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Woah tons happen in this chapter, and i think it's the longest i've evr written. enjoy and don't cry. lol. it might be a tad sad i was listening to Patrick's cover of 'So Sick.' so technically i c...

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They arrived in Phoenix some hours later and everyone practically fell out of the van.
"Oh God my ass is so asleep!" Pete yelled and grabbed his butt. Kate groaned and jumped on Patrick,
"Baby carry me." Just as Patrick was about to lean in and give her a kiss, Sam grabbed her and flung her over his shoulder.
"No PDA, No Touching, No stuff." Kate opened her mouth to whine, but Brian cut her off,
"Hey, hey, hey, no whining this was you're idea Ms.WeNeedToMakeItOnOurOwn."
"We do need to make it on our own, how could you want us to hit it big because my brother is Pete Wentz and not because of our music?" Kate spat from her spot on Sam's shoulder.
"Ok I understand Kate's point, but what does that have to do with me?" Patrick said.
"Well we don't want to make it cause of Pete, but we also don't want everyone to think that we're here because Kate slept with Patrick Stump." Patrick rolled his eyes,
"That's retarded, so I can't touch her at all. That's bull shit."
"Oh by the way guys," Pete started off, ignoring the bruing argument, "Uhm, Fueled By Ramen and Decaydance are interested in signing you, they heard 'Chelsea' and like fell in love with you or something." He shrugged trying to hold back a smile.
"SHUT UP." The four members of Delilah yelled in unison. Pete just nodded and put his arm around Sara,
"Yeah they want to talk to you after the tour." The band ambushed Pete, enveloping him in a hug, Sara was stuck in the middle but hugged anyways.
"GROUP HUG!" Pete yelled and Joe, Andy and Patrick ran and joined them. Dirty saw everybody hugging and made some sort of grunting noise and ran at the group at full speed, opening his arms and tackling them. Everyone ended up on the asphalt either because they were directly hit by Dirty or just because of the domino effect. After everyone was back on their feet they proceeded into the venue. With sound check completed everyone got to relax, except of course Delilah, who was the first act on stage. Since they were technically not supposed to be on tour, Pete worked his magic and got them a spot on first, which wasn't the best, but at least they were there. The venue was filling up quite fast, this was by far the biggest show Delilah had ever played. Brian and Sam were peeking out at the crowd, when Matt walked up,
"Where's Kate?" he asked.
"I don't know I haven't seen her in awhile." Sam replied and turned around to look at a now semi worried Matt.
"Maybe she's with Sara, or Fall Out Boy." Brian added optimistically. The boys walked into the backstage area and into Fall Out Boy's room. They skimmed the room for Kate. They saw Pete, and Sara on the couch fixated on the game Pete was playing. Andy, Joe and Patrick were in the corner attempting to play hacky-sack.
"Shit!" Sam spat out and everyone looked up, Sam usually never cursed.
"Whoa that was weird, what's up?" Andy asked and looked at the three male members of Delilah.
"Kate's missing." Brian mumbled and sat down on the couch obviously stressed out. Everyone looked at Patrick who put his hands up,
"I don't know you guys." Sara was the next person questioned,
"The last time I saw her she said she was going to get a drink, I haven't seen her since." She replied and then added, "She's probably in the bathroom, she's been really nervous and this is the biggest show you guys have ever played."
"I'll find her." Patrick replied before taking out his phone and pushing the speed dial to Kate's phone, a few seconds later Marvin Gaye's 'Let's Get It On' was bellowing from a closet. Patrick smiled and walked over to the closet and opened the door. Kate was sitting on the floor, knees to chest, with her inhaler in her hand. Everybody rushed over.
"Holy hell we thought you bailed." Matt said now relieved. Patrick sat on the floor in the closet next to her and shut the door.
"Are you ok?" He asked to what he thought was Kate, but he couldn't be sure, it was rather dark. He heard her shake the inhaler and then take two breaths before,
"Yeah, I just needed a second. That's a big crowd." Patrick laughed and replied
"Yeah it is. It's ok to be nervous, I threw up the first time I played to a crowd this size." It was Kate's turn to laugh.
"Yeah I remember."
"So c'mon, it's time to play." He said standing up and opening the closet. He reached down and grabbed her hand, he noticed her wince and let go.
"God damn Kate, why did you take off your cast." He sighed and grabbed her other hand.
"I told you, I couldn't play properly with it on, I lasted about two songs. Remember?" He nodded and then replied,
"But it still hurts and is probably still broken, are you going to play through the pain? I
mean I still have shiners, and those heal way faster then broken bones."
"Whatever Patrick, I'm playing." She said and picked up her guitar, "I've got to go, so
give me a kiss and wish me luck." Patrick leaned in to kiss her but was stopped by Matt.
"No kissy, kissy, lets go." Patrick sighed and replied,
"Luck. I'll be on the side of the stage, just in case you wanted to know." Before Kate walked out of the room. She looked around for Pete but didn't find him, which she thought was strange but shook it off and gave Joe, Andy and Sara all hugs before she strapped up her guitar. Delilah was waiting for Dirty to introduce them but an all too familiar voice echoed though the speakers, followed by an obnoxious amount of screaming.
"All right you guys, she's probably going to kill me for this but, the band that is about to play has someone very dear to my heart in it, and I couldn't bear to let someone else introduce them on their first night of the tour." Boo's were heard, "Ha you guys, it's not my girlfriend." With that said the crowd cheered on again, "This is my baby sister's band, give it up for Delilah." Pete ran off the stage and past the band giving them high fives and kissing Kate on the cheek. Kate was too nervous to care about anything other than not sucking. To put it mildly, they didn't suck they kicked ass. They opened up with 'Fool for Love' and by their closing song 'Chelsea' they had most definitely won over the crowd. Kate was torn, because though she loved the crowd's response to the song, she was upset that it took Patrick cheating on her for this amazing song to emerge. She suddenly felt extremely bitter as the song finished. He freaking cheated on me, and I took him back no questions asked. Am I an idiot? she questioned herself and glanced at Patrick who was standing offstage, semi clapping, I mean that song was about him cheating on her and though he was happy that the band did an amazing job, he was still hurt by her lyrics. I deserve it. he told himself. It was the truth.
"Thank you, you're an amazing crowd." Kate said into the microphone. "We're Delilah
stay put because some amazing bands are coming up." And with that Delilah walked offstage. Kate walked over to Pete, who was with Sara, those two had gotten very close since she last remembered. She smacked him,
"I can't believe you did that." Pete just shrugged.
"Am I still your favorite brother?" Kate crossed her arms,
"No, I'm replacing you with Joe." She stated and pointed to Joe who was eating a sandwich, he temporarily stopped eating and with a mouth full he said,
"Please don't say that."
"Why?" Kate laughed.
"Because brothers aren't fuckable." He said mouth still full, and Kate rolled her eyes,
"Ok I'm replacing you with Andy." Andy nodded in response,
"Rock on sista." He stated and put an arm around her shoulder. Joe cut in and placed an arm around her other shoulder,
"Have I told you lately that you are the biggest badass I know." Kate scrunched up her eyebrows,
"Ugh thanks?"
"No, no, that is definitely a compliment. It's hot that you just played a whole set in a
dress with broken knuckles." Patrick cleared his throat and Joe stopped talking.
"Mind if I cut in?" he sarcastically questioned Joe.
"No not at all." Joe replied with a smirk before walking away to finish tuning up. Patrick pulled Kate into a kiss, now that her identity as a Wentz was revealed he figured there was no need to hide their relationship. Kate, however, pulled away and gave him slight smile,
"Maybe we should still keep us on the down low." Patrick frowned at her, he knew something was wrong.
"Why, what's the point of hiding the fact that we're together? We've never hidden
before." Patrick responded with a hint of anger in his voice. Kate still remained lucid.
"I'm not saying to hide our relationship, I'm just saying that we don't need to flaunt it."
"Why not? We're supposed to be in love. I love you Kate and I want everyone to know." It was then that Kate remembered that rainy night that seemed so long ago before, but was burning holes into her memory now:

"What do you want me to say?" Patrick said now raising his voice, "Do you want
me to tell you that I don't love you, FINE!" he lied.
"LIAR!" She screamed through her tears.

Kate put her hand over her mouth as the tears began to fill her eyes. Patrick repeated himself,
"I love you Kate." But all she kept hearing was,
"I DON'T FUCKING LOVE YOU, I NEVER HAVE." it echoed though her thoughts as if her mind was a record on repeat.
"Kate, what's wrong?" Patrick asked now noticing the tears streaming down her face, Kate looked up at him,
"I DON'T FUCKING LOVE YOU, I NEVER HAVE." repeated in her mind, and she backed away from him. He tried to pull her into his arms but she shoved past him and began running. She needed to get out, she needed air.
"Kate!" He yelled after her to receive no reply. He was about to chase her but was pulled away by Andy letting him know that he needed to tune up. Patrick shrugged him off his shoulder and Andy looked up surprised, he saw Kate running down the hall with Sara after her. Andy glared at Patrick.
"What did you do now?" Patrick didn't answer Andy, he was in shock. That wasn't the response one usually receives after they tell their girlfriend of three years that they love them. It wasn't even the first time he said it either, and she's said it back before. What made this time so different then all the others? And then he remembered:

"What do you want me to say?" Patrick said now raising his voice, "Do you want
me to tell you that I don't love you, FINE!" he lied.
"LIAR!" She screamed through her tears.

He felt faint and looked at Andy.
"Oh God, I need to sit down." Andy nodded and helped him to a chair and asked once more,
"Dude, what happened?" Andy had his hands on Patrick's shoulders so he could look him in the eyes. There was no response and Pete walked over finally noticing that something was in fact the matter. He nudged Andy,
"What's going on?" Andy sighed,
"I have no fucking idea. All I know is that Kate ran out of here crying with Sara
following her, and now this one looks like he's going to pass out. He won't say anything
though." Pete groaned and looked at Patrick. In a moment so quick that a thought couldn't even be produced Pete slapped Patrick across the face with an open palm. Patrick shook his head and looked up at Pete who was just smiling.
"Good, I thought that would work." Pete's facial expression soon changed from slight amusement to mirror Andy's concerned face.
"What happened?"
"I fucking told her I didn't love her and that I never have."
"WHAT?" Pete and Andy yelled in unison. "You fucking just told her that, right now?" Andy questioned and pointed in the direction Kate ran.
"What? No, before. In Chicago."
"You told her that?" Pete said, not yelling but you could still the anger in his voice. Patrick just nodded, Pete slapped him again.
"What the fuck dude?" Patrick looked up at him and Pete just pointed a finger,
"Dumb, you're a dumb fuck."
Pete then turned to Andy and Joe, who had walked up to witness the spectacle.
"They're supposed to be together, they're just supposed to. How is that ever going to work when everytime my sister sings a song she wrote after 'Trick cheated on her shes reminded of him, yes cheating on her, but also of him yelling that 'he never loved her, and never has?' Tell me how that's supposed to work."
Before anyone could respond Dirty yelled into the microphone,
"And now the kick ass band you all have been waiting for, FALL OUT BOY."
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