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ohh my, lots of things are going down in this chapter.

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The doctor walked out into the waiting room where everyone sat.
"Is there a Mr. Peter Wentz here?" The doctor said momentarily looking up from his clipboard. Only one person was allowed to accompany Kate in the examining room and Pete let Sara go in his place.
"Yeah, that's me." Pete said as he stood up, "Is there a problem Doctor? My sister just came in for a new cast." The doctor nodded,
"Maybe you should come over here with me."
"Uhm, alright." Pete responded and followed the doctor glancing back at the now standing Patrick. Once they were alone the doctor started off.
"Mr. Wentz, your wife has taken a not so serious injury, and turned it into something
serious." Pete was confused,
"She's my sister."
"Oh sorry."
"It's fine, but what are you talking about?"
"We needed to operate on her hand." The doctor responded in a very professional matter.
"My sister is a musician sir, operating on her hand would be detrimental to her career."
"So would not operating. I don't think you understand Mr. Wentz her knuckles are
severally broken, we needed to operate to set them into place or else her hand may
never work properly again." Pete sighed and scratched his head.
"Actually I was only sent in to inform you that she was wheeled into surgery about," He glanced at his watch, "Fifteen or so minutes ago, it's a very complicated surgery so you should be here awhile." Pete was livid.
"PEOPLE DIE IN SURGERY." The doctor remained calm and Sara appeared from the double doors crying. Pete ran over to her and pulled her into a hug, and Sara cried into his chest.
"They just took her away, I tried to come get you."
"Shh, it's ok. It's not your fault." He said and held her to his chest. Pete then heard yelling and turned to look for the cause of the noise.
"TELL ME WHATS WRONG WITH HER DAMNIT." Patrick yelled at the doctor.
"I'm sorry sir I can only disclose that information to immediate family members." The doctor said while not looking up from the stack of files he was reading. Andy, Joe, Sam, Brian and Matt appeared behind Patrick. Andy cut in,
"We are immediate family." The doctor now looked up and studied all the guys with an arched eyebrow.
"How are you all related to Mrs. Wentz?" Andy noticed that the doctor used 'Mrs.' instead of 'Ms.' and used it to their advantage. He shoved Patrick forward,
"This is her husband." Patrick glanced back to Andy and gave him a confused look but then caught on and just nodded.
"What's your name sir?
"Last name?"
"Stumph." The doctor looked through his files.
"She didn't mention a husband." It was Pete's turn to cut in,
"How could she when you wheeled her into surgery so fast?"
"WHAT?" Patrick yelled.
"Surgery?" Sam questioned.
"I'm not at liberty to discuss this further. But hey you guys look familiar?" The doctor went off on a very unappreciated tangent. The doctor's eyes grew big,
"Hey you guys have that music video with the boy who's a deer or something." They nodded.
"Ha, that's cool, my girlfriend went to your show tonight. Can I have you're
autograph?" Joe glared at him,
"Are you kidding? You take Kate into surgery without telling anyone, you act like
you don't give a rat's ass, you don't tell us anything, and you want us to give you
an autograph?" The doctor nodded and smiled eagerly. Patrick snapped and lunged at him, Andy and Joe held him back.
"I thought she was your wife?" Patrick tried lunging at him again but Joe and Pete beat him too it. They both charged at him, Joe jumping on his back and Pete tackling his stomach. Andy didn't dare let Patrick go, Sam tried to grab Joe with no luck, Brian did get a hold of Pete but they both ended up on the hospital floor. A security guard ran over, restrained Joe, and took him away in handcuffs. The doctor was obviously a dick, so it wasn't surprising when he had Patrick and Pete taken away also. Both of them were dragged away in handcuffs while yelling profanities.
"Fuck." Andy mumbled under his breath. Sara obviously overwhelmed started crying again and slid down the hospital wall.
"Where the hell were they taken?" Sam asked Andy, though he knew that Andy didn't know. Andy just shrugged, walked over to the nurses station and asked as politely as he could,
"Excuse me Miss, but can you tell me where my friends were taken?" She looked up at him,
"The ones in handcuffs?" Andy nodded, and the nurse laughed at him for obviously asking a stupid question.
"Like hospital jail?"
"Like jail, jail." Andy's eyes grew wide,
"They were really arrested?" and the nurse nodded once more,
"Assaulting a doctor is like assaulting a police man, it means big trouble."
"But that guy was a dick!" Andy said raising his voice a little.
"Who? Dr. Cohen? Yeah he is. I'm sorry." Andy nodded, smiled politely and turned away. He walked over to the awaiting Sam, Brian, Matt and Sara.
"They're in jail."
"Hospital jail?" Brian questioned, and Andy shook his head.
"Jail, jail." The boys fell into chairs and Sara started crying again.

At the jail Joe and Pete sat on the bench inside the cell and Patrick paced. Finally fed up, Patrick walked to the bars that were holding them in the cell and yelled,
"DON'T WE GET A FUCKING PHONE CALL?" only to have an officer throw something at the bars and yell,
"SHUT THE FUCK UP ROCKSTAR, YOU'LL GIT YER PHONE CALL WHEN I SAY SO." Patrick groaned and attempted to shake the bars before returning to his pacing. Pete stood up,
"C'mon sir, my sister is in surgery." The officer was obviously annoyed and walked over to the cell.
"I said that you would git yer phone call when I said so, got it pretty boy?" Pete nodded Joe opened his mouth to say something but the officer stopped him,
"Don't you dare open that mouth of yers Jew." Joe ignored him and instead of saying what he was planning on saying he just asked,
"How'd you know I was Jewish?"
"I can smell 'em from a mile away." The redneck officer replied before scratching his ass and walking away. Joe stayed silent not being brave enough to mouth off to him. Before he sat down he yelled over his shoulder,
"And if you fags make me git up again, yer gonna git it." Joe didn't move from his position he just whispered,
"Oh my God, we're going to die."

Back at the hospital Sara, Matt, Brian and Sam were sitting in the waiting room, Andy had left to attempt to bail the other three out of jail. A new doctor walked out of the swinging double doors and looked up from his clipboard.
"Is a Mr. Peter Wentz here?" Sara stood up,
"No, the other doctor had him arrested, but we're here for Kate Wentz." The doctor nodded,
"Are you immediate family?" Sara nodded,
"These are her other brothers, and I'm his wife." Sara replied pointing to Brian.
"Alright, she's out of surgery now. She's resting but may have visitors." They all nodded and followed the doctor into Kate's room. She was awake. Sara ran over and hugged her.
"I am so glad you are ok, but when you get out of here you are in so much trouble it's not even funny."
Kate nodded apologetically, and then noticed that Pete, Patrick, Joe and Andy were missing.
"What happened?" Sara laughed a little but replied,
"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."
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