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Chapter 2

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Adjusting and meeting Henry.

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This chapter is the longest thing I have ever written. Ever. It's also the first time I've ever actually liked the way something I wrote came out. And yes, I am including school work in this. Now, all of you should bow down and thank Daniel14541, my Beta, I think, not really sure how that works, even though I only used one of his suggestions.

Disclaimer: If I owned Digimon, season 5 would have been a continuation of Tamers, not this weird thing that it actually is. Not that Savers in bad in any way, it's just... weird.
Be Careful What You Wish For
Chapter 2
by LanHikari2000x

Takato woke with a start. Looking around, he saw that he had been sleeping on the floor next to Guilmon.

'Was that all a dream? Or did I really just go back in time? Let's see, if I did go back in time, would there be any way to prove it, so I know I'm not going crazy?' He looked around his room again, to see if anything seemed off, when it struck him.

"The Digignome!" he exclaimed, then quickly covered his mouth with his hand and waited to see if his parents had heard him. Not hearing their footsteps, he continued in a quieter voice, "When that Digignome merged with me, or whatever it was that it did, it should have left some sort of mark, right?" He lifted up his shirt and looked down at his chest.

There, covering his chest and faint enough that you wouldn't see it unless you were looking for it, almost like a scar, was a large pentagram. And inscribed in it, another pentagram, with another one inside that, and another, and another. Takato felt sure that if he had a microscope or something, he would be able to see it continuing on to infinity.[1]

Replacing his shirt, he went back to sleep next to his partner, deciding he could wait to figure out what to do until tomorrow.

The Next Morning

Takato raced down the stairs and into the kitchen to grab some bread for himself and Guilmon.

"Takato!" his mom called.

"Hm?" Takato umm... hummed through a loaf bread in his mouth. 'Let's see, this is when she thought Guilmon was a pet cat or something. I think I'll just do it the same as last time, that seemed to work out well enough.' He swallowed his bread and started shoving more loaves into his pockets.

"Do you remember that time you found a cat and brought it home?"

'Knew it' "I didn't find it mom, that old lady in the park gave it to me, remember?"

"I know. I just want to remind you we can't have any pets. Are you listening? Takato?" She looked around the door to the kitchen, "Whatever animal you have up in your room, you're just going to have to take back. Ok?"

Takato put on a big smile, "Mom, you're crazy. An animal..."

He ran outside and called up to Guilmon, "Guilmon, you can come down now!"

To anyone walking by, it would have looked like a large cardboard box with claws and a tail had jumped out of the window on the second floor of the bakery and landed on him. Hard.

"Not on me..." he grunted, pushing the box off him.


"You're really heavy! Now let's see, we need to go to the park and get you set up."


Takato knew that he had been given a rare opportunity with this whole time travel thing, and was determined to make the best of it. Including not letting Guilmon rampage around school.

He lead Guilmon up to the concrete structure at the back of the park.

He talked to Guilmon while dropping the bread on the ground, "Ok Guilmon, you need to stay here while I'm at school, alright?"

Guilmon tilted his head to the side a bit, "Go school?"

Takato laughed, "Yeah, school. It's where I go to learn things that I'll never need to know. I can't take you with me, but when I get back we can play as much as you want, Ok?"

"Play now!" Guilmon shouted happily.

Takato smiled at his partner, "I wish I could, but I'm going to be late if I don't leave right now. Bye!" He turned and ran out of the structure, neglecting to close the gate all the way behind him in his haste.


Takato got to the main area of the park faster than he had last time, just in time to see Kenta lose to Kazu.

"Hey Yolei, what's with the glasses?"

Takato pushed up his goggles a bit, "I thought I'd try cosplaying as Tai." He looked down at the card game, then turned back to Kazu, "You cheated."[2]

"What!" Kenta studied the cards. "Hey, he's right! Kazu!"

"Well, look at the time. Gotta go. You know, what with gym class starting in ten minutes and all." He looked at Kenta, who was still glaring at him, "Um, bye!" He ran.

"Hey! Get back here! I want a rematch!" Kenta raced off after his friend and, for the first time in history, they were both early for school.

Takato shook his head and cleaned up the game for his friends before running off after them.


Miss Asaji blew he whistle, "Next? Let's go!"

Takato ran for the long jump. When he landed, Jeri came up with a measuring tape.

"Well, how'd I do?" he asked, trying to get his breath back.

"Just over three meters!" Jeri exclaimed.

"All right!"

"Don't get too excited there Chumly, I still beat you," commented Kazu.

"You're just sore because I caught you cheating."

Just then, the fire alarm started to ring.

"No," whispered Takato, "Please, no."

"You kids stay here, I'll see what's going on." Miss Asaji ran to the main building to check what had happened.

Takato ran after her, praying that Guilmon hadn't snuck into school to find him like last time.

He arrived to see the box he had used to sneak Guilmon out of his house, just like last time. "Not again!" he hissed, and ran to the kitchens, hoping to catch his partner there. He didn't notice Henry watching him as he ran off.

When he got there he heard the lunch ladies complaining about how they had just finally gotten the food to a high enough toxicity to serve, but other than that, no sign of Guilmon.

'Next he went to the roof and watched the clouds. Oh man, I hope nobody saw him. I really don't need Yamaki stalking me...'

As Takato ran past the storage shed, he saw Henry leaning against a wall. "Hi Henry, Hey Terriermon!" he called and continued running to the stairs to get to the roof.

He found Guilmon standing by the edge of the roof, staring at the clouds, just like he remembered.


Guilmon turned around. Seeing Takato, ran and jumped on his partner. "Takatomon!"

"Hey boy, I thought I told you to stay in the park until I came back."

"But I got bored. So I came to find Takatomon so we could play!"

Takato smiled, "I guess I should have known this would happen. Come on, school was canceled when you nearly gave the principal a heart attack, so we can go play now." He turned around and froze when he saw Henry and Terriermon standing at the entrance to the stairwell. "Umm, hi?"

"So you're a Tamer too?" Henry stared at Takato, while Terriermon ran up to Guilmon and started up a little game of tag.

Takato gulped. "Yeah, I am." 'Well, I might as well do this right.' He held out his hand, "Takato Matsuki, nice to meet you."

Henry took his hand, "Henry Wong, but you already knew that, didn't you?"

"I- yeah, I did." Takato took his hand back and looked over to Guilmon, "Look, I made a mistake that I'd rather not think about right now. Please don't ask about that."

Henry fallowed his gaze, 'His digimon...?' "What kind of digimon is that? I don't think I've ever seen him before."

"You wouldn't have." He called to his partner, "Hey Guilmon, come on! Let's go!" Then, back to Henry, "We're going down to the park, want to come?"


The two of them, plus Guilmon and Terriermon, left the roof of the school and headed to the main area of the park, where Takato stopped.

"Hold on, I need to grab my stuff." He climbed into the dinosaur where he, Kazu, and Kenta kept their cards and opened his card box. He pulled out his D-Ark, and noticed that it looked different. This was the first time he had really looked at since that thing with the Digignome, and the colors seemed to have reversed themselves. Instead of a white body with a red ring, it now had a ruby red body and a bone white ring.[3] Ignoring this for now, he hung it around his neck and grabbed his deck.

Climbing back down, he said, "Ok, I'm ready. Follow me, I know a spot where we shouldn't be bothered."

A few minutes later: Guilmon's Hut

"...and then when I was leaving my room to go to dinner, my D-Ark started to scan my notebook by itself. After school the next day, it started acting like a compass and lead me to the industrial district, where I found Guilmon."

Henry took a moment to let this sink in. "So you actually created him? That's amazing! But earlier, when you said you made a mistake, I saw you looking at him. Does what you did have anything to with...?" When Takato didn't respond, he quickly added, "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

Takato shook his head, "No, I should probably tell someone. Do you watch Digimon Adventure?" A nod. "Do you remember what Tai did in Etemon's coliseum?" Another nod, this one accompanied by a look that said Henry didn't like where this seemed to be going. "Well, what I did was worse than that."

"What! How could you have done something worse than that? Unless..."

"No, he didn't delete anyone. We actually lost that fight, and Guilmon was almost deleted. No, it was worse because... SkullGreymon was only an Ultimate. Megidramon is a Mega, and his very existence almost destroyed the Digital World."

"So you actually... wow." He looked down at his watch and jumped up, "Sorry, I've got to go, I promised my mom I would be home ten minutes ago!" He grabbed Terriermon and ran out.

Takato leaned back as he watched them leave. "Well, that went better than it could have. But when are-"

He was interrupted by a yellow blur slamming into Guilmon.

"...Rika and Renamon. Never mind."


[1] I'm not sure if this means anything or not, but it's the symbol I personally use to represent The Powers That Be. I just thought it seemed appropriate here. Besides, fractals are fun!

[2] I'm been a long time since I've played the game at all, but I'm pretty sure Kenta should have won this game.

[3] Yes, there is a reason for this. It will be revealed shortly after the Devas start to appear. ...I think...

AN:sighs: I wanted to go a bit farther than this, but I couldn't get it to work right. Oh well, this is where the actual episode ended anyway, so it still works. Just out of curiosity, who many people agree with what Takato said regarding school? And, let's see... what was the other thing I wanted to say...? ... Ah yes. Does anyone know of a group who's subbing faster than WolfPack? I love the quality of their work, but I would like to be able to watch more than one episode a year. Please R&R. Ja ne!
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