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Dance Halls Turn to Ghost Towns

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Leave Lovers Dead in Ditches
Chapter Six:
Dance Halls Turn To Ghost Towns
"Please take off your lab coat and kiss me as we roll... please put on your dance shoes and join me in this waltz."

"How did you know he put that in there?" I asked still stunned.
He sighed, "He's my best friend. He tells me everything. He really loves you. Now all you have to figure out is if you love him."
"Patrick, I don't like love. I hate love. I vowed never to love again," I said.
"What? Why?" Patrick asked confused.
I turned away, "Because it hurts too much."
"Well, what are you going to do?" he asked.
I sighed, "I'll pretend like I don't know, and we'll just be friends."
Just then Pete walked in oblivious to what Patrick's and my conversation was about. I got up out of the chair, and walked up to him. I took him by the shoulders, and looked into his eyes. I pulled him close, and hugged him. "What was that for?" he asked as I pulled him away.
"You're just an wonderful, and awesome person," I said while taking a seat on one of the couches.
He smiled, and sat next to me, "Sounds good to me."
Now it was a day later, and we were waiting for my mom and the boys from Panic! to get off their planes. I was turned around joking with Eric and Andy when I heard a few screams of excitement. I looked over to the baggage claim conveyor belt to see Zack, Brennan, and Pete standing up, and ridding it. Every so often they would get off, and go back to the start.
I shook my head as Joe came over. "Can you believe those guys?" Eric asked.
"Actually, yes," I answered.
They all laughed as they saw Brennan fall down in embarrassment. A couple of minutes later we saw the security guards come, and ask them to get off, and they sadly obliged.
It was only a few minutes after that, when the security guards weren't looking, they started to do it again. They didn't get caught this time, and we just sat there stunned. The passengers from the planes were all angry with them because they were stepping on their bags, and belongings.
While we were watching them I heard someone shout from the escalator, "Where is your boy tonight?"
I turned around and shouted back, "I hope he is a gentleman." Then I saw my mom come down the moving stairs.
She looked the same way she always did. Her short brown haircut in a pixie cut her blue eyes and flushed red cheeks showed out among her tanned skin. She wore regular jeans, and a plain light blue robin's egg colored tee. When she came walking up to me we started to say simultaneously, "Maybe he won't find out what I know. You were last good thing about this part of town."
We had a small giggle, and then she asked me the inevitable question. "So, how is my favorite daughter doing?" her smile as bright as ever.
"As good as I can be doing. You know with being me, and all," I said.
She just sat there and studied me. As she looked me up and down she noticed my new white high-top converse. Then her eyes roamed up to my jeans, then to my shirt, finally stopping upon my face. "You look good," came her conclusion.
"Thanks," I said as she kissed my cheek. "Come on mom lets go get your bags."
"Alright, but we are not going anywhere near those imbecile's on the conveyor belt," she said pointing at Brennan, Zack, and Pete. "They look like shady characters."
"Mom, two of those people are my band mates," I said.
She looked at me surprised, "Which ones?"
"That one is Zack, and that one is Brennan," I said.
She then pointed to Pete, "Well, then who is that son of a gun?"
I laughed, "Mom, that's Pete Wentz?"
"Really?" she asked. I nodded. "Wow, the last time I saw him he had red bangs. Now he has all black hair."
"It's dark brown mom," I said.
She then waved her hand, "Oh, whatever. So, do you still have a crush on him?"
"Mom it's gotten a little complicated," we were getting close to the conveyor belt now, and I didn't want to say anything else. "But I'll talk to you about it later."
She smiled her motherly smile, "Alright dear."
"Hey kids," I yelled up to the rabid musicians. "My mom's here."
They all got off the conveyor belt. Brennan was the first to greet her. "What's up Mrs. H? It's really good to have you around again."
She said thank you, and smiled. "What's up mom? How have you been?" Zack asked putting his arm around her shoulders.
She laughed, and responded with a nothing much. Then it was Pete's turn. "Well, it's the return of the hot mom. How are you again Mrs. Hunter? Long time no see," he said taking her bags as she pointed them out.
"You are some kind of crazy Pete. I'll give you that," she said laughing at him.
I tapped my mom on the shoulder, "Mom, we're gonna have to hang around for the next hour. The boys of Panic! are coming down to record with us."
"Oh so, I get to meet Fall Out Boy again, and meet Panic! At the Disco as well? This will be fun,"my mom said taking one of her bags from Pete, and setting it down to sit on it.
I laughed, and followed suit.
An hour and a half passed by, and we had learned their flight had been delayed. So, my mom, Pete, Patrick, and I decided to go get something to eat, and to shop around for a little while. I gave Eric my mom's phone so he could call us when they got here.
We were walking around looking at the stores when Patrick and Pete stopped to look at a guitar in the window of a music store. My mom and I rolled our eyes, and began to walk onward. When we got out of earshot my mom began to ask what was so complicated about me liking Pete. "So, why? Don't you like him?" she asked.
I smiled, "I do mom. I really do, and he likes me. He's a great guy, he makes me smile and laugh, he makes me feel like I've never felt before," I said.
"You mean happy?" she asked, and I nodded. "But?"
I stopped walking, and turned to the jewelry store window to look at a small diamond necklace. "But I really don't want to be in love. I know I'm going to end up getting hurt. I know I'm gonna end up dying because of it," I said sadly.
She put her arm around my shoulder, "What if he doesn't hurt you? What if he really loves you? What if he wants to make you happy? What if he cracks stupid jokes just to see you smile? What if when you feel bad, or depressed he comes up behind you, turns you around, wipes away your tears, and whispers he loves you? Could all that be so bad?"
"I'm afraid he won't like me if I tell him what happened," I said.
She turned me towards her, "He loves your lyrics, he loves you, and if he can't take you for at your worst then he doesn't deserve you at your best."
"This is so confusing," I said. She nodded in understanding.
Finally after two and a half-hours of waiting Panic's! plane finally arrived. They came down from the terminal, and Fall Out Boy greeted them first. Then the introductions were made.
After that we all stumbled into the two SUV's, and drove off to our apartments.

A/N: Hey guys. I hope you like this one. Thank to the heads up on checking spelling. I was in such a hurry last time that I forgot to check my stuff. Anyway school is starting up in about a week, so when it does I will be updating a little bit less, but I WILL finished this story for you guys. You are all so awesome. Keep up the awesomeness.

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