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Kate managed to lock herself in a bathroom stall and just sat and cried. Even from her spot in the stall she could still hear Patrick's voice blaring through the speakers, which caused her to cry harder. Sara walked into the bathroom and put her hands on her knees to try and catch her breath before,
"Kate?" she called but received no reply.
"Kate I know you're in here, I can here you crying." Sara walked over to the stall that the crying was coming from, the door was of course locked, so Sara went to the stall next to it, stood on the toilet and peered over.
"Kate, care to fill me in?" she asked and Kate looked up at her.
"Patrick cheated on me." Sara started laughing and then stopped when she saw Kate wasn't kidding.
"Wait, you're serious?" Kate nodded and went on,
"Yes, he cheated on me a few weeks ago with some girl named Chelsea." Sara nodded,
"Ah, hence the song. But what happened back there, I mean you two are together again
"Yes, but I don't know if I can be with him. Now it seems that every time he speaks to
me or every time I sing that song I only think about how he told me that 'he doesn't
love me, and never has.' Does that sound stupid?" Sara's eyes grew wide,
"He said that? Holy crap I need to move back to Chicago I feel like I'm missing out on
life. But I don't think that's stupid, I mean you don't have to be sorry Kate, he was the
one who cheated on you. You did nothing wrong. And as for taking him back, that was
either very brave, or very stupid. If I was in your shoes I'm not so sure I would have
taken him back." Kate only nodded in response.
"This isn't the way it was supposed to happen Sara."
"I don't know what to tell you sweetie, you need to talk to him about it. Now can we
please get the hell out of the bathroom. This place is almost as bad as Warped." Sara said and looked around the bathroom, Kate managed to laugh though her sniffles and wiped her tear stricken face before standing up and replying,
"Nothing is worse than Warped."
"That's why I said almost." Sara and Kate both laughed. Kate unlocked the bathroom stall door and Sara pulled her into a hug and the two walked out of the bathroom and back into Fall Out Boy's room. Sam, Brian, and Matt were packing up their equipment,
"I already packed up your guitar Kate." Brian stated from his spot across the room.
"Thank you." Kate stated and grabbed her guitar case,
"I'm going to start packing up the van, ok?" it was more of statement rather than a question. The boys nodded in response and Kate grabbed some more equipment before exiting the room, she saw that Fall Out Boy was exiting the stage and she quickened her pace hoping that no one saw her.
"Kate wait up." Andy yelled and Kate sighed and stopped. The sweaty drummer jogged over and took the guitar case from her.
"You really should go ice that." He said and motioned to her severally swollen and bruised hand. She gave him a slight smile and glanced back to the room and saw Patrick walking down the hallway tugging on the bill of his hat, he didn't see her.
"It's ok, I've got it." Andy just shook his head and grabbed the other bag that she was holding,
"No it's really not ok, we've all decided that you're going back to the hospital, and if you
refuse, we're kicking you off the tour. Now go ice your hand, after the meet and greet
we're leaving for the hospital." Kate sighed, there was no use in her fighting.
"Is there any other place I can get ice for my hand?"
"You're going to have to talk to him sometime Kate. You know he didn't mean those
things he said, he's killing himself over it. We're surprised he didn't break down on
stage." She sighed once more and started off in the direction of the room. As soon as she walked in Joe yelled,
"HI KATE." Patrick immediately looked up, Kate ignored him and raised her injured hand in the air,
"Andy said to get ice." Pete glared at Patrick from his spot next to Sara, and Patrick stood up and got her some ice. He walked over and put her hand in his, with the ice on top. He sighed as she grabbed the ice and pulled her hand away. Kate mumbled out a thank you and walked away. Andy walked into the room and passed Kate who was leaving, he just sighed before informing everyone that it was time to meet the fans. Joe excited yelled,
"YEAH WE GET TO MEET SOME LADIES." Everyone laughed and proceeded to follow Andy and Joe out of the room.
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