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Do It For Me Now

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secret saying in a special song

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Leave Lovers Dead in Ditches
Chapter Five
Do It For Me Now
"The end of the part of our favorite movie where the guy grabs the girl and gives her his hand says take me away from this torturous land."

Today was the day. Three days ago Pete and I had given our lyrics to Eric and Patrick. They must have come up with about twenty different versions of that song, and finally the four of us could agree on one. We had practiced it yesterday, and today we would be recording it.
Eric, Zack, Brennan and I were all set up along with Pete, Joe, Andy and Patrick. We were side by side. Eurydice Fall was right beside Fall Out Boy about to complete our dream of recording a song with them. We all looked at each other, glances of excitement and nervousness were being shared. "Are you read?" we heard David the tech guy ask from the other side of the sound booth.
"Yes," we all answered. He started up the music.
(Me) Flatten the surface
Of the feathered down
Comforter as you lay
On my bed
And I'll talk about my
Life before you
While holding the
Pillow to my chest (pillow to my chest)
(Patrick) Ending on a no moon night
(M) I'm lonely and can't seem
(P) To find my glasses
(M) So I can see the truth
(P) You love me
(M) But I loved you
End of Chorus
(P) Flatten the surface (Flatten the surface)
Of my confidence
That I wear on my sleeve
Of my black heart
And you could see it a mile away
Until you approached
I lost it all
And was torn
(P)Ending on a no moon night
(M) I'm lonely and can't seem
(P) To find my glasses
(M) So I can see the truth
(P) You love me
(M) But I loved you
End of Chorus
(P&M) We close our eyes
And say goodnight *(SAY GOODNIGHT)
Lay in the shallow graves
We toss and turn *(TOSS AND TURN)
I a night's sleep
Just because we're
In our dreams
Hold me tight
(N) And creep from under the door *(FROM UNDER THE DOOR)
(P) Just hold me tight (hold me tight)
(P) Ending on a no moon night
(M) I'm lonely and can't seem (say goodnight)
(P) To find my glasses
(M) So I can see the truth (toss and turn)
(P) You love me
(M) But I loved you (from under the door *HOLD ME TIGHT)
When we were done David come over the intercom, "Wow! Guys that sounded awesome. Now I just want Natalie in the room, so I can replay it, and we can get her screams in."
Everyone started to file out, and Pete stopped before he went out. "So, what do you want to call this one?" he asked.
I smiled, "Just One of Those Frustrating Romantic Moments sounds good."
"I like it. When you are done here I need to tell you something," he said walking out. I just nodded as I saw the back of his head fade into the doorway.
Just then the music started up again, and I began to listen back to what we had just recorded. I started adding some whispers, and screams here and there making sure not to crowd the song. We would play back every little bit or so just to hear how it was.
Just when we had finished I heard my cell phone begin to ring, so I ran in just I time to get it.
"Hello?" I answered.
"Where are you now on your tour?" I heard from the other side
"Mom, is that you?"
"Yes it is darling. So, answer my question."
"Mom, I'm not touring anymore."
"Well, then why aren't you back here?"
I looked over to the guys sitting on the couches, "It's mom. Because mom you'll never believe this."
"Do I have to sit down?"
"Mom, the guys say high, and yes you have to sit down."
"Alright, I'm sitting."
"Good. Now mom do you remember Fall Out Boy?"
"You mean that band that I stood in line for eight hours for just so I could get you an autograph without you knowing? That Fall Out Boy?"
"Yeah, and do you remember Pete Wentz mom?"
"You mean that little punk that said I was a hot mom, and a very good one?"
"Yeah mom the one that called you a hot mom, and a very good one at that."
"That was your mom?" I heard Pete in the background, but I ignored him.
"Well, they came and saw one of our shows, and Pete Wentz offered us a spot on his record label. We're in Los Angeles recording right now. Mom, we made it big." I heard a loud scream from over the phone. "Mom are you okay?"
"I'm so excited for you. When are you flying me out?"
"Umm hold on," I said covering up the phone. "Hey Petey."
"Yes?" he said looking at me.
"I was wondering if we could fly my mom out here?" I asked.
He nodded, "Why not? I would love to see your hot mom again. Just tell her the plane tickets will be under Pattie's name."
"You're coming out right away mom. I can't wait. The tickets will be under the name of Patrick Stump. Okay?"
"Sounds good. By the way I want to tell you something."
"Okay shoot."
"You know Jenni? The best friend you had, and you stole her boyfriend."
"How could I forget?"
"Well, she's marrying Jeff."
"I'm sorry sweetie."
"It's okay mom. He never really loved me anyway. Well, listen I have to go. I love you," I said hanging up my cell phone.
Eric patted his lap, "Come here and tell Mama what happened."
"Jeff is marrying Jenni," I said.
Brennan ended up spitting out his Coke, "What?"
Joe then put up his hands, "Okay wait. Who is Jeff?"
"He was my best kept secret and my biggest mistake," I said. I saw Pete's face grow grim.
Patrick patted my leg, "I'm sorry, but who is Jenni?"
"Jenni is the best friend she stole the boyfriend from," Zack said from my right.
"Are you going to be okay?" Andy asked.
I looked at them and smiled, "I'll be fine. They both lost the best thing they ever had. We're gonna be famous. So, Pete what did you want to tell me?"
"Nothing. It's not important," he said getting up, and walking out.
I got off Eric's lap to go follow him, but I was then swarmed by a bunch of guys. "Hey we're gonna go get some lunch. You want to come?" Brennan asked.
I smiled, "No, just pick me up some chicken nuggets from anywhere."
They nodded, and walked away, and I was left to ponder what it was Pete could have possibly wanted to tell me that wasn't at all important. But I wasn't alone.
"You have no clue. It's so obvious," I turned around, and saw Patrick still sitting in one of the chairs.
"Apparently it's not if I can't figure it out," I said sitting across from him.
He smiled, and chuckled, "You're forgetting that you're a blonde."
"Ah! I knew I was forgetting something. So, what did he want to tell me?" I asked.
He turned around to the recording board, "Here let me help you. David, please play back the first chorus please. No, listen it's barely audible." At first I listened, and I couldn't hear it. "Alright play it over, and leave the smallest remaining level of sound."
It played over, and all I heard was small whisper secretly saying I love you. "Who is that?" I asked.
"Like I say. You're a blonde. Who do you think it is?" Patrick asked back. Just then my eyes grew wide. "Bingo."

A/N: Hey guys. Just One of Those Frustrating Romantic Moments was written by me. I'll keep updating I promise. Translating for the way the song is. (M)= Natalie. (P)=Patrick and (lower case)=Pete whispers (UPPER CASE)= Pete screams *(UPPER CASE) = Pete and Natalie scream
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