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Chapter 1

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Tamers. When Beelzemon defeated Megidramon, Takato wishes he could go back in time and redo the whole thing.

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Wow, I wrote all this in only 2 hours. I think that's a new record for me. I hate the way this chapter turned out, but it was just to set the stage anyway, so I don't think it's worth rewriting. This starts pretty much right at the beginning of episode 35 of Tamers and focuses on the kids, so you won't see any of Hypnos until the very end. I'll shut up and let you read now.

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon.
Be Careful What You Wish For
Chapter 1
By LanHikari2000x

"That can't be Guilmon... Not the Guilmon I created," Takato whispered.

Megidramon roared and Coiled his tail tightly around Beelzemon and lunged forward to eat the Demon Lord, who just barely managed to keep the dragon's mouth from closing on his head.

"I must admit this is not a very attractive side of you Pineapple Head!" Beelzemon grunted as drops of acidic saliva fell on his face and shoulder. "Now yer drooling on me!"

On the sidelines, Jeri covered her face with her hands, "He's horrible!"

"Horrible?" Takato turned away from Jeri to look and Megidramon. "She's right, and it's my fault. I made him digivolve, I created him with my anger, my hatred!

The ground below them started to crack and split, leaving the Tamers separated by large fissures.

"As if things weren't bad enough already!" Rika exclaimed, looking down into the seemingly bottomless bit.

The symbol on Megidramon's chest plate started flashing red. "Oh no! Look at Megidramon!" Henry shouted, "I think he's responsible for this! I should have realized it before; that's a Hazard sign on his chest! He can destroy the whole Digital World!"

"Henwy! Help me!" Henry turned to see that the piece of ground that Suzy was on was moving away from him. "Make it stop!"

He ran and jumped over fissure to his little sister. "I'm coming!" He hugged Suzy as the ground broke away more, leaving them on a small island. "Rapidmon!"

"On my way!" said digimon called ad he flew towards his partner.

"Just in time," Henry said as Rapidmon set them down on a piece of land less in danger of collapsing. "Thanks buddy."

"I've never let you down before and I'm not about to start now!"

The ground continued to fall apart as Megidramon had his opponent pinned under him.

"Please!" Takato shouted, "Guilmon you have to stop this! Listen to me!" Megidramon ignored him and continued trying to delete Beelzemon.

"When Catsuramon set me up was this his plan all along?!" Beelzemon grunted, still holding onto Megidramon's jaws, "To have me destroyed?"

Makuramon then flew down in a ball of light. "Just what do you think you're doing? If you don't end this foolish battle immediately you will destroy the entire Digital World! Catsuramon was a fool to create a mega as pathetic as you!"

"I'm not pathetic!"

"The truth hurts, doesn't it? Of course you're pathetic; you're a pawn in a game you can't even understand!"

"That's enough!" he screamed, letting go of Megidramon with his right hand and reaching out to grab Makuramon by the face. "You talk too much Monkey Boy, but you do have something I need!" Beelzemon screamed and tightened his hand around Makuramon's head to delete him.

With a shout of, "This can't be happening!" Makuramon burst into bits of data, which Beelzemon absorbed.

Rika was taken aback. "I... can't... believe it!"

"That's it, he most be stopped!" Kyuubimon said as she stood up and jumped into the battle.

"No don't! I can't lose you!" Rika shouted after her.

"Rapidmon, no!" Henry shouted to his partner as he flew off after Kyuubimon.

"Henry he loaded the data! Just swallowed him up like an ice cream cone. He's gotta be stopped or we'll all be dessert!"

"Fine." Rika had a determined look on her face as she pulled out a card. "Digimodify: Matrix Digivolution activate"

Matrix Digivolution_
Kyuubimon Matrix Digivolve to... Taomon

Using the strength he gained by loading Makuramon, Beelzemon managed to push Megidramon's head up and away from his own just in time to cancel out Rapidmon and Taomon's Tri-beam and Talisman of Light attacks by trapping in a Primal Orb attack.

"That's Makuramon's attack, Beelzemon must have absorbed his power when he loaded his data! Get out of there!" Henry yelled.

"I don't think I can," Rapidmon responded, "I'm a bunny in a bubble!" Taomon chanted something and tried to break out of her prison, but the attack dissipated on contact with the orb.

"Why don't the two of you stick around for dinner?" Beelzemon taunted as their data started to become unstable, "After Monkey Boy I'm in the mood for a little Rabbit Stew or French Fried Fox Tail!"


"They're both trapped like flies; totally helpless! What now...?" getting an idea, he pulled out a card, "Rika! Use the Alias card!"

"The Alias card? Oh! Digimodify: Alias Activate"

Terriermon and Renamon fell out of the Primal Orbs, but Beelzemon absorbed the data left over from their Ultimate forms.

Using his new power to push Megidramon all the way back up, Beelzemon unleashed a barrage of punches that sent the dragon flying back a bit, then a kick which shattered his chest plate. Megidramon was sent back and landed hard on the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust.

"Guilmon, No!" Takato ran up to his partner. An evil red light was emitting from when the chest plate used to be, and it was slowly eating away at Megidramon's form. "No...NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Takato closed his eyes, crying, "No, this can't be right! This can't be how it was meant to be!" he opened his eyes and turned to look at the heavens, "Please, I want to go back. Let me go back in time and make things right! Please!"

A Digignome appeared in front of him and Takato heard a voice in his head, "You risk changing history in ways you cannot even begin to imagine. Are you sure you want this, human? The consequences could be great..."

"Yes, I'll take the risk."

The Digignome glowed brightly and flew forward, straight into Takato's chest. Takato disappeared in an explosion of white light, though he was unaware of it, as he had passed out when the Digignome had fused with him.


"Mr. Yamaki, we have another problem."

"What is it?"

"The large energy signature that spiked a minute ago has disappeared, but a new one has taken its place. It's not quite as strong as the last one, but that hasn't stopped it from covering the entire network!"

Yamaki and Tao looked up at the dome-screen and saw that it was completely covered with concentric pentagrams[1] just before the world went white and they knew no more.


[1] If you conect the inside corners of a pentagram you get a smaller pentagram inside the first one. Do this a couple dozen times and you'll have what I'm refering to.

I just realized how utterly stupid the lines from the show look when copied onto paper...

Yes, I like semicolons. Taomon, Makuramon, and Rapidmon each had a line or two that I didn't put in. Sorry, I couldn't hear what they were saying. If you notice any plot holes, flawed logic, or OOCness point it out and I'll do my best to fix it. Please review. Even if you don't have anything really usefull to say, feed my ego, it will make me focus on this story more knowing that people are actualy reading it.
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