pete and Kate yelled at the same time, and then turned to glare at each other. Sara laughed,
"Ugh I call the seat next to Pete and Kate." Pete got in the second to last back row of the van followed by Sara and then Kate. The back row was full of equipment and obviously un-sittable. Patrick was about to get in after Kate but Joe cut him off and plopped down next to her.
"Dude what the fuck?" Patrick said throwing his arms up in the air. Joe just shrugged,
"You know I like the back seat." Patrick glared,
"And you know I like sitting next to my girlfriend." Andy, always being the mediator, stepped in,
"Children, children lets not fight. Joe if you need to sit in the very back seat oh so badly
then Kate can just move to the seat in front of it so Patrick can sit next to her." The boys nodded but Kate frowned,
"But I want to sit next to Sara, we need a little estrogen patch back here and with me,
her and Pete, it should be enough to sustain us for a while." Sara nodded, and Pete, finally realizing what his sister just said, cocked his head to the side and yelled,
"HEY!" but was ignored. Kate turned to Joe and stuck he bottom lip out.
"Please, please move Joseph so Patrick and I can sit together." Joe rolled his eyes and groaned but got out of the van, Patrick stuck his tongue out at Joe and sat down next to Kate. Joe got into the aisle in front of them followed by Matt, and Brian. Andy was driving and Sam was in the passenger seat. Matt laughed at Joe,
"Ha you're hard up, and weren't kidding about jumping all over Kate." Joe glared at Matt and punched him in the arm.
"Shut up."
Before moving, Andy rolled down his window and Dirty walked up dangling the keys to the van behind them.
"Ok dude we're following you with the rest of the shit, so don't get lost." Dirty warned.
"Oh I never do." Andy replied while cleaning his glasses on his shirt. Dirty nodded and walked away, Andy started up the van and they were on the road. About an three hours into the trip almost everyone was asleep except Andy (of course) who was driving and talking to Sam; Pete, Kate and Patrick. Joe, Matt and Brian we're sprawled out on top of each other in their seat, and Sara had her head and most of her upper body in Pete's lap and her legs over Kate. Pete and Kate were playing cards using Sara as their table and Patrick was on his laptop fiddling around with songs and such. After Kate beat Pete for the third time in a row, he threw down his cards.
"I'm bored." He sighed.
"Me too." She responded. Pete laughed and arched an eyebrow at Kate, who knew exactly what he wanted to do, they used to do it al the time when they were kids. Pete held up a finger and mouthed 'one', two fingers and mouthed 'two' and when he put three fingers up the pair started singing loudly,
"The sun'll come out
So ya gotta hang on
'Til tomorrow.
Come what may.
Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I love ya Tomorrow!
You're always
A day
A way!"

The sudden singing scared Andy who swerved knocking the highly confused and now awake Joe, Matt and Brian onto the floor of the van, Sara however still lay sprawled out sleeping. Pete and Kate just laughed in amusement, and Andy glared at them in the rear view mirror,
"Yeah, they are definitely related." Patrick now noticing the commotion pulled his headphones off and asked,
"What happened?" Joe, Matt and Brian just mumbled something incoherent and Patrick turned to Kate and Pete who just shrugged and replied in unison.
"We pulled an Annie." Patrick rolled his eyes and nodded before putting back on his headphones and returning to his previous task.
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