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The Others

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Alex finally gets to meet the others.

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As I read the other books I didn't notice someone had entered the room until it was too late.

Someone grabbed my shoulders and whirled me around. He had shoulder length red brown hair, glasses, and a beard. His eyes stared at me fervently, and then went static. I gasped and my jaw dropped. I felt my eyes go once again static.

After that awkward few second he smile.

"You're the one they're talking about," he said happily

"What do you mean?" I questioned pulling my hands away

"Oh look at my manners," he tizzied "I'm Andy,"

"Alex," I said looking over his shoulder "Are there others like us?"

"Yes, four others," he cocked his head "Do you want to see them?"

I nodded vigorously and he laughed. He grabbed my hand, guiding me down the dim corridor. I looked around curiously at the many pieces of art on the wall and the slowly brightening lights.

"Does Patrick know you're out?" he asked

"Um, not exactly," I said quietly "Please don't tell!"

He smiled at my pleading and laughed

"Don't worry," he assured "I would have broken out too,"


Andy leaded me into a large room with a couch and several other chairs. There were four other people basically lounging on the couch and chairs, one boy and three girls. The boy had curly black hair and was absentmindedly strumming a guitar. A girl was cuddled up next to him; she had long blonde hair that was streaked red and black.

The other girl had long tawny blonde hair and big brown eyes. The other girl had shoulder length dark brown hair.

They looked me up and down, sizing me up.

"Guys this is Alex," he smiled broadly "The Innocent,"

With many 'oohs' and 'ahhs' Andy introduced me to each. The other boy was Joe. The girl with long blonde hair was Sabrina. The girl with tawny blonde hair was Teagan, and the girl with shoulder length hair was Kaela.

"Has Pete kept you imprisoned too?" Teagan asked

I nodded and Joe shook his head "Have you all been imprisoned?

"Since he found out statics could change him back," Kaela said quietly

"W-what is he?" I questioned

"Wow! They were right," mused Sabrina "You are dense,"

"You'll have to excuse he," Andy said "He's a vampire,"

"But how can we help?" I asked nervously

"Our blood, your eyes," Joe smirked

"My eyes?" Then I realized something "Who turned him?"

"Beckett, the lead vampire," Teagan said

My jaw dropped, that's why I was here. I was basically bait.

"Ca-can you tell me what this is for?" I asked nervously holding up my locket.

Sabrina snapped it out of my hands and looked intently at it. She sighed "This is what will help you defeat Beckett; it will help you see inside his heart," She shook her head "But there is another,"

"Another locket?' I gasped "Who owns it?"

The room was filled with a deafening silence

"Tell Me!" I pleaded dreading the answer

"Patrick," Joe said grimly
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